Funny stories of life watch online

The collection of small comedy "Funny stories from the life of" filmed the most amusing incidents that happened to real people. "Pepper"Show about a thousand joyful stories caught on Facebook," VKontakte "," Classmates "and all over the web. Why instead of screenwriters — ordinary Russians? Since most untold stories purpose you can imagine, In sketch show can behold the most fun part of the Russian life: traffic hassles, office partying and family squabbles, and a funny incident ZhEKah, clinics and fitness rooms. "Pepper"Warning: at least some resemblance to real events and people not the case: If these stories sound

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Military (all series) watch online

Military science — science-fiction programm on the global history of wars, armies and weapons, Bows period from antiquity to the present day. But it's not much like the usual Teleformat showing features of army life, interviews with commanders and soldiers' everyday life … Its main nuances — a modern weapon, the identity of the commander and historical paradoxes, opening in the military sphere. The program will present a non-traditional sights on war — as in the past, and on the modern battlefield. A significant part of the "military affairs" is dedicated to the Russian Federation — its important military

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War XX century / The Century of Warfare (20 episodes) watch online

01 — Fierce century. 02 — The world is entering into a war. 03 — Blood and gryazyuka. 04 — Battle of the Eagles. 05 — The War at Sea. 06 — Air Aces. 07 — War against the war. 08 — Time dictators. 09 — The clouds of war are gathering. 10 — Blitzkrieg. 11 — Britain is fighting alone 12 — Mediterranean Sea. 13 — From Normandy to the Rhine. 14 — End of the war in Europe. 15 — Attacking the Land of the Rising Sun 16 — Tropical bush and ocean 17 — The War

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Eat and grow thin (many episodes) watch online

Lose weight desired by all. Like — nobody knows. Everyone is trying to find its own version. Pills. Diet. Sport. Fasting. All this best case is not running. At worst — injurious to health. Neuzh something in order to stay in shape, so you need themselves torture? Neuzh something to forever abandon the chocolate? Everything. No more fighting with each other. The beauty and health does not require sacrifices, and the knowledge of his own body. And the laws under which it exists. Therefore it is not a diet, and a healthy diet. Not a leaf of lettuce, a

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Come on, goodbye / Come to pobachennja (all editions) watch online

"Come on, Goodbye "- dating show in which everything is easy and fun. There is only relevant first recollection of participants friend other. It's not seek out the second half. It is at once game and the chance to meet fascinating people. The game has 30 single women are participating and 1 boy. The first word of the ladies. Any one of them evaluates sees and hears about a guy and vote "yes" or "no", thus indicating their desire to continue makarom acquaintance. The final choice for the guy. In the subsequent game viewers will be able to find

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Add to Mixx come to pobachennja 10 edition watch online

New TV show Me "Come on, for a date! "starts on Channel 1 +1 since 31 August. The principal project is the Ukrainian analogue of the South American show Take Me Out. Each issue will participate, 30 women and one young man. Any woman would vote for what he hears and sees of the man, so Makarov, showing his respect to the stranger and the desire to participate further. But the final word will be all the same for himself a hero, he will determine specifically, with whom will go on date. In each subsequent release, the latest game

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Two Star 2012 watch online

"Two stars" — the show in which they sing everything, even those who are hard to imagine for himself on the big stage with a microphone in his hand and the orchestra in a box. "Two stars" — is only live sound, improvisation and the most unexpected duets! The rules are the same: for nepoyuschih celebrities are taken universally recognized and beloved pop stars. Each week, the show leaves the pair scored fewer points. For the best duo vote of the jury and the audience in the hall with the help of special panels.

Concerts, Music and Dance

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Two Star 2013 watch online

Two stars — it's fun singing contest. This show does not happen Phonograms and harvested jokes. Only improvisation. The performance of each duo held under the accompaniment jazz band "Phonograph". Scores are Prof. jury. Not a single error will not pass unnoticed. The only hint of lime can result in the loss of precious points. In the brand new season of the show involved: Nikita Presnyakov Olga Klein, Alexander Zhulin, Pauline Gagarin Pavliashvili, Anfisa Chekhov, Olga Kormuhina, Gleb Matveychuk Anna Vesky, Nicholas Lukinskiy, Methods Buzhor, Anastasia, Taisa Pavaly, Alexander Mikhailov, Denis Klyaver, Valeria Lanskaya. Now become the arbiters of

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Days that Shook the World / Days That Shook the World Season 2 Watch online

Transferring the action in a historical context with new facts, this popular science series connects voedinyzhdy centuries and continents — from Nixon's resignation before the revolution in Iran, from the OK Corral shootout in before the events of the Berlin Walls, from the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun to the death of Princess Diana and Galileo's trial before the days of the Jackal.

Disaster, disasters, acts of terrorism

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Ten Million Season 1 watch online

Show "Ten Million" comes out in 2010, and it is the leading Maxim Galkin. Who is likely to get a great deal, if you have a good knowledge of luggage. Two of the participants to the game will receive a 10 million rubles. To keep their participants must correctly answer eight questions. Funds for all that they have to put on the right, in their opinion, answer. First four questions imply a choice of 4 replies, the next three — 3, and the last — eighth — all from 2-yx. The more participants are wrong, the less money they

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