Cases engineering. Engineered to watch online

The cycle of cognitive film, which tells viewers about the features of engineering and production of the common things that we face every day. Simple items and appliances (toaster, a sewing machine or a regular light bulb) that have become so familiar to us, are just mind-blowing repository of technical solutions and secrets. And all this you will hear the fascinating story of the Discovery channel professionals.

Secrets of Creation gun, ice cream, matches

Cases engineering. Secrets of Creation Learjet aircraft.

Secrets of the creation of auto tires, electric guitar, golf balls


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Paranormal. Crop Circles / Paranormal: Crop circles Watch online

Usually perceived as a joke, mysterious crop circles appear in different parts of the Earth. Can they be messages from other worlds?

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

Divers detectives 6 movies watch online

This exciting new series of National Geographic dedicated to underwater adventures. It is distinguished by great photography, scenic pictures of the underwater world and the intriguing detective line

Cemetery subs / Submarine Graveyard After a fatal accident during the second world war in the Philippines sank two submarines United States. Will the "Underwater detectives" to find them?

Death of warships / Warships Down We explore two days of lying on the Lake Ontario perfectly preserved warships sunk as a result of an unexpected flurry in 1813.

The Ninth Wave / Rogue Wave Using new technology, the team will

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America, from Vancouver to Anchorage to watch online

Documentaries, telling the journey across the Ameriku.Vnezapno beautiful film with philosophical commentaries overs. By the middle of the show you want to permanently flee to Canada, it is at a minimum. May force to think about their place in this world. Movie show times on TV, "My planetka."


Wild Asia: In the Realm of red monkey / Wild Asia: In the Realm of the Red Ape watch online

Tropical forests of Asia this amazing natural systems, which are home to a variety of animals, including a unique group of orangutans that exhibit sudden and remarkable habits, skillfully creating their own devices.

Animals sushi

The mouths of babes (many episodes) watch online

Mental game "Mouths of babes" was popular in the 90s. In her two family teams participated, and the essence of the competition was the interpretation of children's explanations. He won the one who could better understand and more precisely the logic of children. The game was attended by four of the contest — Rassuzhdalki, Zagadalki, Obyasnyalki and Obgonyalki. Rassuzhdalki lay in the fact that the faithful find zagadannoy word, which tried to explain in their own words the kids. Teams have done alternately samples guess word and if the members of one team were wrong — the course moved

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Charles Darwin — the devil priest? / Charles Darwin — the Devil’s Chaplain? watch online

Charles Darwin's contemporaries were divided into two opposing camps: one considered him a genius scientist of all time, while others beheld in him the devil's henchman, which violates God's laws. But how could a man which in his youth dreamed of becoming a priest, become the head of the heretic?

The other films

Women Warriors. Genuine Mulan / Warrior Women watch online

In this movie you can find out about davneshnih times when reigned creepy women warriors. This is the story which is popular legend of Hua Milan, stunningly owned kung fu.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

Knights of the great savannah watch online

In the north of Benin is a small town Nikki — the old capital of the kingdom of the people Bariba. It annually hosts the big prazdnichek, where riders from different areas gather together to become the face of the king and show your skill and prowess.

The oldest of the country

Twisted Sister — The Other Side of music watch online

A dozen long and arduous years passed before collective headed for unusual celebrity and popularity of rock 'n' roll circles. 10 years, men were only in small clubs and expects to be able to sign a contract to record their debut album. And now comes the hour of triumph and Twisted Sister — Musicians release a record that is four times platinum! Collective become the most discussed phenomenon in the music world. All fences and walls on both sides of the Atlantic inscribed with the name of the first signs of the New York team. Here it is, the

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