The Moment of Truth (many episodes) watch online

"Moment of Truth" — the author's programm journalist Andrei Karaulova to what famous writers, artists and other cultural and political discussions are relevant to the topic of the Russian Federation: corruption in high places, degeneration of civilization, drug abuse among young people, falling birth rates, etc.

Modern history

Our Rush Season 3 watch online

We live in the lovely country, and all other countries envy us. After all, it is that we have such a large country, when in Kaliningrad yet only drink to Honeymoon in Vladivostok beating face groom's uncle. Only our peasants are our boxers. Only we get pleasure from the fact that in the twilight of lupim friend other on the nude the ass with a broom in centigrade temperature. That we have people flying on the "Field of Dreams" from Vladivostok for 30 thousand rubles to win electric kettle. Exclusively in our country kids can not go to sleep

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Our Rush Season 5 Watch online

We live in the prettiest country in the world, and all other countries envy us! After all, we specifically — the most peaceful civilization, and who is to doubt, that — tryndets! Specifically, we invented vodka zanyuhivat head comrade. This is our army, which all fear. All the men up to 27 years. This is our ladies paint your nails before to go to the potatoes. This is what we are knocking on the wall with a hammer, that's all there shut up in hell. We proudly call their country of Russia, and foreigners zavistno called Russia. But all

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Too rough for SE Tyuba (many episodes) watch online

The most amusing of the network, is collected in a television show. Do we stop to think about their behavior, when it seems that no one sees us? Someone is themselves Michael Jackson during a trip in the elevator. And someone in the fitting shop is themselves Supermodel on podie. It seems that you have responded, if b know that you are being watched at this point? Probably would have turned crimson with shame. A if b one of the "well-wishers" took your antics on video and made a star of YouTube? All the fun of the network collected

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First gear watch online

Premiered on NTV — a new project for motorists and pro drivers. Leading the "First Transfer" — Viktor Travin, president of the College of the legal protection of motorists. For many years, this recognizable journalist protects the rights of car owners. In the auto world for him there are no secrets and closed doors. Everyone who is not of his own life without a car, and those who are just thinking about buying your own car, expect answers to the most burning questions.

Auto and other technology

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Minute of Fame sweeping the country to watch

From all corners of the former Russian union, gathered talented people with the skills and abilities vserazlichnymi worthy of the attention of viewers of the first channel in the first in the history of the country show a similar level and scale — "Minute of Fame". The show launched the following season, in which the audience will become familiar with the new folk heroes. Who knows, maybe it's your neighbor, co-worker to work in a shop or dealer. So many people, they are involved in a wide variety of professions, but everyone has their passion to which they devote

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The big dance. Close-up view online

The Whole Truth About "The huge dance." Behind the scenes and intrigue of the project. Tears of sorrow and tears of joy. Such, you will not see on the air the show! Exclusively in the diaries of the "Big Plan"!

TV shows

Minute of Fame. Dreams do come true! watch online

Show "Minute of Fame. Dreams are realized!" revealed a resounding gala performance. Our homeland against America! Extensively vserasprostraneno the view that members of South American counterpart "Minute of Fame" — a more powerful and brightest in the middle of the participants of similar projects. Heroes of the Russian "Minute of Fame" with this strongly disagree and call members of the American "Minute of Fame" on the creative duel.

TV shows

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Breakfast with Julia Vysotsky (many episodes) watch online

Julia Vysotsky — which is popular actress and TV presenter Sunday applets "Eat at Home" — every morning on the NTV channel knows how to cook savory and necessary breakfast. In just 5 minutes in the format of a television cooking show Julia share tips with which you can not only feed the breakfast own home, and to lift the spirits themselves, and the body adjust to the working wave.

TV shows

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Stealing our way (in Ukrainian) watch online

The offender is seeping into the room, not knowing that his every move carefully watch hidden camera, right up to the moment until a detention. Expert psychologist on specific movements, speech, gestures offender to make predictions about its likely behavior during detention and possible motives for the crime. The police talk about the usual methods of theft feature of the transactions on interception, the rules of conduct of the owner, who has stolen car.Each release of the "Táin on-our "consists of a 2-individual stories of theft. Experts applets provide detailed description of the stolen vehicle technology, make for high

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