Candidate was not on the lists

He says that fifteen years lives and votes in this place, but the problems never appeared. His and his wife brought in the list for voting only after, he said he would tell about what happened to observers from the OSCE.Sergei Kuzmenok running in the Grodno-Zanemanskaya surrounded N49, which lives on the ground. Not counting him running for Vadim Saranchukou of the BPF, the last political prisoner Alexander Vassiliev and chairman of the executive committee Antoņenko.

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Vital Silitski

Started on-line conference with political analyst Vitaly SILITSKIY.

Vital Silitski born December 25, 1972 in Minsk. Belarusian. Graduated from the Belarusian Municipal Institute, specialty — sociologist. He studied at the Central European Institute (Budapest, Hungary), Rutgers Institute (New Jersey, USA), in which received a doctorate in political science. From 1999 to 2003 — Associate Euro Humanities Institute in Minsk, where he was obliged to resign for political reasons. Whereupon worked as an independent expert. Constant created ARCHE magazine and newspaper Nasha Niva. In 2006-2007. was a visiting researcher at the Center for Democracy, Development, and the country’s legal Stanford Institute

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Night Siege — September 19

Participants Forum Portal discussions are now news that the Ministry of Economy has limited the price of oil.Comments of participants:"But somehow tried to suspend and stabilize housing prices. Decree and prices will not stop!""Suspend not just price — reduced profit trade profitability. Splurge trade. Or go to Belarus oil" fifth "squeeze"."It has streamlined the price of fish — fish cooked the third grade, and water frozen fish more than the fish itself. Realistically it will be so with oil — 5th grade led with seeds.""Price- all the same grows in the delivery (Our homeland and Ukraine). Because the price

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Italian priest on trial for concealing Vicky Frost

According to the prosecutor’s office materials, together with their home clan Giusto — Bornachin accused role in last year’s 20-day secretly Content Belarusian orphans in the Alps. Neither the parish of Cogoleto Danilo Grillo nor abbot St. Ian in the Alpine region of Val dAosta Francis Darbeli not feel guilty.A priest from Cogoleto Don Danilo Grillo convinced as ever: "It is an offense not disguise the girls, and she was forcibly razluchenne family. Specifically for that someone one day will be held responsible. "A year earlier, Italy open a discussion when all act spouses Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin

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Retchitsa: police try to break into the house of opposition

Wife said sovereign Nevara Radio Liberty, that at the moment opposite the entrance to the courtyard stands a police car, license plate which GS 0088. "Police need Leonid and threaten to shoot dogs that bark and do not let them into the house," — says through tears husband Leonid Nevara Tamara.According to the source, before the precinct lieutenant Leonid Chernoshey warned about his seclusion at the time of the planned festival in Rechitza "Dozhinki."

Citations past: Lukashenka: If you respect me so, take a small frame and put on your desktop

"Plotka Wilenska" on this week 1907 under the heading "Proclamation," writes: "A widow who for a time gained a petty different mobility and a significant amount of real estate, longs to marry a" radical Russian man " that has good position, nice, cute, good looking and that is not inferior to advance extinguished a dead man. " "Free Belarus" on this week 1917 notes: "As people will claim our own Belarusian schools, if they had never beheld neither dog nor in this case does not think? How can you ask the people about whether we need, for example, that even

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A.Pashkevich Vladimir Orlov was able to compile the state pantheon

Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich referred exponential Vladimir Orlov book "Names of Liberty" not only in today’s year, and throughout the decade, extensive in a new millennium. "This latest fatigued, refreshed Belarus, exhausted serve their own people own civilization. This reference work and the creator and artist. Complete academy, institute a literature belorusistiki whole institution should work to collect and invest similar work is similar.Vladimir Orlov was able to compile and publish a state pantheon pantheon State Warriors belarushchyny glory which from decade to decade, century after century work. To modern Belarusians could not only feel

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V.Rakitski: Book V. Orlov extends national cultural process

The creator of "Belarusian Atlyantydy", one of the last books Radio Liberty Vyacheslav Rakytskyy besides other advantages "Names of Liberty" draws attention the uniqueness of the individual indicator. "One of the values of the book and in my viewpoint, fundamentally value is entered its creator peryyadyzatsyya national liberation, national, cultural and national-democratic movement. Meanwhile Vladimir Orlov and lays the scientific foundation for the study of modern history of Belarus from 1980 years before our time — the beginning of the XXI century.Vladimir Orlov’s book, we can say, I was expecting more than a decade. This is a real contribution to

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Baranovichi: Tribunal fined another 2-opposition activists

Under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code and Dmitri Bulanov Jean Szymanski accused of hooliganism and small each fined 62 thousand rubles.In accordance Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (part in an unauthorized rally) Dmitriy Fedoruk fined 620 thousand rubles. The same charges against the tribunal singled and Jeanne Bulanovoj, but in a case police found an error in the protocol of detention. Protocol returned Baranavičy police department. Baranavičy said human rights activist Sergei Housha Radio Liberty, that is 9 public activists convicted in Baranovichi. They all were detained September 10 during trial member "Junior Front"Yaroslav Hryshchenya. • Baranovichi: courts

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Martyrology of Liberty: Nicholas Golodeda

Golodeda Nicholas (9 (21) .5.1894, p. Kryvets old Novozybkov County. Chernigov Province., Now Novozybkovskiy district of Bryansk region., Our homeland — 21.06.1937, Minsk, NKVD), sociopolitical. activist and publicist. Mountain-finished technical school Goretskogo Agricultural Institute. In 1st World War I in the royal army. Member of the October Revolution and civilian war in Russia. Since 1918 in the CPSU (b). In 1918-21 the administrative work in Novozybkov pav. In the 1921-24 chairman of the executive committee of the Council Goretskogo. On 12/12/1925 2nd secretary of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks), 07/05/1927 to 30/05/1937 with chairman SNK BSSR. 14.6.1937 arrested in Moscow aimed

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