Yuri Andropov: Cmertnik on the throne watch online

"The Age — Actions and people" — a documentary series about the Belarusian TV personalities who have changed the world. The project knows about the personal lives of people who influenced the course of history, the development of countries.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

Biography: Google / Biography: The Google Boys watch online

Certainly, Google has a strong impact on modern society and its relation to the available disk imaging. Prior to Google search disk imaging on the network has been a frustrating and fascinating. Bypassing unnecessary web sites from time to time led to the appearance of many unnecessary side effects. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have solved the problem of embodiment and made more effective search, allowing capture to Google so popular on the web as in the information age. This biographical story tells of the life of each of the creators of this naikrupneyshgo search engine in the world,

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Drums of Fate / The Drums of Destiny watch online

Modern graphics and recreation events actors posodeystvuyut find out what happened February 14, 1929 during the massacre by the Mafia in Chicago.

Atrocities, killings and other

His call sign — Maestro watch online

Memory Twice Hero of the Russian Union military pilot Vitaly Popkov, who died Feb. 7, 2010. Film "His callsign — "Maestro"Dedicated to the Russian fighter pilots. This is a story about" Singing squadron "of Maestro — VN Popkov and the everyday life of the fighter pilots. The movie answers a lot of questions unhealthy. For example, why our pilots were not prepared for the battle with the harsh opponent. Why was not a lot of "old man"? Stealther is revealed and mathematics Wehrmacht: on what basis was of German aircraft shot down enemy aircraft that they turned out in

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The theory of improbability: Charisma watch online

Sometimes in various structures of society on the first plan goes a special breed of people. They differ from other exceptional ambition and pronounced leadership qualities. It is almost always interesting speakers, master of word and gesture. It is believed that these people own peculiar quality — charisma. In the Christian tradition — it is grace, the divine power sent down to man to overcome sin and merit salvation. In psychology and sociology charisma to denote a special property or the amount of parameters that allow a person to lead the great masses of great ideas for implementation. In

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Searchers. Submarine blockade of Leningrad watch online

The year 2003, Strelna. Here, as in all of St. Petersburg, the company is actively making the 300th anniversary of the town. On the waterfront of the Constantine Palace are ordinary repairs. Suddenly, the workers came across something quite extraordinary, weird bucket hooked iron pieces like a piece of the aircraft. Then it turned out that the builders got out of the ground blackened by time, the cabinet of Italian boats since the second world war.

This event is very amazed professionals, as Italian troops did not take part in the Battle of Leningrad. Whence did this

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Tanks of World War II watch online

2nd Global war for many types of weapons was a turning point, including for the tanks. With years of progress in the properties of combat vehicles, and methods for their implementation. Tanks become an important means of warfare, and the tank troops — the main striking force of the Army. During the 6 years of the war made the world tank path that in peacetime would be measured in decades. In the movie, presented the tanks of the USSR, Germany, France, Italy, the land of the rising sun, the USA, England.

Tanks, armored vehicles

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The last "mole" KGB. Ames watch online

In 1994, the FBI arrested Aldrich Ames, a high-ranking CIA officer who had access to the hidden disk imaging. Nine years he passed particularly principled information KGB agents. Because of this, resigned as director of the TsRU.Vremya Ames began in 1985 and accounted for Gorbachev's perestroika. By the time Russian intelligence was like Swiss cheese with numerous holes. Holes gnawed "moles" — been recruited by the security services. In the early 90-ies Aldrich Ames appointed head of the working group on the KGB.

Modern history

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Sly as a snake / Subtle as a Serpent watch online

At the sight of these extraordinary animals population of the earth, usually mixed feelings. It can not stand them, and admires. Beginning of the story takes another with the Garden of Eden. This documentary film will help restore reputation snake, show the worth of these cunning, brutal, vicious, beautiful, intelligent and interesting creatures. You can get answers to many questions.

Snakes, reptiles, amphibians, reptiles

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‘ll Burn. Freeze. Survive watch online

2010 has been dubbed "the year sweep the nature of man. " Sweep a very active involvement in the foundations of the earth thousands of years. The world has turned.

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

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