Druid rituals / Julius Caesar and the Druids watch online

Julius Caesar 50 in the fifth year to our age with 2 legions landed on the coast of Britain. He is the first Roman, which shamelessly invaded this area and the first military leader, which one on one faced a brutal Celts. Caesar in their own diaries described the men as naizloveschih barbarians.

Historic battle

The royal white horse. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna to watch online

The documentary film "King's white horse. Spanish riding-school in Vienna "- is the story of the traditional school Riding. In over 450 years, specifically Viennese school continues to practice high school Riding with military and academic purposes. Arena was once the winter garden of a royal family, because made in beautiful pastel colors, which set off the 46 Corinthian columns indescribable color of coffee with milk. When the doors open winter school premises, in the arena begin to enter riders School, led by a colonel. In complete silence they come close to the portrait of the ruler and the

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Three lives Eugene Evstigneeva watch online

October 9, 2011, People's Artist of the USSR Yevgeny Evstigneeva would have turned 85 years old. Eugene Yevstigneev — artist, which is called "natural." This is the highest praise in the theater world.

Historical figures, people of destiny

Warsaw-43. Silence and betrayal watch online

Managing residency OSS, then CIA Director Allen Dulles in June 1942 received from their own source of information about the Holocaust. Germany is no longer pursuing the Jews, it systematically destroys them.

Second global war

The X-Files. Abduction empire watch online

Where did the Byzantine empire and where the missing centuries of European history? About sunset Euro continent and the special way of the Russian Federation …

Hidden materials — a series of programs

Name That Tune (many editions) watch online

Music and entertainment show "Name That Tune" can safely be called one of the most popular games of the First Channel. Can there be different if it is a unique and charismatic Valdis Pelsh? Specifically, he inspects zaniya music players of the game and gives to exchange gifts. The game sees the fate of three players, of which only one, the most knowledgeable and gifted, will participate in Supergame and break a big jackpot! It really does not have to yawn, because of the fact, that guess seven songs from all finalists have only half a minute! TV game

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Crossroads / Crossroads watch online

"Crossroads: the birth pangs of a new world" — a documentary film that reveals the depth of the current state of the world's population and the emergence of a new perception of the world that almost forces the twist inside out all our past knowledge of the world order.

The other films

Secrets of time — Money Watch online

When asked what the funds will be answered by all the different ways. Product — a metal utter one. Means — it's a different reality, and answer others. Someone utters funds — it is evil, and someone — is freedom. What is true, then everyone decides for himself, but the facilities really majestic magic power.

Economics, politics, society

Protecting Ilina watch online

A movie about the Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin. He spent more than 30 years in exile, having been expelled from Russia in 1922 on the "philosophers' ship". Until 1934 he lived and taught in Berlin from 1938 — in Switzerland. Passionately involved in public activities of Russian emigration. (He died in 1954.) In 2005 came Reburial Ilyin in the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery. The books were banned by the famous thinker in Russian of, and after 80 years of unnecessary philosophy began to gain recognition and at home. His work "Philosophy Hegel as the doctrine of the concreteness

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Talgat Nigmatulin. The parable of the life and death watch

Talgat Nigmatuln viewers remember their own first stellar role of a pirate in the popular movie "Pirates of the 20th Century", having a perfect karate techniques. In 1985, the actor was killed by his "brothers" in the sect, and this event has stirred up whole Russian Alliance.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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