Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman (03.05.2013) Watch online

Scientists have learned that the curse does not only change the structure of live cells, and as if a terrible disease transmitted by inheritance. Neuzh then the word can be concluded terrible power, which we can not guess?

1. Lofty Chinese puzzle (03.05.2013) 2. In search of books fates (03.05.2013) 3. Strips life. (03.05.2013) 4. Haunted World. (03.05.2013) 5. Hour "X" (03.05.2013) 6. Revenge of the queen of spades (03.05.2013) 7. Cry of the Earth (03.05.2013) 8. Curse old (03.05.2013)

Lofty Chinese puzzle (03.05.2013)

China for the first time in a thousand years, has

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Ekograd / Ecopolis watch online

Ekograd — transmission consisting of six episodes: "Hungry City," "Building the Future", "City of the Future", "The Road Ahead", "World of garbage," "energy of the future." Of transmission you visit the city of the future, in which very different from our style of life, you will see the Innovative technologies for processing and the use of waste, eco-friendly types of transpotra, other sources of fuel, low-noise aircraft, and much more.

1 series (Hungry city)

Episode 2 (The Road to future)

3 series (World collection)

4 series (City of the future)

Episode 5 (The energy of the future)

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Prohibitions. Extreme body / Taboo Watch online

Most of the people seeking to make better their appearance: lose weight, wrinkles, pump up muscles do body lovely. But in the knowledge of some "beauty" — is something else entirely. In Guadalajara, Mexico lawyer by profession and a mother of four kids decorate his demonic nature with extreme configurations.


2019. Destination — Moon / 2019 Destination Moon Full Movie

In 2019 , NASA plans to make a permanent manned base on the Moon. More than 40 years from the time that Neil Armstrong made the first steps in the history of the surface of another planet, the population of the earth is about to return to the Moon with the principal plan of founding the same base. Building new rockets and gallakticheskie ships, and in December 2019 year new generation of astronauts preparing to land on the moon. In the summer of 2008 near the North Pole, the peninsula of Devon astronauts conducted a dress rehearsal of the

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Prohibitions. Extreme collection / Taboo: Extreme Collectors watch online

From the collection of children's skeletons to "Noah's Ark" with 550 live animals, we will see how collecting may be beyond reason.


Soul Plane animals (many editions) watch online

This TV star in what scenario: they can not read. But this does not prevent them to get up in front of camera numbers that lead you to choke with laughter. "Pepper" gathered in the newest programmke most amusing scenes with the role of shaggy, toothy, scaly and even arthropods actors. Miracles of improvisation in the performance of "Soul Plane animals."

or look here

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Wild Asia: Island Magic / Wild Asia: Island Magic watch online

Asia — Mainland islands at the southern edge of aqua surface is scattered almost 30,000 islands. On these islands, separated from the mainland life and stability fueled by the power of the islands are inhabited and developed different kinds. The main inhabitants of Asia leopard — beautiful predator, the monitor lizard — adapting Carrion, which could become a top predator, and vsesuschy ficus. The story begins on the peninsula of Java, which warming up during the last ice age was part of the Asian continent. Difficult to live on the peninsula continental mammals — elephants and tigers have disappeared,

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Habitat: Food filled watch online

Frozen foods — pelmeni, dumplings, pancakes. We buy them every day. Cooking these foods quickly and comfortably — we have already done for the dough and the filling. However, the question is, which one. In almost all the dumpling instead of meat — cartilage and soy, no cheese dumplings in as a substitute for palm, and pancakes can be caught inside with salmonella.

Food and products

The Greatest Show on Earth! watch online

Conducts program from Mr. No — someone who can become anyone and will offer viewers to do the same. Trying on different lives, not someone's as famous historical figures Mr. No one takes us through the ages and places. Beethoven, Rabelais, Galileo, Picasso, Marlene Dietrich, Wagner, Dali, Vonnegut, Nietzsche, Carroll, Basil Hoffman, Shakespeare, Hesse, Swift, Vrubel — they become the protagonists of this imaginarium …

TV shows

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Two or three things that would be nice to know more about it … watch online

Given the historical perspective of coexistence between man and technology, from Antiquity and the Middle Ages to the era of nanotechnology. Sounded philosophical concepts exposed mythological ideas about art, as was common in ancient and current. Bottom line: the relationship of man and machine — a relationship with the man himself. All the characters in the movie speak emphatic personality. They are sometimes critical, sometimes optimistic assessment of the technical civilization, but all have in common paradoxical judgment of man's place in it.

The other films

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