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For you only — the yearly project, which recently held internationality Ladies prazdnichka March 8 in Kiev. Only males sing. Among them, and special guest Chris Norman.Nepovtorimy humor and bad mood will give brothers Ponomarenko.

Concerts, Music and Dance

When the singing men watch online

To congratulate the vernal prazdnichkom beautiful ladies, members of this extraordinary concert chosen method. Now men sing songs only ladies' repertoire. Joseph Kobzon amuse performance of the famous song All are masters of the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva, and Sergei Lazarev — song Zemfira London. Sudden trio of Nikolai Baskov, Pavliashvili and Dmitry Malikov will perform with his own version of the song Diamonds group VIA Gra, and a trio of Alexis Chumakov, Rustam Stark and Alexis Alehno — with a variation of the song Baba Lyuba. Sergei Trofimov has chosen a song that sang Claudius Shulzhenko and Grigory

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New Year’s Eve laugh at First Watch online

New fillet of yumoristecheskih programs of Channel: Cartoon personality and a big difference.

Humorous transfer

Forgotten Hero City. The Battle of Voronezh watch online

Actions summer 1942 usually associated with the coming of the Germans in the Caucasus and the start of the Battle of Stalingrad. But the operation Blau started specifically to Voronezh. This is correctly stated in Hitler's directive of April 5, 1942 year. City Wehrmacht needed as a base to cover up the rear on the advancing army of the south, and as a rear base. On his capture was given only 2-3 days. But then, we have had to face the Nazis here, undermined all painstakingly developed plans and almost all led to the victory of Stalingrad front. Actions

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Song of the Year (2013) Full Movie

Our home on the TV main concert of the country! Involves all the stars! Every time in the first days of the new year we are pleased to hear the call sign of the beloved applets: Through the years, through the distance, in at least some way, in at least some of the song do not say goodbye doskorogo, Song does not say goodbye to you … And this year — no exception. On stage the Olympic reconvene the best performers who remind you of the most brightest and happiest minute time of the year. Concert Song of the

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Humor year (2013) Full Movie

On TV Our summer home of Jurmala celebrates the New Year with laughter. Artists do not lose their sense of humor nor in the heat or in the cold and entertain the public at least some weather. The gala digest festival viewers expect unforgettable meetings with beloved artists.

Part 1 of the Sergei Drobotenko share the experience of a Russian tourist vacation in Turkey, Vladimir Danilets and Vladimir Moyseenko remember the appropriate visas. Gennady Winds will tell about the features of relaxation in our territories, and Yuri will Askarov shopping. Len Sparrow amuse musical parodies, Vladimir Vinokur

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Eehh, Razguliay! (2012) Full Movie

Good music festival. This colorful event "Radio Chanson" rightfully earned the title of the whole people discos. With each passing year, the project attracts increasingly and more participants — both the audience and the performers. "Eehh, Razguliay "- not just a show, but the real musical Marathon: awesome action, made with the latest technology with the effects, video installations, numbers of dancers and acrobats, full of humor and musical surprises. The most spiritual songs in the performance of Stas Mikhailov, Lena Vaenga Denis Maidanova, Misha Shufutinski, Love Assumption, Ladyboy, the group "Felling" and the other stars of the genre

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Latest Show on Earth watch online

December 21, 2012 with bated breath waiting for the world's population Judgment day or. Specifically, in this day, according to the prophecy of the old tribal Maya, held End Light. TV3 television channel invites viewers to take part in bolshennom conversation that will take place in the framework of "The Last Show on Earth." December 20, 2012 Katerina Gordeeva will gather in the studio of scientists and representatives of all religious faiths, stars of Russian show business and ordinary people to find out whether End Light? TV3 viewers in person will be able to post a question to professionals,

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Call of destiny watch online

Cinderella, throw pots and buckets! NTV will start a new reality show "Call of Destiny", in which the most, the prince waiting on the white Bugatti Veyron! Moderator — scandalously known producer Peter Listerman model — a series of tests of fiction for young beauties. Participating in the project expected painstaking selection. Any should be not only krosotkoy, and clever, able to support small talk. All skills and abilities welcome! Now those who were fortunate enough to hear the call of destiny, to go through a lot of trials to prove its uniqueness. Only one of the eight contestants

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Meet, my parents! watch online

CTC is a new show "Meet, These are my ancestors! ". This is an extraordinary project in which a woman or a man lead his beloved or lover in the family and introduced to the family. The joke is that these ancestors and relatives — shell, specially invited by the actors! Their one task — to organize a reception for unsweetened or future son-in-law. The whole entourage obmyslen planned: mounted family photos, amazing stories of youth and unusual "family tradition." In the end, the exciting moment of the first meeting with the parents own the second half is converted

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