Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent"7:00 * F* Will be brand new edition of the Regulation on the procedure for the invitation to the people of Belarus abroad for religious activities. * Live a lawyer church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin. * Belarusian real estate in Sochi. What fate may befall her in preparation for the Winter Olympics 1914? Among other — there is a dacha Alexander Lukashenko, as reported on the days of Russian media?* Blitz-analysis of the relationship of the church and the country with the role of political scientist Peter Rudkovsky.* Published

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P. Rudkovskii: From power suffer more informal religious initiatives

Tsigankov: "What words best describe the relationship between the state and religious confessions in Belarus? This cooperation, domination or something else?" Rudkovskii: "These cases may be referred to such a shaky state of equilibrium. Equilibrium because any acquired conflict is not observed, and so far does not seem to be. From time to time there are certain excesses like the memorable article Presidential Administration Deputy Governor Anatoly Rubinov anti-religious or anti-Catholic temper article in June in the newspaper "Respublika" "New Crusaders." But in both cases editorial tried to soften this statement or even an apology. " Tsigankov: "But the government

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Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. September 17

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk to Friday’s winner of the "Win the book" Freedom "from the physician Asipovichy Anatoly Lyagutskim. • Interview with Andrey Melnikov bard.• Survey in Orsha: do currently bard song?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Kasia Kamotskaya and "new heaven." 2nd part:• Will the days of September 17 Belarusian unity?• Survey in Minsk: is there a difference between the current Western and Eastern Belarus?• Maxim Tank would have been 95 years in the life of the three capitals Tank.• "Night Siege" — Sept. 17.• «Night rap." "Philosophical tale for adults" Peter Vasyuchenko.

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In Gomel detained democracy activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka

Ran detention man who introduced himself as an employee of the police department of Gomel Railway Siwiec. But lawyer Dmitry Zhaleznichenka in railway police station said that a policeman with the naming in their no.According to preliminary data, the democratic activist blamed for rape.About 21.00 about 10 people gathered ka police department, where Dmitri. The policemen said that if young people do not resolve, then they will be used against specific measures.Excellence Dmitry Zhaleznichenka this month was excluded from the Gomel Medical Institute named Scorina for social activities. • Gomel re-classified or provosts policemen?, 17.09.2007 • Gomel Institute excludes A-student

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Night Siege — 17 September

The forums portal discussions are Tut.by statement Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the Georgian Minister Interior Ivan Merabishvili about "decisive attitude on good relations with the Georgian brothers." Comments: "It is very wisely. The main thing is not to be vindictive ";"Against whom will be friends?";"Starts trade with Russia for gas."Blogger Alexander Brechek other day, September 17, defined his attitude to reunification days of Belarus: "First of the twentieth century in Poland, according to the conditions very unfair for us of so-called"Riga Peace" invaded western Belarusian lands — it is a historical fact. Signed this contract in Riga March

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A.Buhvostov: nothing has changed

"Nothing to viewpoint democratization process failed. It’s all in a style that exists in Belarus, when trying to rub all points that Tipo have any changes that we all give equal rights, equal rights but no no. I sure like this MP candidate. Leading the agitation, I beheld works for whom Administration of Industry district of Minsk Their is a "separate" candidates, in which they operate. And so everywhere.Observation suggests that the same principles are preparing to rig. This premature vote when all the people are forced to go to a premature vote in different ways — coercion, intimidation or

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Baranovichi: Yaroslav judged members Hryshchenya

According to human rights activist Sergei Housha, September 10 Dmitry Coorg commandos detained. Together with others he came to the courthouse to support activist "Junior Front"Yaroslav Grischenya. "Brought to trial 16 detained that day, — says Sergey Housha, — one of them has already fined 6 people. Courts appointed virtually every day this week . "According to Sergei Housha midst fined in court and two minors — Tatiana Shakutska Lyuba Filyutsich.• In Baranavichy the court detained about 20 people, 10.09.2007

Grodno: referendum on the old town reconstruction will not

Coordinated the process of creation active group and preparation for registration dakumentva Vadim Saranchukou managing urban branch of the BPF. Either did not disappoint his misfortune?Locusts: "No disappointment. Refusal of registration — further evidence of the horror of the authorities to at least what all dissent and public protest, because that activities of the group, we filed a registration was quite small. "Was the reaction of a specific control active group the Referendum doctor of historical sciences Ales Smolensk:"The authorities just hunt preserve the passivity of the majority. Because they are essentially a manifestation of sabotaging public activity."May be worth

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Borodin refused to support the liquidators of Chernobyl

"This is a negative response to our proposal on the need of legislative initiative of the Committee Union countries on the conservation benefits to participants of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy in Belarus ", — said Alexander Volchanin.Proclamation signed by more than 800 participants of the Chernobyl tragedy. All these people outraged by the cancellation in Belarus monetary compensation for the lost health. They require the same level of real support that exists at the moment in Belarus."Secretary" Allied countries "Pavel Borodin otpasoval our appeal to the Ministry of Emergencies of Belarus", — says Alexander Volchanin. Currently preparing

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News September 18

Now Baranavichi will last courts over public activists, which were detained September 10th, when judged member ‘Junior Front"Yaroslav Grischenya. Earlier Baranavichi already fined six of his friends. Jaroslav Hryshchenya believes that this is an attempt to intimidate the young opposition:"They say that at the moment oshtrafuem 5 basis, and tomorrow will plant all together one day. They think that young people are also astonished that. But none of those who time at one point went to the square, will never be afraid. "In Baranovichi *** Now comes Tatiana Seviarynets — Mom sentenced to 17 days of Paul Sevyarinets serving a

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