Paragraph (all editions) watch online

Paragraph News of the new show format, where two pairs of presenters will change the frame — Michael Shamans and Andriy Shabanov, Hanna manure and Iryna Volkov. They discuss and discussions are the latest and freshest announcements actions that have taken place in the world and in the country, seasoning everything shown on the display for its smartest and timely commentaries. The information is fresh, fun and creative, so that the audience will not be bored, but on the contrary, many ponder over what is essentially still going on.

TV shows

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Incredible Adventures of money in the Russian watch online

The movie tells of currency reforms carried out in Russia in the XX century. Reform Witte first century has played a role in the economic growth of. That he did ruble stable currency. Then followed currency reform Of 1922-1924. Developed by the People's Commissar of money Sokolnikov. In the proclamation was issued with a fixed unit of currency gold content — "gold coin". There are notes and a little pluses: 1, 3 and 5 rubles, as a bargaining chip, with the "Dollar" and "silver coins" minted from silver untarnished.

Economics, politics, society

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Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov. Its a game with America watch online

Want to blow up Boston? Come Visit to America. A tune up for millions of dollars — in jail! The Russian mafia is known or Alimzhan TokhtakhounovWhy the FBI hunt for him? Exclusive home away from America — in the movie Gleb intoxication.

Atrocities, killings and other

Iron Lady. Caucasian answer to the national question Watch online

Caucasian answer the state question. Live programs from "Steel lady"- The head of the Chechen Republic will answer tough questions Tina Kandelaki and Margarita …

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

Island of the Minotaur / The Minotaur `s Island watch online

Mysterious Peninsula Crete — the famous birthplace of Zeus and the Kingdom of the fierce tyrant King Minos, whose daughter Ariadne Theseus looked away in an underground lair awful monster Minotaur. Historian Bettany Hughes will explore this beautiful peninsula, and its great archaeological finds and recovers the history of the Minoans. Comparing the contrary friend the friend submission archaeologists past and present, it is his awareness of this old, covered with legends, civilization.

1. The path to the labyrinth.

2. Scary peninsula.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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The investigation led — Signor Skinner watch online

Maniac intourist on the streets of Moscow and Leningrad. As he chose his own victims, which cut off their hair and why he was drawn specifically to the USSR?

The investigation led — a series of programs

Cool World (25 — 34 issues) watch online

Parallel world — a series of programs about the unknown, unusual, mysterious, the paranormal. The most unspeakable things — next to us! We can not ignore them, we can turn a blind eye, but that miracles do not disappear from our lives. Home, work, kitchen, shopping, gatherings with friends — our life is moving in one, great friend circle. All things, all phenomena have been investigated, and may not be accustomed to spring a surprise? This is not the case. The world of the mysterious and raschudesno surrounds each of us. You will be amazed, realizing that the world

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Iron Ladies (several issues) watch online

Popular Russian journalist Tina Kandelaki and editor in chief of TV channel Margarita Simonyan, RT will be the co-host of the new weekly talk show NTV "Steel lady. "Fundamentally condition was the leading live and complete freedom in the choice of topics. The guests of "Steel lady"Will be the representatives of the political establishment, and their opponents. Expect" comfort issues "should not be anyone: live dictates hard polemical format, hard talk. I personally know many newsmakers and having their own sources of info, insider, becoming one of the leading sides in the debate with their views on the topic

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In the wake of cosmic ghost watch online

December 1930. Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli found that a tremendous portion of the energy coming from the sun disappears somewhere. But according to the law of conservation of energy itself simply can not be. Means there is a simple yet unknown to science, particle, which carries energy. The name of the mysterious phantom particle-two years later, gave the Italian Enrico Fermi. "Neutrino". Neytronchik in Italian. Other words — a very small neutral particle. Thus began the history of searches neutrino — most mysterious inhabitant of the universe. The particles of the ghost …

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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Pope Francis: The Way of the Vatican / Pope Francis: Road To The Vatican watch online

After the enthronement of Pope Francis of eight priests talk about their own work in the shadow of the bishop of Rome.

The other films

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