The Last Hero. The second landing (ICTV) watch online

Last hero Season 2 starts on Ukrainian TV channel ICTV, and is moderated by Ostap Stupka.Shestnadtsat participants of the new reality show will hold four days of the 10-ka on the uninhabited islands of the Caribbean Sea. Which of these will be the last brave hero and win the grand prize apartment in Kiev at the hem. Participant will have to spend days of the peninsula Honduras, where they can expect a fun place planted with tropical forests and a variety of delicacies with which the participants will have to live, because for them the food will be very

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Rendezvous in the dark watch online

Three guys and three ladies who are ready to start a new business, make your own choice specifically in the program. In order to find a more suitable mate, men and ladies strolling friend other on a date. But the most intriguing fact that the meetings take place in a dark room. After the participants have plenty filled with discussions in the dark, maybe even danced or played in entertaining game, it's time to choose. Right choice participants to help make the psychologist and painter. After how choice Representative reverse floor was done, each party sees his own team-mate

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Survivor Season 1 (ICTV) watch online

The first season of the Ukrainian version the last hero starts on the channel ICTV, and show us heaven on a deserted and uninhabited peninsula, where participants will get 18. Famous people and ordinary shares, which were held auditions for the show will get to the peninsula and will be there to spend days of virtually no support. They will be divided into two groups and were resettled in various shores of the island. Participant will not like beauty beach landscape, because they will always be in search of food, and different thoughts. Tropical storms, scorching sun will push

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Live healthy! (Show Helen malyshevoy) (many episodes) watch online

Lena Malyshev and doctor of science will show and explain the background of various diseases as they occur and how to cure them, in a new Channel show first channel "Live awesome. "Once a day for each different task will open a discussion of health of various body parts, experienced doctors will provide advice to prevent pain or a return to its former health …

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Jeopardy (show 2012) all editions watch online

Its game becomes the most intellectual show on NTV, because the minds of our country, always reach their own and this will convince us show in which three intellectual, will answer questions from the lead on a variety of topics, where everyone will have the opportunity to get to the end and show the worthiness of their own minds.

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After sunset. World Nature Night / After sunset. World nocturnal nature watch online

A team of biologists and operators, armed with special equipment, went to the most remote corners of Central and South America, to show us a furtive life of animals after sunset.

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The X-Files show business watch online

All statements and facts about our stars in a new television project MTV "Hidden materials show business. "Most well-known stars, they conceal from the cameras and journalists, will show new show, in which the present situation of celebrities, their life, marriage, divorce, money, business, real estate, all of this will be to the camera to open the stars themselves …

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Australian Travel / Travel OZ watch online

You will learn all the most thrilling and exciting about Australia, visit the Cocos Islands, Christmas on the peninsula, on the colorful lakes in the tropical forests and even in the desert. You will get acquainted with the natives of various tribes, their customs and Happy holiday, also with an unusual and diverse flora and fauna Australia.

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In the black-black room to watch

Throughout his life, we experience the horrors. The horror that you will forget in a kindergarten, the horror of meeting with an attractive classmate, horror forgotten PIN credit card … So, all this is not horror, but only a little fear. With the real horror introduces you to a brand new show of the First channel "In the black-black room …". Each week the show will compete 8 participants, the two rival half the world's population — men and ladies. And we will find out which of them braver.

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Brides Nikolai Baskov watch online

Perhaps this is the only transmission where all the beloved singer Nikolai Baskov will not have to sing. With the current day or it opens a spousal agency! Nicholas himself admits: "Familiar girls constantly need to acquaint them with some of his friends. Familiar men often consulted about the choice of ladies hearts. I realized that I had a talent, and decided to do matchmaking masterfully … By the way, do not forget who's spent the country's main marriage! I was the master of ceremonies at Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. And in general, I have a great track

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