Ross Kemp in search of pirates watch online

Approximately ninety percent of world trade in goods transported by sea, and more than 10 million cargo containers crossing the ocean at the time you read this text, or turn on the telly. But so fundamental to the way the world economy is very heavily guarded. As a result, the heavily armed pirates seized ships, assign weights, take hostages for ransom and plunge the whole country into the abyss of poverty and chaos. And the further the more boldly modern filibusters are: for example, over the past 10 years, the number of pirate attacks increased by 10%

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The Art of Painting Vermeer watch online

On the work of Jan Vermeer The middle of XVII century — a new step in the development of Dutch painting. Genre at this time is enriched with new artistic skills, expanding its formal borders. Creation some amusing rises above the genre painters depicting everyday life and achieves the heights of philosophical generalizations. Together with the fact domestic genre improves the merits of the previous period. In particular, this process is clearly embodied in the art of Jan Vermeer, 1st of representatives of the so-called "Delft School."

Historical figures, people of destiny

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Train. Winning the war watch online

In 1941, Hitler had made plans to pave the highway Berlin-Moscow with an unprecedentedly wide track — from 3 to 5 meters. In the spring of 1945 brand new, unusual for a European wide track really linked the two capitals. But it was track our, Russian standard, and the first train Berlin-Moscow trains have our victory. They paved the way and led them military railwaymen. Long 1418 war days and nights in the fierce cold and scorching heat under shelling and bombing were the train. Indomitable metallic thread, people and locomotives. It was they who ensured our

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Freddie Mercury. The great pretender watch online

Freddie Mercury — it is one the most important charismatic, complex and fascinating phenomena in the English rock music. History of the Group "Queen" is quite known to all, but this new film concentrates only on Freddie Mercury and his solo projects, because he continued to work outside the UK. In the movie, used a video archive and interview Freddy Mercury, his concerts, video, and personal stuff, mostly not been previously unreleased, along with new interviews with friends and colleagues.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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Earth from the sky watch online

Cycle "Land, seen from the sky, "loosely based on the blockbuster of the same name and a photo exhibition, which was visited by over 60 million people — is magical journey to the most beautiful natural landscapes of the world, captured in an unusual HD-quality. Leading, internationally recognized photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, show the audience some of the coolest shots in the history of aerial photography. From the deepest oceans of the Earth to the dizzying heights of the mountain … of feral African savannah to the magical icy expanse of Antarctica … head to the unforgettable and

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Driving passenger trains watch online

Profession "locomotive engineer" makes the highest demands on the individual who chooses to cast its lot with the work on the railway transport. Knowledge of the design of electronic circuits and circuit locomotive, serious compliance the scope and terms of maintenance, the application of the best ways to manage and train driving mode, the ability to rapidly return the performance of the locomotive, ie locate and remove the problem, a serious compliance safety — that's far from complete list of such requirements.

Auto and other technology

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Victory parade. Moscow Red Square 2013 watch online

Our homeland is celebrating the 68th anniversary of the victory in the Russian war majestically. In all Russian towns now held public lay flowers at the monuments to those killed in the war, concerts, parades, fireworks thunder. On the main square of the capital will be 11 thousand soldiers, from the stands after them will follow about 600 veterans.

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Psychics detectives (all editions) watch online

TV on channel 3 starts the main intrigue of the season — utility "Psychics-detectives. "In the base of the project — a real investigation and shocking stories about how Psychics help the police to conduct an investigation. Experts applets — Psychics world-class, who arrived for a role in the program from different countries of the world (the United Kingdom, Estonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Australia, USA, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia). They are known in their home country, but they have not yet beheld in. In a brand new project Psychics — Detectives find clues will give the victims and

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The theory of improbability: Indigo Children watch online

We now live near malehankih people who call "Kids World", "millennium babies", "new" baby, baby Indigo. The first to draw attention to their South American psychic Nancy Ann Teppo. She saw that in the last 20 years light began to appear with the new kids, the color of the aura Rare earlier — darkly blue.

Theory improbability — a serial

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Vampires Among Us Watch online

One can believe and not to believe, to accept or deny the vampires. But that did not change. They are. And they are — in our midst. Vampires are different in their nature, but their essence is similar. They drink someone else's life, feeding her. From time to time it is expressed in the forward consumption of blood, as a personification of the brightest of the current in the human energy. There are also those who are referred to as "energy" vampires. People from communicating with whom one can lose their strength, will and energy. With that, one way

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