Greed — yum watch online

What food and what criteria are preparing food in public schools? What the chefs work we "in health" and what methods of cheating the customer?

Food and products

Greed: Canned watch online

Preserves — cheap and it seems to us, harmless food. Shelf life large, and we believe that banks retain all the useful elements. But in fact the manufacture of canned food are the most low-quality or even unsafe products …

All about everything. What? How? Why?

The food is killer. Transgenic disaster. GMO Watch online

Scientists have yet many things to find out about the structure of DNA, but experts now say in one voice: the world is on the verge of transgenic disaster! Every year there is more of transgenic products. Who turns food into a killer? Why is the process of creating genetically modified plants and animals out of control?

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How to tame the hunger watch online

How much time man can survive without food in an emergency? Day thirty to thirty-five, in that time as only a week without water … The last century has become a kind of milestone in the history of hunger. The socio-political upheaval and war have led to a variety of starvation. Now, scientists around the world are struggling with the creation of artificial meat, because the problem of hunger on the planet has not been solved to this day. But there are those who hunger and are not afraid to even consider it a cure for many diseases. In

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 1. (14 episodes) watch online

About the film "Hell kitchen"- A brutal battle of morals, ambitions and culinary masterpieces in the history of reality television under constant pressure from well-known chefs, the real devil's own business! He will not give the descent or anyone of the participants and is ready to make a dressing for a properly cooked meal, and for the tiniest crumb on the desktop. He knows what he wants from each of the 17 candidates, because he — a recognized chef and successful restaurateur. And fight them there for that — favorite picks jackpot of 3 million rubles!

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Soul. Journey to the afterlife watch online

London. October 1968. Respectable radio station BBC BBC transmits program from the works of Franz Liszt. The audience, in what many experts with conservatory education at a loss: the majestic Hungarian heritage examined from "a" to "z", and there is not anything like that. And it is totally unacceptable jestingly perceived editorial comment: sounded product transferred "from the world," he Ferenc List, died back in '82. Lofty composer Tipo came to the house of 48-year-old housewife Rosemary Brown, and gave her own notes of new works composed by "the other world".

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 2 (11 episodes) watch online

The most scandalous, most extreme, most edible muse of the show! Every evening, the god of cookery Gordon Ramsay opens the doors of their own restaurants. All the chefs American dream to get into his team. The best students are awarded the honor to participate in its "acute" reality show "Hell's Kitchen." 12 candidates will go through a very difficult competition, to sustain the mystical psychological pressure to overcome stress and justify his boss Gordon Ramsay that they deserve to be called the chefs' dishes of the highest. "Favorite show" Hell kitchen"Get the job their own dreams:

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Greed: Fish Day watch online

What kind of fish is sold in our stores? And why should not take fish products and crab sticks?

All about everything. What? How? Why?

Not an easy thing. A cup of coffee to watch online

In coffee houses and in the kitchen, at work and in the car on the way to work, a cup of freshly brewed or instant, with milk or black … it has long become an attribute of our morning, such a common and such a common cup coffee! In fact, it is even more difficult than you can imagine for yourself.

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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Food. Food threat. Arkady Mamontov film watch online

Like now changed the attitude of the goods to the vital component of human existence — the food? That is what constitutes the modern products, even 20 years ago, only used for the production of household chemicals and lubricants. Palm and coconut oil — now more necessary ingredients in dairy production. Most of the butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, the number and types of titles are on the shelves of Russian stores simply amazing, half or even all of 80-90% are not made of natural milk and vegetable fats. Why hydrogenated fats everywhere changed the cow and goat

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