Karaoke Killer watch online

In Each issue "Karaoke Killer" on the part of the hero 4. Lead — 100500 Max and his team prepared a sophisticated testing, in which the participants will have to overcome their phobias, exercise endurance and stress. Only in dopevshih his song to the end will be a chance to get the highest points objective of "Karaoke machine." In Each issue soulless analytical engine determines party that takes place in the subsequent step. If the participants are gaining monotonous number points, the audience in the hall decides who will continue to fight for the grand prize — 500 000!

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Battle Comedy / Comedy Battle Season 3 watch online

Humor is born on the scene, which seems to have itself decides who is worthy to stand on it. If the participant fails to address, the floor beneath his feet, leaning forward. At first slightly, but that's another joke fails, and the angle becomes steeper, and after yet another busy woes head completely funny ideas — would help. And this is not the only technical surprisewhich expects applicants to win: for the bad jokes members receive special mechanical ass "paw."

Humorous transfer

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Beware of scammers! / Tourism Watch online

People go to a tourist trip, hoping to blithely time, take a break from work and the daily hustle and bustle. Specifically, it time they are particularly vulnerable to those who want to earn extra money dishonestly. First, the danger can lie in wait for tourists from the organizers of his rest. Many just do not expect pinned by those who are trusted and give their money, thinking that it is worth to pay — and all the problems will be solved. But this is not always the case. Scammers, a business of tourism may assign our clusters and

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Order a bygone country watch online

Unknown pages of the history of the creation of the municipal Awards RSFSR and USSR. During the existence of USSR was established 21 order. They were awarded for revolutionary, military and labor awards for the development of friendship and cooperation among peoples and for peace …

The movie 1st. Order Red Banner.Order was established as the highest merit RSFSR September 16, 1918 The other films

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Direct Line with Vladimir Putin (25.04.20113) watch online

"Smooth line," the Russian president Vladimir Fishing season held on April 25. This is the first teledialogue with the Russians that Putin after his election to the presidency of the country in 2012 godu.Rovnaya broadcast communication by Russian President Vladimir Fishing season with the Russians, during which head the country will answer the questions of people from different parts of the country. Segodnyaschy meeting is being held in a new format: the participants will be divided according to Prof. basis, some will have the opportunity not just to ask question Putin and engage in a discussion with the President.

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Catastrophe of the 20th century watch online

War, the invention of a deadly weapon, volcanoes, earthquakes, nuclear explosions, terrorist attacks. About these terrible events of the XX century it was clear for a long time before they are achievements. We have warned them about it — the predictors. TV on channel 3 "Holocaust of the 20th century," you will learn how stories of those whose names have long been at the hearing, as well as those for whom long years preferred to remain silent — those who worked in the shadows, "classified."

Earthquake in Dignity-Francisco. The collapse of the ferry "Estonia" Rescue of the

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Fear Factor (USA, India, the Netherlands) watch online

Fear factor — the U.S.

At that only people are not ready to go for 50 thousand dollars! Would you like to look at the tests, which offers applicants the South American extreme show "The fear factor"? Then join to view and you will see with our eyes the most worthy of attention and terrible moments. It's clear that the tests in this show more than the ugly and unsafe, but are constantly brave, ready to challenge and test your face horror. Someone fundamentally justified to himself that he is capable of something more, someone

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Operation derussification watch online

The creators of the film show the relationship of what is happening in the internal politics of the Russian Federation and the global events of the last 100 years with excessive. Step-by-step unravel the thread of history, are considered "de-Stalinization", "restructuring", "cool war" history Hitler's Germany, the relationship of the fascist regime in Europe and much of the U.S. capital. At the end of the scanned becomes clear the nature of many of the events as the 20th century, and in recent years in our country and the world at large.

Modern history

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Mega / MegaStructures watch online

The program is aware of the outstanding building structures, which were used in the construction materials such as steel bricks and concrete, and the use of these materials in the production of articles of daily use. For instance, steel was one of the main construction materials building the Empire State Building, but it is also made from one-off blades and auto safety cage.

Modern construction

My family against all watch online

"My family against All "- entertaining and intelligent show, which leads Mike Schatz and Tatyana Lazareva. 13 questions, two possible answers and an impressive prize exchange. "My family against All "- this is the first entertainment and intellectual show, it made the audience. No questions from the editorial board, no jobs from faceless computer, no experts and leading authorities endless! To win the big prize exchange, it is necessary that your family correctly answered 13 questions from different regions of Russia.

TV shows

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