Field of Dreams (many editions) watch online

On air since October 25, 1990. Initially, the lead was Vladislav leaves, and on 1 November 1991, Leonid Yakubovich. Every Friday, he invites players into the studio … guess the word. Game rules are are ordinary: a 3-rounds of three people involved in each, favorites rounds compete in the final game, and her favorite, if he wins Supergame, gets the grand prize. Become a member of the game "Field of Dreams"Very simple — it is necessary to send to the editor applets any unique crossword puzzle. The game is played both adults and children, firefighters, milkmaids, policemen, teachers, veterans,

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Funny watch online

Trapped in a "Funny People" is painfully simple. It is more difficult — do not cry, do not run away, do not climb into a hassle and not fall to the floor with laughter. In releases sketch show — a trip to the headless taxi driver and a dance lesson with dvuhtsentnernoy dancer. Exploding pasta, fire-breathing waiters, shop and flying migratory homeless. Confectioners throw cakes, fire hose watering of smokers, but a whole crowd of knights wishes to organize gop-stop in the lane. Participate in all this rage unimpeded — so much for himself, but on TV look —

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Aliens national importance watch online

A story about aliens, UFOs, parallel worlds, and contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, based on previously inaccessible documents from military archives. Unidentified objects, mysterious intruders … Difficult to find a person who would not think of the Universe and that we are not alone in it. But how to find evidence for the existence of UFOs and aliens? Such confirmation is ready to show documentary filmmaker Igor Prokopenko on REN TV.

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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Tank biathlon watch online

At a military training ground in the Moscow Alabino on Wednesday revealed new to the Russian armed forces competition — by Tank biathlon. Within 4 days of skill in the firing of guns and mnogokalibernyh driving in hilly terrain will show the crew of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. A further year will compete with them, and NATO tankers. "At the initiative of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu for the first time hold competitions in biathlon Tank. In the period of 4 days in a combat skill will compete the best tank crews and platoons of

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Imagine a watch online

Newcomer Ren TV programm "Imagine himself"- Those who are living in incredibly lucky … lucky to survive against the odds. Is it possible to survive: the fall of a mile high, hit in the heart with a knife; frontal meeting with unmanaged bus? It turns out, really. And the stories of heroes latest applets — proof.

TV shows

Laugh comedian (Season 4) Watch online

"Laugh comedian"- People's veselitelnaya program that in which at least some people, owning a ridiculous talent, has the opportunity to earn good money. Laugh own friend or relative — it is one thing, but to force laugh human which my whole life has been a masterful humor — such problem in the teeth too far not to everyone … But the one who will laugh Eugene Koshevogo and Vladimir Zelenskogo expects a decent reward currency! No hard and fast rules, no severe restrictions: forced comedians laugh — get money!

Humorous transfer

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The most intelligent. The senior league watch online

"The most smart"- Television mental game. In over 3 rounds Kandelaki Ask the participants of varying degrees of difficulty. The greatest number of correct answers guarantees access to the following round. For the honorary title of "most intelligent" fighting twelve participants. In the first round of the tested knowledge on general subjects. 6 players fall into the second round, where the task is complicated by choice aimed at a specific subject categories. In the 3rd round — end — defined favorite intellectual competition, which receives the trophy game — a statue of a golden marmot. "The most smart"- It's

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Wedding watch online for free

Veselitelnoe show about weddings. On the South American television there is long experience of creation of similar programs and movies, perhaps precisely because of them from the Yankees formed such strong stereotypes about what it must include a similar celebration: of mandatory donation of even poor people, engagement rings with diamond on her engagement to wives and girlfriends dresses drinks banquet.

TV shows

Ask the chef to watch online

To help housewives on TV "Home" is programm "Ask the Chef". It's a kind of — television culinary forum in which Prof. Chef Konstantin Rozhkov, Yuri Ivlev share their Best recipes, answer audience questions, helping the hosts to cope with the difficulties in the kitchen and learn cook. And for those who are already doing it perfectly, opening small secrets. In the column "Master Class for the Stars" famous people come and learn cook, and from time to time share their culinary discoveries.

TV shows

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Super Intuition. Battle of the sexes watch online

The first edition of the new season of "SuperIntuitsii" marked a triumph of gender inequality? Leading Viktor Loginov gave the historical Battle of the sexes. Only she will know once and for all, whose intuition — men's or women's — more precisely, above, stronger! Will meet in the ring most curly resident Somedy Slub Vadim Galygin and most evergreen tree singer.

TV shows

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