Deceived by science — Ghost World watch online

Ghost World. Ghosts, ghosts, poltergeists. Scientists closer to solving this magical sanctuary — physics seriously they say about the existence of information-energy worlds, and biologists say that the secret to all of these phenomena should be found in the physiology of the human brain.

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life Full Movie

This special documentary film was made on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles day or Darwin (April 9) and the 150th anniversary of the publication of "The Origin of Species." David Attenborough invites the viewer on a journey that reflects life Darwin and how he came to understand the evolution of

Science, scientific merit of opening

Queen of the Ball (many editions) Ukraine watch online

In the framework of the plot reality show "Queen of the Ball" lay down the organization and preparation for the most highly anticipated event for high school graduates — is final ball. The organizers of the show a few select 10 s contenders for the title of "Queen of the Ball", each of which will receive one chance to try on the crown of the winner. All responsibility for the style, hairstyle, make-up heroines take over seasoned and Prof. stylists, stylists and barbers. Maidens simply remains to trust the experts in developing its own inimitable form "Queen of the

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Genesis vs. Darwin watch online

In the last 2-centuries is a desperate struggle between the supporters of the theory of evolution Darwin and the opponents of Darwinism thoughts. The documentary film will be shown different theories emergence of life on Earth, which, one way or another, justify the correctness of the adherents of different exercises.

Historical figures, people of destiny

Maldives: Impressions. The magnificent island watch online

Music video demonstration of the Maldive Islands Indian Ocean. Beautiful views from the measured music you dip into the killing on the verge of reality world with nearly 2,000 islands in Indian Ocean. Together with breathtaking beaches, spectacular shows virtually inimitable water worlds, flora and fauna. The following shows the capital of the Maldives — Male — which is at once one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Nature (rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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Cuban — Museum Tank watch online

The largest and most closed museum of armored vehicles The world. To get the exposure it is difficult even to the ordinary Russian citizen, let alone foreigners. But museum deserves attention! Unique exhibits, sometimes preserved in the world in one piece. And it is interesting not only to experts. Hitherto museum is a military unit, and because the video and photo shoot are limited. But the desire to behold with our eyes large, and the creator of this movie did it, he wants to share it with you. The movie tells of tanks of the 2nd World War, the

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Call of newcomers to watch

One of the most intriguing mysteries of our time as before is the question: are we alone in the universe? A two-part documentary film presents a world where fantasy and science are connected, and fantasy make research base. Our solar system — only a small island on the edge of the galaxy. Astrologers believe that the universe is billions of planets similar earth, and certainly some of them have a life. Since 1999 most most powerful radio telescope of the world, set in the Hat Creek Observatory in California, deliberately searched the vault of heaven in search of messages

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C in terms of science. Comets / Naked Science. Comets watch online

Comets — wanderers from the far corners of the solar system — a long time were wrapped lurking. Now, with observations from the ground and gallakticheskih aids scientists find out about their origin and nature.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

Secrets of the 20th century. The tragedy of Hollywood watch online

5th August 1962 at 4:00 am in one of the police stations of West Los Angeles rang. The caller introduced himself as a doctor and told about the death of Standards Gin, who lived in the fifth Benvude Helen Drive. Patrol arrived and met the servants attending doctor of the deceased. The police entered the room and saw the corpse on the bed 36 year old lady with no signs of forced death. Without waiting for police matters, one of the doctors showed an empty jar under Nembutal # # # # — very strong sedative, which

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Guest workers. History nationwide fraud watch online

Migrant workers now found everywhere, and theirnumber inexorably increases. Numbers are not controlled by anyone and certainly not popular. They are building and repairing our housing, hired drivers of minibuses, even the food we eat, they cook on the streets. Perhaps soon break out in our homeland favorites by number gastorbayterov. Why in Russia it is place, neuzh something we did not have enough of its workforce, why we should give them their jobs? Who profits from that company brings hundred square meters of illegal employment of foreign immigrants?

The other films

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