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1st Ira Kozulin fights cancer and helps others 2nd Does Alexander Lukashenko dacha in Sochi? 3rd Prosecutor General issued a verbal warning Lebedko Fourth Constitutional Court stood up for whiteRussian language 5th In Poland, there was a book about Lukashenko

In Mon more people did not know about premature vote

Dzyatlava district number 35, which is running on Yanina Guzovskoy, member of PKB in the preparatory role of the vote was, in her words, 34.8% of voters. It says that its observers and proxies write complaints on violation of election laws. Guzovskoy: "In the Mon people still did not know about premature vote, and they papryvozili villages ballot box. A Tuesday already many villages one hundred percent voted. Wrote a complaint about the campaign and chairman of the precinct commission, who spoke to the voters that you need to vote for a young man and not for an old lady.

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Just do not think about what I am advocating Lukashenko …

Miron: "The Belarusian authorities finally figured Russian script: Zubkov — President Putin — Prime. At a certain interval Zubkov out for health reasons, and Putin again vorachivaetsya the first role. Reversing began to die in a hurry, even have forgotten about those base Georgian where prepared terrorists on Belarusian TV, and guests are invited to Georgia for myself, to somehow annoy the Russian Federation. "Pavel, the old man, "Radio Liberty, for the sake of peace in society long time to reconsider so referred Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin deal, which was at that time with falsified naveshvannem his signs bully. Kozulin —

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Retchitsa: expulsion of opposition before Dazhynki

The last trip to the Sun in Orsha corrected to 10 days a member of the BPF, osmotrschikov cars Alexander Goncharenko.Also on September 17 sent two weeks in resuscitation Pietrykaŭ the hospital, BPF member Konstantin Kuznetsov."There is no doubt authorities the other day, "Dazhynki", which will be held September 21-22 in Rechitza, sanded area from opposition-minded urban residents, "- said Valery Putitsky managing Rechitsa the BPF.

Citations past: Lukashenka: If you respect me so, take a small frame and put on your desktop

"Plotka Wilenska" on this week 1907 under the heading "Proclamation," writes: "A widow who for a time gained a petty different mobility and a significant amount of real estate, longs to marry a" radical Russian man " that has good position, nice, cute, good looking and that is not inferior to advance extinguished a dead man. ""Free Belarus" on this week 1917 notes: "As people will claim our own Belarusian schools, if they had never beheld neither dog nor in this case does not think? How can you ask the people about whether we need, for example, that even those

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Operation successor in Belarusian?

Drakakhrust: "This week davneshny personal friend of Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Kanaplyou submitted his resignation as chairman of the House of Representatives" for health reasons ". Care 1st of the latter, and not counting Viktor Sheiman, then the last member of the first team Lukashenko has spawned many versions and interpretations. Victor Martinovic which version seems true or at least more plausible to you? ""I beheld that the majority of deputies this resignation was the miracle, even very informed MPs were confused." V. MartinovicMartinovic, "I seem more plausible version of the financial retirement. On her opportunity, I heard another six months

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Names of Liberty: There every name — it is a sign

Together with Vladimir Orlov has experienced over a book editor Catherine Gorelik. She collate on encyclopedias, reference books and other sources of almost every figure and the title. Occasionally had to correct and official sources."Indeed, data from different sources were different times. Later Vladimir receiving signals from me that" the Belarusian Encyclopedia "so, and in the encyclopedia" History of Belarus "on another, he engaged in further date to was necessary reconcile. I think, maximum that we could correct some decent publications as for example, "History of Belarus" and "Belarusian Encyclopedia". For example, do not encyclopedias burial place Aloysius Pashkevych seems

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News of certain events September 19

Member of the movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahvinets clarifies that it blamed for disobeying police: "If its members were detained, then she asked the police department complaints book. Policemen did not give such abilities. Even detained. But after released and wrote a claim to the tribunal."***Now held in Minsk meeting of the Presidium of the Political Council United Democratic forces. Party Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka elaborates:"Coming campaign tentatively entitled" Election. " In addition, already entered a period of specific preparedness street actions as "European march" and later — "Soc march."Now *** 12 hours in the office of the BPF Party

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P. Sadowski approval of state symbols in 1991: We were drunk with happiness …

Report in question did Neil Gilevich symbolism as chairman of the committee on culture and education"He was a brilliant, if you take just the content. From the perspective of psychology, it is somehow a little nashusheryv, instituted this taciturn communist most. Sounded in his voice a reproach. And it was scary. Was sitting, and so I heard psychologically skin that will not pass it all. Like stallions as boars are sitting these communists. Went on a break, and a break was put all the "heavy artillery". All he knew was surrounded Tarazevich and Platonov. Platonov was then president of the

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In Bobruisk closed 18 kindergartens

"Newspaper Slonimkaya" knows how to town was robbed jewelry store "Ruby." In a day or in broad store stopped by several guys. Some of them hypnotize saleswoman, and the lady herself gave the kidnappers all values — worth over 200 million rubles. After a number of days by the same method unknown robbed jewelry store in Brest. Publishes weekly identikit robbers which are wanted."Newspaper Slonim" also writes that Russian town of Khanty-Mansiysk appeared monument native Pruzany (then Slonimsky County) Alexander Dunin-Garkavichu — scientists, researchers north of Western Siberia. Knows the journalist Sergei Slonimsky Chigrin: "In Khanty-Mansiysk and have a plaque

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