Russian Armor Episode 8 Watch online

Tanks, armored vehicles

Russian Armor Episode 9 Watch online

Tanks, armored vehicles

Midnight Run (lots of issues) watch online

Weekly humorous quiz questions which, in the main, dedicated to the events of last week. They are nothing terribly sorry and did not. They are ready: with humor appreciate the announcements which were remembered this week, Obshut something that is worthy of ridicule, to discuss those bases, simply lift the mood at the end of the week for myself and the audience! By becoming a leading and guests — musicians, entertainers, actors, television. "With the guest stars I will behave like the stars — get autographs, admiring them and make the rider while in the studio — says Alexey

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Russian Armor Episode 10 watch online

Tanks, armored vehicles

Workers of miracles of the twentieth century watch online

The movie tells about the most in the people of favorite miracle-workers of the twentieth century. They call in the hope of healing from diseases, disasters, and even in order to … expand the living space …

Mysticism, chernoknizhnichenstvo, hypnosis, psychics

Return to the city of penguins / Return to Penguin City watch online

On the cool desert plains of the Antarctic biologists set up camp. Scientists have come there to study the paradox of "penguin cities." In a huge living laboratory biologists observe how the 10's of thousands of penguins gather in large colonies to continue its own kind …


Paschal Mystery Masterpiece: The Kiss of Judas Caravaggio watch online

Picture "Judas Kiss" is widely known for a number of Save copies, but the original was lost more than two hundred years ago. In 1990, the Jesuit monks from the monastery of St. Ignatius in Dublin addressed to the National Gallery on the restoration of the painting that is hanging for 60 years in a monastery. Restorer simultaneously vyznat eminent Easter story, but what exactly has managed to convince professionals that this painting is not another copy? The movie traces the story of the missing masterpiece Caravaggio and knows how it happened, that he stayed so long in obscurity.

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Paranormal: The Bermuda Triangle / Paranormal: Bermuda triangle watch online

Find out why scientists intrigued by the mysterious anomaly zone above the earth in the area sadly famous Bermuda Triangle.

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

USSR. Countdown (19 episodes) watch online

The films of the project "Countdown"Tell the audience about the little-known pages of our history. Together with the Belarusian researchers archivists, historians we reveal the facts and events, which in Russian is accepted to be silent.

USSR. Revolving count. K-19. As lowered degree. Happiness Soviet-style. Soviet-style hacienda, or sacred weave. Love Soviet-style. The test abroad. Reddish pencil censorship. Virgin soil. Bitter bread. Bialowieza Forest. Soviet-style kitchen. Olivier on-Soviet or test Happy New Year. Soviet-style game. Test of humor. Factor 'W'. Liquidation. Beauty of Soviet-style. The struggle for the atom. The half-life. Beware of the car, or chvatka

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The Lost Fleet Magellan / Magellan’s Lost Fleet watch online

In 1519, off the coast of Spain in search of the Spice Islands went a fleet of five ships. At the head of the expedition was Ferdinand Magellan. Returned to his homeland only one ship and a total of 18 people. After 500 years, a group of adventurers, explorers club members, trying to solve the mystery of the fateful voyage and the ship sails away in search of the "Santiago", the fragments of which was thrown on the Patagonian coast of Argentina.

1 series

2 series

Marine engineering

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