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Moody Institute — City of bees watch online

The documentary film "Moody Institute of Science — City bees"- Honey bee numbers are important insects in the world. This significance does a bee studied after the creation of man. Moody at the Institute for more than 10 years engaged in the study of bees. Bee — is a public establishment, and therefore appear in front of her many prepyadstviya human society, as for example, the purity of the cities. In the beehive is constantly working "health brigades," because all the scum removed immediately. As a result of such hive is uniquely unblemished. Bee-hour constantly guarding the entrance to

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This is the same! Miracle watch online

— She ran away from cancer, and he fell from the 8th floor and survived. — Stone, which cures, and the facts that science can not explain. — Also — what is the secret of eternal Lama? Magic, in which unrealistic to believe, but that came out — in the program, "It happens the same!"

This is the same — a serial

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Voice (Shaw, the first channel) watch online

Blindly to find the best voice prompts new show "Voice" of the channel first channel. The story continues with the casting of participants, which came more than 10 thousand people, but selected only 150 participants, which will be your voice to conquer the hearts of the jury that will not build the participants sitting back to them.

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Through the Rabbit Hole with Morgan Freeman / 4 season watch online

4th season "Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman" in cooperation with leading Morgan Freeman continues to explore the most profound furtive existence — the questions that have always troubled the world's population. From what we made? What was up with? Are we really alone in the universe? Is there a creator? These issues have been thought out most luxurious minds of the human race. Now science close to nature, in an area where hard facts and evidence may be able to provide us with answers instead of philosophical theories. "Through the wormhole" will bring together the best and brightest

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Roth Baker: at the location / Baker Boys: Inside the Surge watch online

"In March 2003, the Coalition cily invade Iraq. 7 years later, more than 100 thousand American soldier is still there. In 2008, I took my camera and went into this desert country. They referred me to the company," Baker ", a 15 — Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. I got to know them. "Maybe I die next to you. Tell me the truth. "This is what I saw," — says John Steele. For the next 90 days (as the men left Baker Company prior to the end of their combat mission), an experienced military operator John Steele (Jon Steele)

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My favorite toy Reichsführer SS watch online

Hitler made a political career, singing German civilization and calling for the destruction of the "bad people." But before the First World War, Adolf Hitler was unaware of racial theory. He vyznat about it only in the early 20's. After the Nazis came to power in the incarnation life engaged in racial theory Reichsführer Himmler. In medieval castle Wewelsburg he placed "Anenerbe"- The company that conducted the terrible experiments on people.

What legends stroll around "Anenerbe"? How much of humanity lives on account of its How finished his life Director of the Institute of military-scientific research "Ahnenerbe"

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The X-Files: Professionals Victory watch online

All sanctuary becomes obvious! Want to find out the truth? Visit behind the scenes of big politics? Recognize that actually occurs in the world? Behold the background of the events? Sensational revelations and secret elite. Paradoxes of history and encrypted discovery. Entrance to the circle of initiates only on TV "World" in the program "The X-Files."

Second global war

Star. Secrets. Destiny watch online

All failures are not random celebrities, they really avoid if you know how! The specialists of our programs from — astronomers, psychics, clairvoyants — learn the shocking details of the lives of Russian show business stars in the latest programmke TV-3 "Stars, sanctuary, destiny." It seems like all of them there is — People love big fees, esters on federal channels. But each of them there is terrible lurking. They spend their own vacation or holiday resorts, and in places not so remote. Zhdya meetings with beloved people. Physiognomist Alexander Nurnin we'll see in the eyes of celebrities relatives.

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Let them talk with Andrey Malakhov (all series) watch online

Who knows better Andrei Malakhov, both from a seemingly ordinary themes make colorful, explosive and unforgettable show?

Malakhov has long since become accepted guru veselitelnyh show. As a popular destination for the transfer of "Let Them Talk" arise only notable and unique characters, and themes discussed in the show — always burning, not standard.

From the first minute programs from the studio felt the heat of passion. But, "Let Them Talk" — is not only only unblemished emotions. Transmission not in vain refers to the level of information and analysis, which means that the discussions

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Arkhangelsk region. Evil from the parallel world? watch online

North, Arkhangelsk area. On the terrain, it is more of Spain and France. But then the cold reigns: longish snowy winters, sea wind. And when there comes kutsee cold summer, there are beings of pagan legends. For local residents strshnye demons is not fiction, but a reality! But where did these fact? That they are in fact? To find out how to protect yourself from these horrible guests, and what is expected of them in general can be expected, the film crew of "mysterious Russian" push off on an expedition along the northern region.

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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