The whole truth about food / The Truth About Food (6 sets of 6) watch online

All true about the food — it is a new (2007), a popular science film, which, focusing on the latest scientific data, affects the most important aspects of our life and answers questions that we ask ourselves for every day. The movie opens up amazing lurking and beverages that we eat every day. This program will try to find out if a few simple configurations in the diet to slow down the aging process? Do the detoxification diet? Can tomatoes prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, and a glass of wine a day — to keep health? Could it be

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King crocodile watch online

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Sipadan. Turtle Island Full Movie

At 35 km. from Simporny, a town on the east coast of Sabah, lies Pulau Sipadan, Peninsula area of 12 hectares, covered with tropical jungle and fringed sandy beaches. At the edge of the unknown world turtles emerge into the light of the coastal sand. Three long days they get out of the pit. The small, no more child palms, they will go on a dangerous journey through the boundless expanses of the ocean …

Snakes, reptiles, amphibians, reptiles

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Steve Irwin. Crocodile hunter watch online

Steven Robert Irwin (02.22.62 — 04.09.06) — which is popular Australian naturalist, journalist and creator of numerous films about wildlife, such as «The Crocodile Hunter »(« Crocodile Hunter »),« Crok Files »,« The Crocodile Hunter Diaries »(« Diaries crocodile hunter "). The owner of Zoo Australia Zoo in BIDV, Queensland. In the first example program "Crocodile Hunter" aired in 1992. Steve was able to reincarnate own style fearless and full of interest amateur poizuchat fauna in close contact to the brand, and his series was a great success all over the world on channel Discovery. Steve Irwin starting with

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Frogs on the verge of extinction watch online

Frogs live on this planet more than 360 million years'''', and over the centuries, turned into one of the most raschudesno and various creatures on earth. Now, but all of their remarkable adaptations and survival strategies do not pay off. Indeed, it is a sad state of affairs for the frogs. We have, for sure, have lost a third of amphibians, and many others are under severe threat.

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Living with cold blood (5 films) Watch online

Reptiles and amphibians from time to time may seem very simple and dopey. In fact it is not. They are on the earth about 200 million years and now includes more than 14,000 species. Cold-blooded animals, as they are called, can be incredibly spirited, incredibly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and very savvy. They are very inventive in the hunt and to protect their lives. They can simultaneously hide from view, and if it is necessary, and beat with a unique courage. They talk among themselves. None of them do not live in the same tempo: slow movements may at one

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How to feed a crocodile / Crocodile Feeding Frenzy watch online

Host Chris Douglas leaves at the everglades to observe and intimate experience with crocodiles. His task — to study their predatory instincts.

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Citizen-cane toad. watch online

Citizen — cane toad" Online. This is the story of the gang cyclopean toads. They came to Australia to work, but doing it badly. Earlier reputed heroes, at the moment they are — a big discrepancy. How they got here and what happened? Meet the accused, unwelcome intruders. Name — cane toad. Place of birth — South and Central America. Delete behavior — the tendency to poison the local wildlife. Status — the rapid spread in the rural areas of Australia. Scary immigrant who intends to become an Australian citizen

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Animal fear. Frog watch online

Are you afraid of animals? No, it's not about shaggy kittens and puppies. Rats, spiders, bats, sharks — animal the world is full of terrible creatures. To avoid fatal situations, nature has given man a sense of horror. But it is often converted into a horror annoying phobia. And together with our imagination and legends about the different members of the animal world the horrors of the subconscious can reincarnate into a real life horror. Where is the narrow edge separating the sense of horror from a phobia. Where did the negative perception of animals. How to learn to

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Hitler’s Sunken Secret watch online

In the summer of 2003 had an operation to lift the special principle of cargo from the wreck during the second world war — ship "Hydro".

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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