Ira Kozulin fights cancer and helps others

Statistics show that cases of breast cancer in Belarus annually grows about three thousand women. This sad figure said Ira Kozulin, wife of the well-known opposition leader, former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin.But not for political reasons Ira joined a public campaign to support cancer patients ladies. Here’s a couple of years this problem As for her personally. Ira knows about chemotherapy may be associated methods of treatment of cancer in different countries.She notes that more fundamental psychological assistance unhealthy ladies:"This government does not. It is only concerned with healing. Once a lady with such a diagnosis are discharged from the

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Vyachorka: Names of Liberty — no epitaph, it is like a drop of living water

One of the first readers of the book by Vladimir Orlov "Names of Freedom" — a favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka. "This is the best version of a history textbook or encyclopedia. Identity through history, through the figures of people, through bright, very apt almost one stroke made artistic portraits. Very fundamentally, Vladimir Orlov extends almost to the present day, and of course speaking about the ones on the physical level we have the middle. But it is under no circumstances epitaphs. It drops quickly as the living water that allow these figures to break beyond encyclopedic suhastsi. And that, perhaps

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In the House of Writers Nina Matyas, Vyacheslav Ragoysha Anna Kislitsyna

LITPRATSESNina Matyas: "We have established another award named after Vladimir Kolesnikov," September 17, a day of the 85th anniversary of Vladimir Kolesnik, Brest branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers uganaravala own two friends newest literary prize named after famous countryman. Its establishment was a response to the decision of the local authorities to prevent its role in the official competition of the name of the famous writer of those writers who are not in power made the Writers’ Union. On these and other cases Brest writers Valentine Aksak states with chairman of department of the Union of Belarusian Writers,

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M.Zhbankov Names of Liberty: This is the story of the Belarusian patriotism

Very timely and meaningful book styled art critic Vladimir Orlov Maxim Zhbankov."This is the story of the Belarusian patriotism through destinies through life as a well-known historical figures, and our contemporaries. We watch that there no barriers that history lasts, that the country is being rebuilt in our destinies in our minds every day. And then no pause no break. Very simply look at this book as a certain tribute to those who died. Oddly enough, in the book is quite the opposite attitude toward things. This book looks very positive. Since it just through the fate of those whom

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A. Marochkin: It’s a pity that the museum is locked in Golshany

On November 10, a meeting of the political council of the United Democratic Forces, which will discuss the difficulties of the opposition for making configurations in the electoral law. One of the favorites SLM Viktor Kornienko said, "Freedom."

"In the Sun coalition subjects bring their proposals regarding the composition of the Group. How will people? Will depend continued. If the 500-700 people that emphasizes the seriousness of the goals of political parties, then we will continue . "November 10 will be held Tribunal over five activists of the Young Front, who were detained on November 7 after a protest near

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V.Gorbachev: An area appeared tsihary from Minsk

"They — not observers. Moves on sturdy cars license plate under the 5500 Yves 7, 4912 BB 7, 9573 BP seventh Digit 7 rooms determines that the car is registered in Minsk."According to the source, visitors from Minsk — sporty young people. They are all in contact only with the chairmen of election commissions, leave them room own mobiles."One of the chairmen slip that under the control of each of the newcomers are 6-7 areas," — says Victor Gorbachev.

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Prosecutor General’s Office issued a verbal warning Lebedko

This punishment handed down for comments policy for the site "Belarusian Partisan" and the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya"Regarding the suspension of activity for six months the Belarusian Party of Communists. In an interview with "Radio" Liberty "Lebedko said:"I gave a written explanation where again assured his position — I believe in Belarus to This time not be independent of the judiciary. This is my position and that of civilians parliamentarian who broke up. And I I have the right at a position on such estimates. "• Lebedko "began trimming party place.", 9.08.2007

Russian oil candidacy of Belarus will look minefields Iran

As explained in the municipal concern "Belneftekhim" duty Russian government sets every two months based on Russian oil prices in global markets. Because as stated Deputy Chairman of the concern "Belneftekhim" Vladimir Volkov, no surprises in this price increase for the Belarusian side not: "This planned increase in prices, we know about it. It calculated in accordance with the formula, the mechanism of which is known to us. Russian Federation Government simply" dress "it in a corresponding decree. Because in this case is purely techno ruling. Fact, that between the governments of Belarus and Russia signed an agreement in accordance

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1st September 17, 1939: a historical phenomenon Second in Poland published a book about Lukashenko 3rd Grodno near the king’s residence built princely tower? The fourth action of solidarity with political prisoners in Minsk In the middle of the fifth shot at Katyn were ethnic Belarusians

Martyrology of Liberty: Vladimir Falevich

Falevich Vladimir S., cum. 1905 on x. Martynavka Pleshchenitsy district, Minsk region., Pole, from farmers nyaskonch. beginning. education. driver sawmill in Pleschenitsy. Lived: m Pleschenitsy str. Kalinin 30 first arrested 37.08.06. Convicted 37.12.17 Resolution NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as an agent of the Polish vyvedvorganav under Art. 72 of the Criminal Code to capital punishment. Shot in Vitebsk slammer 38.01.25. 58.12.30 BT BVI case reconsidered. The KGB-13681 with***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in

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