Igor Kuznetsov: We must remember that this 1937

Exactly 70 years ago Belarus unfolded most violent terror Russian authorities against the people of the country. Only 29 October Kurapaty were killed outright 22 Belarusian writers. Historian Igor Kuznetsov his speech on "Minsk time of Stalin’s repression" tied specifically to the current funny day:"This meeting — a reminder of what was, and about what it led to. This parallel with the current funny day. Then there wasand other forms, and still is going on violence against the person. "Panellists received book "Kurapaty" Article Poznyak and documents research conducted in Kurapaty. And most importantly — gathered in the office of

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Studies Canadians in Belarus: human milk does not help asthma

In the research works of Canadians assumed the role of 17 thousand Belarusian mothers and their babies born in the 30 maternity hospitals of the country in the late 1990s. Scientific group headed by Montreal pedyyatram and epidemiologist Michael Kremer divided the participants into two groups — an experimental, where the kids grew up on the mother’s milk, and control, where he wasand so called "Artificial kids."From 2002 to 2005, when children turned 6.5 years, were taken from their tests on a number of asthma and allergic diseases. The results were sudden. Immunity kids in the control group was more

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Night Siege — 18 September

Hi!Website called all the guests to the role in the recent campaign: "Over the past two months after the release of their own" chemistry "Seviarynets Paul served in the arrest for 47 days. Arrangements were tough prosecution policy. By this occasion "Young Front" calls on all concerned people to join the rally of solidarity with Paul. We ask visitors to our web site to print portrait of Paul Sevyarinets and send to the address the judge that issued the policy of the last sentence: 225320, st. Gagarin, 6, Baranovichi, Brest region. "Now

In the district commission ballots printed on Xerox

"During my visit to the district commission number 108 there was a soldier with the rank of colonel (likely, chairman of a local commissions) and said chairman Botian MA, that they do not have papers. On my sight these ballots printed on Xerox. If I am not mistaken, they came in handy as much as 107 — said watching the BPF in the district electoral commission Kalinowski neighborhood number 108. — With all this guy defiantly said chairman of the commission, so she did the act that the ballots were to reprint "- report to" Human Rights Defenders for Free

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Guest night air — historian Ales Smolenchuk

Now our guest the night air is the doctor of historical sciences, one of the initiators of the Grodno referendum on the preservation of historic buildings Smolenchuk Alexander. Inhabitants of Grodno in our survey utter, whether, in their opinion, to coordinate the reconstruction of the historic center of the town with urban residents.In our present night air — a report from the presentation of the report of the historian Igor Kuznetsov: report dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the climax of Stalin’s repressions. We will mention the incident of beating air forces in Belarus in September 1995 balloon with South

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Gomel: youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka arrested on 8 days

As previously reported, yesterday evening leytenat senior officers from patrol Asker held recently excluded from the institutions named F.Skorina-student, Faculty of Mathematics Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. This happened in the underpass near the department store "Gomel"."He seemed suspicious. Employment me this — to detain all suspicious. During the inspection, I saw in his bag and suspicious printed materials — paper" Freedom "- explained in court Asker.First policeman vinavatsivav Dmitry rape and together with the foreman Belousov police took him to the railway police station. There youth activist, as if on a fun, showed a young person. Turning away, so as not very

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Anniversary of the disaster: flowers at the stone with the word sorry

Indirect observers for those events become your correspondent Russian edition of "War Journal", currently editor of "free previews" Vasily Zdanyuk.Commander showed hypervigilantThe journalist was given the task to do an interview with the then head of defense forces (PVO) of Belarus Valery Kostenko. But talking about the development of a unified Russian-Belarusian air defense system a couple of times interrupted duty reports about an unknown object near air Birch, who did not respond to requests and continued to delve into the area of Belarus. To illustrate the actual care of military, General finally ordered to beat "drone"."Well, and later, when

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Americans visited the radar station in Azerbaijan

Managing a group of 6 professionals, Brigadier General Patrick OReyli stressed that the visit was informal and that the goal was to recognize professionals that still offer the Russians. At the last summit of the "Big Eight" in Germany Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly proposed to use to deploy parts of a U.S. missile defense radar station in Azerbaijan, which is the birthplace of our leases until 2012. Moscow strongly opposes U.S. plans to deploy antyraketnay system in Poland and the Czech Republic, plans foreseen that the South American government. Our homeland states that the system deployed in Europe, threatens

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The Constitutional Tribunal has stood up for the Belarusian language

The arbitrator said that the Constitutional Court did not once got a complaint that the courts do not accept applications written in Belarusian. "I myself beheld resolution:" Rewrite the application to normal language, "- said Grigory Vasilevich. He recalled that according to the Constitution of the country and the two municipal language because such a resolution — it’s disrespectful to the municipal language.As another example of such a case the chairman of the Constitutional Court referred to the case of Sergei Semenov Gomel, which at the border crossing of customs declaration form asked for whiteRussian language. In response to it

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Near Belarus build nuclear burial

For disk imaging deputy head of the Presidential Secretariat Oleksandr Chaly, a new coating fourth Chernobyl Unit ensures the security station least 100 years.Environmentalists, the public is more concerned with the second project — a repository for waste. Sovereign Chaly said that the store would only be used to service Chernobyl and waste from other states will not bring. But all the same this nuclear burial ground, while near the Belarusian abroad.Head of the Department gidrametearalegii Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Germenchuk Maria explained that there is an international procedure. A country that builds nearby border with another

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