Ten million Season 4 watch online

Now, thanks to his knowledge … you can win 10 million rubles! Specifically, such an amount in cash to get his hands early in the game two of the show "10 million." To save her, players must answer eight questions by putting money on the right, in their opinion, the answers. In answering the first four questions will be offered four players possible answers. When answering the following three questions will have to choose the correct answer of the 3 proposed options. Players who are able to walk up to the last, eighth issue, will be given only two

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The food is without rules watch online

How many times, watching the fray next culinary chefs and the stars, you read as to myself, "Oh, I am preparing something better?" Now you there is a chance to prove it all over the country! "The food is without rules" — the first bona fide culinary battle. Ordinary housewife (or householder — no worse than a man cook!) Will get a chance to compete for the title of best chef with those who have long taken all TV dishes of our country — the stars of show business, and by restaurant chefs! No superior cuisine, hard goods and

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Show and tell with Leonid Zakoshansky Season 1 watch online

Everyday news talk show "speak and show a Leonid Zakoshansky "contains elements of a special investigation. The theme of each issue gets the most palpitating news in the country. Whatever the topic, there will always be worthy of attention and specific videos or other participants in those events. This sets the show even more originality, as it does not only but they say, and discussions are, and demonstrate. At the same time, discussions are not only a situation, and the background of its appearance, who was responsible and how to live with it on …

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Show and tell with Leonid Zakoshansky season 2 watch online

There are projects in which they say a lot. So let they say. And in a new talk show on NTV — they say and show. Live at the sight of the whole country! Only burning and provocative themes. Only actual actions and their participants. Truth and only true. "Show and tell" with Leonid Zakoshansky — this everyday news current-show with elements of a special investigation. The theme applets always gets the most discussed news of the country. Whatever happens — in the studio is always specific participants in the events and exclusive video footage, not to only just

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Housing watch online

The first channel will help find a way out of any difficult situation though. The new socio-legal project "Housing" will show viewers how to achieve justice and punish the guilty. Heroes programs from running the best lawyers of the country come to the fight bureaucratic arbitrariness and indifference of officials.

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As we shall live? watch online

What do I need to do to become the owner of the car? And how much you have to pay for it? What in fact should go into insurance? What is a "dark" car, and whether pinned its cheapness?

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Love games to watch

That's enough to meet their clothes! It's very boring. In a brand new show "Love Games" will be the main characters to choose a pair of spite. They will be able to delve into the personal belongings of applicants to find out what those asleep, what music to heed what food to cook in, and hear the views of their relatives and the "former" … And at the end of their expected final test: look at all the candidates and find out that Who do you chose …

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Love for four watch online

For the characters of the show weekend of want to leave is converted to a fierce challenge. After the weekend they will have to share a room at not together, but with their "former". And together in the "former" they have to go on dates in the spa, dine by candlelight, drinking free champagne and even sleep in the same bed! At the time, as their "new" beloved watching them through the camera installed everywhere … What will be their reaction to the behavior of the beloved? Will they check "former"? How strong their feelings? And like any of

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Love to watch the stars

Hero of the applets have to find his darling in the middle of 6 participants, which he will not be able to behold until you make your own choice. But the young man would be able to communicate with them — girls are behind the screen. In choosing a hero to assist his own intuition and comparability sign, prophecy psychic divination by the hand and advice of a psychologist. Find happiness project participants posodeystvuyut master of its own affairs: psychic, astronomer and palmist.

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Duel with Vladimir Solovyov (many episodes) watch online

Disgraced " leading Vladimir Solovyov vorachivaetsya on TV. He will conduct his own talk show on the TV channel "Russia-1". Solovyov wrote about it in his blog. In the words of the lead, set a control channel puzzle "make a high quality product." Colleagues call back Solovyov coup.

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