Beating the security services. Abkhazia watch online

The movie knows the history of exposing spies and agents recruited by foreign intelligence services. What was the premise of betrayal?

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

Fort Boyard watch online

"Fort Boyard"- One of the most famous projects, well known to many of us. And now he is burning again, reflecting the spirit of the times — we are more and more we play games, paintball from the street to the" Angry Birds "on the display tablet, we are entering between "a man plays." And this very well corresponds to the "Fort Boyard"The spirit of adventure, new challenges and interesting rules" — says Ilya Krivitskiy producer of the project. 6 teams daredevils will go to the French city of La Rochelle, and from there through the water to the

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The death of the rover / Death of a Mars Rover watch online

It was expected that the rovers Spiritist and Opportunity have worked for Mars for 3 months. It took more than 7 years, and Opportunity so far on the go. But for the Spirit's journey is complete. After the unsuccessful attempt to rescue Spiritist it's time to say goodbye to the stately researcher.

Gallakticheskie Merit

Descent of Holy Fire (2013) Full Movie

Once a year, on the eve of the Orthodox Easter, into a sublime Saturday, almost two thousand years in Jerusalem descends Beneficial Fire. Look at this magic every year going to 10's of thousands of people from around the world. Beneficial Fire emblem is the blessing of God the human race. It is spread by pilgrims throughout the Orthodox world. From Jerusalem Beneficial Consuming a particular flight will be delivered to Moscow to the top of the Easter service at Christ the Redeemer, headed by the Patriarch of All Russia and Metropolitan Kirill.

Faith and Religion

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Why? Questions of the universe. The Martian Chronicles / Curiosity. Mars Landing Watch online

Some are interested in technology, and others — the geography, the third — astronomy, but there are issues that trevozhut virtually every person, regardless of age, education and hobbies. Discovery Channel together with the audience will find their answers in the biggest project in the history of the canal, which is aired in October under the title "Why? Questions of the Universe. "Is there intelligent life on other planets? Why ordinary people can transform into fierce monsters? How did all that exists? What is the nature of the appeal? Than more we learn about it, the more more appears

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Kremlin. High definition watch online

We offer you a story about the history and secrets of the Moscow Kremlin, the main socio-political, spiritual, religious, historical and artistic complex of the town, the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. The movie contains a unique shooting and rare materials.

The oldest buildings

The theory of improbability. In the heat of passion watch online

In time strong spiritual emotion, called the affect, man can not look at his actions. It is not clear why in time affect a person begin to show the hidden ability of the body, increased speed, strength and endurance. Why in this state, man feels no pain and no fear at all?

The theory of improbability — a series of programs

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Penguin: Spy undercover watch online

Penguins — for their cantankerous charm hides a magnificent character. These brazen birds have to raise their own chicks when faced with the most indescribable difficulties. Hidden camera posodeystvuyut find out how they in fact unusual. From Antarctic ice to the hot tropics — is the story of the most dedicated parents in the world — shot because never before.


Victory Parade of 1945 (in color) watch online

In June, the 45th in Moscow on Red Square hosted an excellent parade in honor of the days of the Victory over Germany. It was the role of the army summary fronts, navy, military schools and academies, as garrison troops. During the parade at the pedestal of Lenin's tomb were thrown and two banners of banners of the defeated Nazi divisions …

Second global war

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The Hunger Games (TV shows) Watch online

Dmitri Nazarov, many headed for a life. He is known as the People's Artist of Russia, known theater actor, he is known for its important role in the motion picture. But he also acknowledged all the cooking! And now he has his own show, received the title of "The Hunger Games". In this project, in the battle for the title of the best get together the best chefs in the country and specifically Dmitry Nazarov have become for them a fair arbiter! One of the rules of the game — the participants do not have the right to try

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