It’s a shame when seen! 31 — 43 series watch online

Channel "Pepper" carefully gathered the most indecent video on the Web in one TV program from. These inhabitants of the planet get up such that it is shameful to look. But fun! Obmyslennye absurd randomness and stupidity for viewers who want to carelessly spend your free time! Bimbo veselitelnaya telecast "disgraceful when one can see!"- From the creators of" Naked and funny. " The meaning of the transfer is that we behave especially when almost convinced that no one will ever see, and what happens after that — shameful.

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Test purchase (many episodes) watch online

Products here are testing the use of national experts, checking their compliance with municipal standards. Nothing can escape from the eyes of the most experienced experts. Taste of the food products, however, are not experts at testing and everyday consumers, the case caught in the store. People expertise is strict, but fair. The main intrigue of the transfer — the competition Brands. Probably every one of us felt at the charm of style recognizable brands. Under the pressure of the advertising promoted Brands, we uncritically accept quality supply of goods that they offer. That conclusion professionals "test purchases" were

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Driving School (Pepper TV) (all series) watch online

Interesting series of open spaces craftsmen ride roads and abide by the rules, but in fact it starts at the driving school. Show Pepper channel will, in principle, as it is to be an instructor in a driving school, when he would have to teach the dummies in the main blondes who at times do not understand the true responsibility of sitting behind a steel stud. The unique situation of life driving school …

Auto and other technology

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Halves (the show, MTV) Watch online

The new project channel MTV, tells us life music channel halves, and the young man working Nikita VJ on the channel falls in love with Natasha, who he loves, and the whole plot is filled with the realities of a promising young crowd. There will also be show business stars and glamor girls …

TV shows

Survivor Season 2: Lost watch online

Who is fighting for the survival of our heroes have in Malaysia. They need to survive on a desert peninsula in the South China Sea 41 day — no food, matches, tools, guns. They are 20 and 55 are selected from thousands of volunteers. Now they have two families — elephants and monkeys. They will survive, relying only on their own — to get food and water to protect themselves from the elements, poisonous snakes, insects and other neighbors in the jungle. Every third day or they can expect a test, in which the fate of the protective totem.

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Survivor Season 3: Lost watch online

"Last hero-3 "will be a surprise to fans of past projects. Who peninsula planted real" Starship Troopers. "For the right to be called" The Last Hero "will fight people who are used to build the audience in a completely different capacity — in the spotlight and the glare of evening dresses.

Under the rules of Survivor, first game 16 players that make up the two tribes on eight people. They come with large land without equipment, food, medicines and without means of communication — and somehow arranged live on the seashore, because emerge. Although they live near

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Survivor Season 1: Lost watch online

Reality show in which they spent 39 days in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro in the most extreme conditions: living in the open, find themselves fresh water and food, extracted fire, fighting with snakes and ocelots. And yet — were chilling tests. And only one of them was 3,000,000 rubles.

TV shows

Survivor Season 4: End Game Watch Online

Leading yet another season of the reality show "The Last hero 4: End game, "Alexander shared Domogarov 20 participants into two tribes -" Iguana "and" Scorpions ", 10 ladies and 10 guys are on a deserted tropical coast somewhere between Panama and Costa Rica. During the 34 days they will survive far away from civilization — almost without food and without all the achievements of civilization. every day or three, they should be collected on the night the Board and select the 1st, who will leave the peninsula and play. Their paths will match and traps, and only come

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Survivor Season 6: Neglected in paradise watch online

Who lives on the peninsula and the rules of the game will be harder and more extreme. The plot is unpredictable and full of lots of difficult trials. The project participants will have a formidable test for physical training and strength of spirit. The youngest "hero" — 18 years old, the oldest — 51. Permitted in store things that will help participants to survive the show will be a minimum limit. Heroes planted on a desert peninsula in the Caribbean, where in total isolation from the benefits of civilization will enter into competition among themselves for the grand prize

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Survivor Season 5: Supergame watch online

This season's edition "The Last Hero. Super game: Team "PG" against the team of "American Idol." The main difference between super games from the past is that even among those who will be sent home, now have a chance to fight back and come back.

They will be planted on the Pacific coast and live with 2 tribes for 39 days, passing through the tests hunger, the elements and the Soviets. Participants arrive in Panama City, and everyone in the room at the invitation lunch from the governor. They are preparing for the rout: men wear suits,

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