The legendary T-34 watch online

The movie tells about the development and the glorious battle way this unique tank.

Tanks, armored vehicles

Olympics-80. The untold story watch online

1980 — the year of the Capital Olympics. Carrying the Olympic Games in the Capital vosmidesyatom, it was under threat. Because of the war in Afghanistan, the U.S. announced a boycott and refused uastvovat in the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. History battle for the Olympics, her portraits of the main organizers and the stunning success of the sports prazdnichka — in this movie.

Other sports

The lost city in the Amazon / Secret Cities of the Amazon Watch online

The scientists of the 20th century, believed that in the Amazon, before the arrival of Columbus, the civilization was not. Historians confidence was based on the results of research of land in the Amazon rainforest, which was considered insufficient tenderloin in order to feed their vast populations. This persuasive argument also confirmed a common worldview that Amazon — It's gone wild, untouched man forest. Now science is discovering new pages of history: where lie the impenetrable thicket of the jungle, archaeologists and geographers find traces of advanced civilizations that lived on the banks of the Amazon for a long

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Ancient peoples: the Normans / The Normans watch online

History Norman — is history European annals of the origins of modern society euros, religion and politics, as well as the legend of the origin of Europeans Europeans. A gang of thugs to civilize savage civilization invaded the kingdom and opened the continent. They were once the most civilized municipal leaders, the most fearless warriors and quality, and the most gallant and stunning researchers. They were pioneers of the New World and innovators of modern society. They moved out of the ordinary and have gained power in France, Great Britain battled horror and terror, Scotland — an invitation, and

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All the stars for your favorite watch online

Another "collecting" concert Russian pop stars, dated March 8 — the most feminine springtime and Happy holiday of the year. For the audience heard only the most tender and romantic songs in the performance of the most recognizable artists of the Russian Federation …

Concerts, Music and Dance

The island. Zanzibar / Islands. Zanzibar watch online

Distant, beautiful, mysterious, unique islands, as if enclosed worlds life in these remote parts of developing their own way, but in today's interconnected world, islands are also part of a global society that is changing for the best or the worst. We will tell to you about life on the islands, you will find that no matter how far away people live from the mainland, as a special at their history and how they are proud of their independence. The fate of the islands are not separated from the fate of mankind in general, one way or another on

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What are singing men watch online

We offer a solemn concert, dedicated to the days of March 8. To congratulate the vernal prazdnichkom beautiful ladies, members of this extraordinary concert chosen method. Now men sing songs only ladies' repertoire. Joseph Kobzon amuse performance of the famous song "Everybody can overlords" from the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva, and Sergei Lazarev — Zemfira's song "London". Sudden trio of Nikolai Baskov, Pavliashvili and Dmitry Malikov will perform with his own version of the song "Diamonds" group "VIA Gra" and the trio Alexis Chumakov, Rustam Stark and Alexis Alehno — with a variation of the song "Baba Lyuba". Sergei

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Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Watch online

Dancing with the Stars is an incendiary show, which are popular singers, actors, sports figures, each paired with a prof dancer will compete in the ability to move across the floor to the music, playing one of the numerous styles of dance, which only has on the planet. Assess their skills and abilities acquired will be a tough jury, after each number will comment on performance of the participants. Viewers also will be able to express their outlook, sending its own voice for that or any other pair that they liked.

Dancing with the Stars Season 8

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Meat-eaters against herbivores watch online

Disputes between vegetarians and meat-eaters do not last for centuries. Who still healthier, smarter, stronger: meat lovers or supporters of plant food?

Food and products

The power watch online

The full-length documentary film about Misha Khodorkovsky and his conflict with the Russian authorities.

Modern history

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