Top Gear [Season 14] watch online

Slide show «Top Gear» — this is the latest example program completely for the formation of the progressive wing of viewers. It says nothing about cheap family cars, no boring advice car owners, well, the obvious The words "motorist" in it either. This is a program for the real fans of smart, recklessly expensive and most rapid cars for real connoisseurs scent of gasoline and burning disc brakes, for those who are not indifferent to the extreme drive. Experts applets, a master of high, can bear a fair verdict though what the ultra-modern sports car.

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Maldives. Paradise on the edge of the world watch online

Maldives — Is the embodiment of the dream of a vacation paradise. Endless beaches with white sand in the shade of palm trees, lapped by the blue waters of the ocean … Paradise on earth consists of 1,190 islands — about as they comes in archipelago, Housed in the atolls near the equator. Inhabited only 28 of them and only a few are available to tourists. Beautiful archipelago standing in the ocean on a foundation of coral reefs. It is a fabulously beautiful, but, unfortunately, is very fragile and is now located in a harsh threat due to climate

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The sea is on fire / Sea of Fire Watch Online

English destroyer "Coventry", who participated in the fighting in time the Falkland Islands conflict, prolonged time was listed as the most insecure and virtually invulnerable. But most the height of the war, he was focused on pre-suicidal goal. His task was to distract myself by enemy bombers and ensure that British troops landed in the bay of San Carlos. Argentines unleashed its air power to "Coventry" … By mid-day or 25 th May 1982 destroyer managed to repel the two air raid and knock out three enemy aircraft. But when the captain and crew thought that the worst is

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The Chronicles of Moscow life: Marriage of watch online

"Leaving a marriage of convenience can only be the calculation was correct!" — Reads the heroine is popular Russian film. How UNION looked like in different years? Marshall went through Budennyi marriage on the calculation of not one, but twice. Irina Khakamada father married a Muscovite, not to vorachivatsya home in Japan, where he was a Communist, had expected the bullpen. Spouse Tatyana Ustinova needed her residence. Own calculation was at the flamboyant TV host Lidia Ivanova, in the self-interest for many years criticized very young wife of actor Nikolai Kryuchkov …

The other films

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McPhee history Series 14. Man-tree is found with their fellows watch online

The program, "My worst history"Once again introduces us to a dramatic and full of feelings plots. Her characters have to fight the disease indescribable, but for all that they try to live as ordinary people. In "Man-Tree: recovery" you will see Indonesian fisherman Dede Bin Atenga, known as "man-tree." We carefully will tell about this unique medical case. You will hear the interview of the Dada and his South American doctor Anthony Gaspari. You also get to know the work of the Chinese special on face transplant Dr. Guo Shuchzhuna, which makes the world's first face transplant and bone,

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My horror story — the boy who was left without a leather watch online

Johnny Kennedy man who is nearly all to be done. He had only four months to go back home, to help Nell McAndrew, fly on a plane to visit Downing Street — and plan your funeral.

Sensational stories

About sex — Sexual signals to watch

Documentary films Discovery Channel, highlighting the different nuances of human sexuality. In the transfer of nearly 60 series, which affect all aspects of sex. Any series affects a particular topic. Several themes series — Chest, Best sex , Legends about sex, orgasm, Maturation, Fetishes, Strip and 50 others.

Sacks and Love

The Wonderful World. Relax watch online

Wonders of the world in the eyes of many people is one pleasure and relaxation, that we offer for you to feel this relaxation

Nature (rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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Secrets of amber watch online

Amber — One of the most mysterious stones of our planet. This stone honey-colored, it seems brings warmth of the sun, which are tangible when you touch the amber, that's why it is called the warm stone. Resin centuries, solar stone, clot frozen sun, tears of the daughters of the sun, tears, which granted an enviable fraction of comfort and entertain people call amber….

The other films

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Dancing with the Stars (all seasons) watch online

Colorful and explosive dance show "Dancing with the Stars" exists on Russian television for the seventh year, but the enthusiasm for him, as before, no subsides. Out of season season replace friend pal famous pop stars and Cinématographe, giving their fans a lot of positive feelings of her dances. Are participating in the show star pairs, each of which consists of Prof. dancer, preceded by a task to teach their own dance partner. Company dancers are all well-known and beloved stars: TV personalities, musicians, theater and cinema. After the performance of each pair, the members of jury present their

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