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You will not believe 11.10.2013 watch online

"You would not believe!" — An infotainment program that tells the story of the high life of celebrities. Only here the most exciting announcements from the world of show business, sensational facts, as indescribable, occasionally even magical stories. How are the richest and most famous people in the country, their current extraordinary situation. How lurking thing they do and earn their millions, and hobbies and holidays in exotic countries — all this and much more you can find out by looking at this example program.

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Looking for Richard / Looking for Richard watch online

Al Pacino playing in this very unique documentary film as a director and an actor, playing the role Richard Third. "In search Richard"- Not only the adaptation of individual scenes of Shakespeare's plays, and the reflection on the modern perception of Shakespeare, and the study of the process of the actors on their own views of the characters.

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X versions. More news (September, October 2013) Full Movie

X versions. Other announcements — this is an unusual example program information, in which we learn only the freshest announcements with detailed journalistic reportage and shots from the event, see the in-depth interviews and discussions with professionals and members of specific events. This programm news, but news of unusual, since they relate to events that are related to the paranormal and otherworldly manifestations, as the various phenomena that modern scientists so far can not explain. Indescribable is all around us and we learn about it from this applets.

X versions. Other announcements 23.09.2013 TV-3


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There is one secret with Katya Zharkova (33 — 35 issues) watch online

Most notable ladies' secrets and all the all the most topical issues of women's lives, everything about this charming leading Katya knows Zharkov. She will try to assist beauties find themselves and their own way of helping them to find the answers to all their questions, which relate to different aspects of life and are associated with a variety of prosaic situations. She is a very brave woman and have been able to prove to everyone that this lady's beauty is not measured in inches at the waist and bust size. Everything is much deeper and difficult to arrange

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The Great War. (All 18 episodes) watch online

The content of the Collector's Edition Lofty War. Series 1-18. The Collector's Edition (3 DVD) The movie 1st. Barbarossa Movie 2nd. Kiev 1941 Movie third. Defense of Sevastopol 4th movie. Battle for Moscow Movie 5th. The Siege of Leningrad Film 6th. Rzhev Film 7th. Stalingrad Film 8th. Battle for the Caucasus Film 9th. Kursk arc Movie 10th. From the Dnieper to the Oder Film of the 11th. Operation Bagration Film of the 12th. The battle for air Movie 13th. Naval warfare Film of the 14th. Guerrillas Film of the 15th. Human intelligence Movie 16 minutes. Battle for

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Firepower (6 films) watch online

Firepower. War on wheels

Modern wheeled armored vehicles faster, lighter, more maneuverable tanks. On the battlefield, they are always able to fight back and simultaneously be transferred to another epicenter of events. They are required in almost all infantry units. Fighter driven to the battlefield under the cover of armor. Wheeled vehicles were the pioneers of modern armored vehicles. Success of technologies eclipsed the previous limits, turning them into stunning armored vehicles. From old to modern chariot teams filled with Stryker, mobile battle has always meant a war on wheels.

Firepower. Shipping by air

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Mystical stories with Victor Wierzbicki (80 — 82 issues) watch online

Magical stories with Victor Verzhbitsky. The battle for good — it's totally unique docudrama, which are the main characters are real people, and all the actions that we see on the screen took place in reality. This documentary series created on the basis of unspeakable events that have happened in the life of the main character's actions, which, for one reason or another suddenly decided to go for help to the people who own magical abilities, so that they assist them to solve their problems or to find a way out of a certain current situation. Leading magical stories:

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Psychics Psychics detectives, detectives 32 edition watch online

"Psychics detectives"- Resonant project Investigation of TV-3. Each issue of two Psychics, that work together, investigating the sonorous criminal case or magical stories. Along with these investigation leading expert in forensic science. He uses his strength and resources, visit the place in which there was a tragic action, talking to witnesses and make their own conclusions. In the middle of a new project participants will have such famous figures as Hayal Alekperov, Ilona Cauldre Maya Dzidzishvili Gala Polishchuk and other stronger Psychics, repeatedly proved in fact the presence of cool psychic capabilities.

Mysticism, chernoknizhnichenstvo, hypnosis,Psychics

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Ancient Discoveries / Ancient Discoveries. Episode 24 watch online

The historians of antiquity often faced with extraordinary finomenom that what was once created by the hands of our distant Protz, could be realized, only focusing on, as everyone knows, modern science … how to manage their task engineers of antiquity. Everyone knows that because they put it mildly, it was possible to make cranes, carry loads weighing 10 tons-ki, water harpoons, which could, therefore, to sink the ship, power saws operated by the force of the water and almost everything else. Certainly, it is worth mentioning that so can you, as most of us are used to read,

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Monetary reform in Russia. (3 of 3) watch online

March 20 1535 was started first in the history of the Russian Federation currency reform. She spent the majestic Princess Lena V. Glinsky. Dues products, in fact all over the country, by the time the currency was replaced. Means was an integral part of everyday life of the Russian people. And 1535 he published a decree about the substitution of old times to new funds. Follow-up — a two-step — reform began in 1839. She spent Minister of Finance EF Kankrin.

1. From Glinskoj to Kankrin

First movie covers four centuries, during which it was conducted

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