The battle for air watch online

MUSIC finds new lead! But not by a conventional casting, and through television Battle "Battle for ether" which promises to be one of the most popular shows on the channel! "Battle for ether"- A humorous Battle between young people from different parts of the Russian Federation, which will manifest itself in different areas of Prof. activity: reports, interviews, improvisation, and more. Viewers will see what the participants of the show are ready to go in order to become a leading Muse! Erudition, style, charisma and artistic heroes of the project will be evaluated by a special "Scale Bieber's" betrothed

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The rich and famous watch online

Correspondents "Biz" are all the big get-togethers in Russia and once a day receive exclusive information from abroad. They fly with the stars on tour and stroll to visit them. And they do everything to make the audience CTC first learned about what our lives and world celebrities. New roles in the movies, albums, concerts and private performances, stellar homes and interiors, cars and clothes, pets, hobbies and leisure, master class from celebrity interviews and unique global superstar.

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Big test drive with Stillavin watch online

Do you want to buy car, but without the advice of spices for you not live without? Razrulit in the flow of new products the global automotive industry and elect its own car for you will Sergei Stillavin in a unique program there "Big test drive" on TV channel "Russia-2?. More than 3 years, leading the morning show "Sergei Stillavin and Friends "radio station" Mayak "tested everything that went with Russian and foreign pipelines. Hundreds of cars, 10 km of thousands, hundreds of thousands of words, millions of viewers, Laura enjoys the most popular online project about cars, and

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Be healthy. Self watch online

Who and why people's confidence in the methods of healing and bullied by official medicine? What are the risks? Who promote self-medication and to whom it is profitable?

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

Former (TV show) Season 1 watch online

Former star performers 1st hit … Than they paid for the 15 minutes of success? Why could not go back to the top of fame? Than live in the moment?

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Former (TV show) Season 2 Watch online

A series of documentary films "Ex" — a story about people who were previously friends, co-workers or wives. Intrigues, quarrels and other incidents have made them bitter enemies. Even after many years of "former" can not find a common language and to forgive past wrongs. Parting is not perfect. Whoever made the decision to part — the husband or wife, friends, colleagues — is always patient process. Although everyone knows that the parting always guilty of both, that the relationship must be mutual respect and a willingness to make concessions to the difficulties and grievances are not solved easily.

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Cheap and cheerful (many episodes) watch online

The program "Cheap and cheerful" is devoted to the discussion of optimal use of its own resources, capital, time, place and nerves. Each the question raised in the program will be considered from different points of view. For example, as the cost impact on health, how much time one can rescue, taking advantage of one or another service? As with the benefit this time one can izderzhat? How risky is financial or other solution? The program consists of the permanent groups, each of which invited experts give tips professor, and the audience to share their experiences.

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Showgirls diaries watch online

To hit the jackpot, club dancer should be able to spin. And not just around the pole, and in life. In the new editions of the reality show "Showgirls Diary" three go-go diva who agreed to talk about the secret life PEPPERS nightclubs are tested for sturdiness.

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We eat at home (many editions) watch online

It is for you raided unexpected guests dropped in for a minute or a long-standing friend in front of you more responsible task — a day to celebrate the birth of a beloved child? Then you one way — to the kitchen! And then happy for you to be engaged in the manufacture of unique dishes. Specifically, does so eminent a leading and unrivaled culinary Julia Vysotskaya. Transfer "eat at home" will introduce you to an abundance of unique, savory recipes for a variety of sometimes exclusive dishes whose recipes have Julia Vysotsky collected almost all over the world!

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Ice Speedway. Individual Championship 2013 World Togliatti watch online

Other sports

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