Diveevskaya abode (8 movies) Watch online

Holy Diveevskaya land, most elected Queen of Heaven in the last quarter of the Shareholders' destiny on earth. The movie offers a short history of the Seraphim Diveevo convent life and venerable elder Seraphim Alexandra, Martha, and Mary Diveevo Paraskeva. You will see there are shrines icons, personal belongings prep. Seraphim, the groove holy God Moms monastery churches and buildings, medical sources. Showing prazdnichkom church, with special traditions found in the monastery. Throughout the Russian Federation and worldwide scattered people who cherish Diveevsk abode, because "happy is everyone who's humble Seraphim Diveevo will stay in … from morning to

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Soldering technology (part 2) watch online

Good movie, in which finally expressed the idea that has long been bugging me: we are a youth deprived of choice, many of us did not choose — drink we either do not drink! Cultural Theory of drinking, it is nothing else like denying people with young free choice. Look at this movie and you maybe will no longer result in very strange, publicized by the media disk imaging reasons in favor of moderate alcohol consumption. Though what the doctor which utter to you that alcohol useful in small doses — a liar! Though what the editor on TV,

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Toto Cutugno watch online

He has written hundreds of songs, many of which were given to the first line of the charts. They sang Adriano Celentano, Joe Dassin, Dalida, Mireille Mathieu, Ray Charles, Ringo Starr … he sings himself — and remains favorite ladies, even in his 70s. Yes you will not believe: July 7, Toto Cutugno — 70! The movie tells about the history of cooperation Toto Cutugno and Joe Dassin, Ray Charles and many other international pop stars. Spectators enjoy the atmosphere of the famous festival in San Remo, where the musician for the first time presented his own most important

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Big game fishing. Fishing in Mozhajsk watch online

Mozhayskoe reservoir built in the middle of the 20th century as part of a hydroelectric Moscow River. Its official purpose — to serve as a reserve source of water supply Russian capital. But for many years it is known in the middle of the fishermen. In nezapyatannoy waters readily multiply and multiply perch, pike, chub, perch, ruff, eel, bream, bream, roach, chub, bleak, ide, carp and eel. It seems only Whacking bait — and the fortune she will sail on the hook. In general, there are at Borodino reservoir special category of fishermen — they fish on a "catch

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Planet mutants. Africa Watch online

African rift valley. This video tells about the origin of the African Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi. About cichlids, fish inhabiting them, and how thanks to the evolution of the 1st kind occur hundreds of others, quite dissimilar.

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Predators Africa: Perfect Killer / Africa’s Deadliest: Killer Tactics watch online

Africa. This continent — the birthplace of the world's most unsafe predators. This wizard secrecy, speed, camouflage. They own subtle bodies emotions and lethal weapon.

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Date with Drew Barrymore / My Date with Drew watch online

There is such a thing. Brian fell in love with Drew when first time I saw her in "alien." After 20 years, realizing that she had not knocked on his door, he decides to make the first move. The problem is that it is — Drew Barrymore! And anyway, it's not so reckless as it seems at first glance. Just do not worry, it does not have in mind any case or something like that. Just only one lunch and all. After all, a woman should eat, is not it?

Art cinema, theater

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Planet mutants: New Zealand watch online

Get ready to go into the amazing worlds in which nature decided to break all imaginable and unimaginable regulations and laws. "Planets mutants" invites viewers to seep deep into the animal kingdom, and behold, a fantastic evolutionary processes of nature and the forces working on the origin and development of some amazing animals. Any of the interesting series — a story about how as a result of massive tectonic processes occurring on the planet, were born individuals, bound intensively to adapt to the environment. We will visit The latest Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, and Japan, and everywhere will

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One day with … Goblin (Dmitry Puchkov) watch online

One of the most popular Russian translators movie Dmitry "Goblin" Tufts can not brag unnecessary restraint in judgments. For that and many are not used to love (or vice versa tired of) political correctness citizens. Hence — the wealth in an interview with "schizophrenic" and "degenerates." Beams — the creator of a half-dozen books, translator the same number of computer games and 10 s movies and cartoons, some of which is translated "right" and the other — a parody. The peculiarity of his translations — in the absence of smoothed corners. Dmitry Tufts is engaged not only the "correct

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My Horrible Histories — The son weighing half a ton watch online

The scion of a weight of half-ton — My Scary History. A guy weighing more than 400 kg. — Half tone boy

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