Three Capitals Maxim Tank

In the 1930s of the last century Vilnius represents a literary Babil — in the town immediately went Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Jewish periodicals. Participants Vilnius literary process as the builders of the Tower of Babel could not always agree among themselves, but passing each other, staged joint poetry readings. Maxim Tank while many translations of Polish poets, many of them made friends (with Vladislav Bronevski, Jerzy Putramantam). Through the Polish poetry was an opportunity retranslyavats Merit Western European poetry in Belarus, and Tank successfully coped with this difficult task. Many of his poems have appeared in listening to the

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As Frantisek fascinated Francis (godmother Czech belorusistiki — 70)

Huge half Frantisek Sokolov works in Slavonic Library, where she came into possession of many unique Belarusian incunabula — for example, the Gospel of Peter Mstssilavtsa Vilna. A after, in the late 70s was found in Prague unknown skaryniyana — pieces "Arbitrators books" — the fate of the first Belarusian printer became perpetual research topic Ms. Sokolova. Noteworthy that in Czech women’s her name has to match the same Francis. She is the daughter of the philosopher Ian favors, 1st of the founders of "Charter 77." Constant listener "Freedom", derives from first information about their own friends in Belarus. For

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In Poland, there was a book about Lukashenko

Created book — magazine journalist "Newsweek Polska" Michal Katsevich, which Belarusian authorities after a series of publications about Belarus denied accreditation, also in obtaining a tourist visa. Book "dictator Lukashenko of Belarus on the farm" is written in the form of a series of reports about various aspects of life in today’s Belarus. Considerable attention is paid to managing the career of the country — its origins, the path to power amplification process "presidential vertical" repression against civilian society.But more notable notes from travels Misha Katsevich on Belarus — reports from Grodno, where destroyed part of an old town, also

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Zahar Shibeko Orlov has a unique ability poetic lyakanizmu

Vladimir Orlov written and published "Freedom" book "Names of Freedom" worth several volumes. So says the next book reviewers — Doctor of Historical Sciences Dr. Zahar Shibeko:"Already on the grounds that on each figure can write a separate book. And this, incidentally, will be the impetus for future research in our state heroes.The second basic incentive to continue what he started, Vladimir Orlov is the scientific value of this book. Created not only collected material, and many biographies made himself, questioning witnesses, applying so called way of "oral history". And in those biographies that have already been made, did clarify

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Early vote more than 26% of voters

This figure is in the air BT filed CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina. The biggest characteristics premature vote achieved in Vitebsk and Gomel regions (31 and 29%, respectively), less — in Minsk — 22%.In the presidential elections in 2006 early voting 31.3% of voters — almost a third of the electorate.In 2004 elections and referendum voted early 17.39% of Belarusians, in the presidential elections in 2001 — 14.3%.According Yarmoshina now in elections House of Representatives began in regular order, without any excesses.

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Night Siege — 17 September

The forums portal discussions are statement Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the Georgian Minister Interior Ivan Merabishvili about "decisive attitude on good relations with the Georgian brothers." Comments: "It is very wisely. The main thing is not to be vindictive ";"Against whom will be friends?";"Starts trade with Russia for gas."Blogger Alexander Brechek other day, September 17, defined his attitude to reunification days of Belarus: "First of the twentieth century in Poland, according to the conditions very unfair for us of so-called"Riga Peace" invaded western Belarusian lands — it is a historical fact. Signed this contract in Riga March

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Gomel: re-classified or provosts policemen?

Andrew Tsyanyuta blame neprelichnoy abuse and illegal distribution of leaflets in support of honors Dmitry Zhaleznichenka, who was expelled from the institute named Scorina for social activities.Andrew Tsyanyuta detention occurred in the structure of the Institute."Walked out the pro-rector of the Institute Hanenya grabbed me by the arm and led him into the office for himself. Wound up in the office, started read, so I showed him your passport. I replied," I do not know — who are you? Maybe a bandit? "And he is called militiamen began read that I swore. When I tried to leave, he grabbed me

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Activist Sergei Klyuyeva arrested for 10 days

Youth activist Police arrested Sept. 14 about the structure of the Philharmonic. Policemen have found Sergei Klyuyeva stickers with information about the "European march" and made him protocol.Process in Russian court, which on September 17, Sergei Klyuyeva brought the highest temperature. Activist asked to call an ambulance, but the police refused.Press secretary of the Joint civilian party Ekaterina Tkachenko said that the court police also refused to take warm clothes for Sergei Klyuyev:"They refused to take him to the water and a sleeping bag, although Klyuyeva temperature 37.7 is a perception that he was sick sinusitis."Deputy Head of Russian Vladimir

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Oleg Gordienko Vladimir Orlov made a small encyclopedia Belarusian freedom

According to the book reviewers historian Oleg Gordienko format book more fascinating than the radio."As you know, live broadcast of one minute, until you hear them. A book, some subjects can be reread many times.Working on a book, I review what as for period of German occupation and exile. Terribly curious was as for modernity, figures, not so long ago departed.I have worked as an expert, and I myself was just very interesting to read stories related to these people. With many I encountered many knew how, for example, the brilliant historian Vladimir Yemialyanchyk.In the book 261 portrait. Vladimir Orlov

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Saakashvili became a member of Lukashenka?

Alexander Lukashenko during negotiations with the Georgian guest said: "I am delighted now we have the opportunity to draw a line under a period of chaos, determining the level of our relations. " The Belarusian leader noted that relationship between Belarus and Georgia have been different, but at the moment Minsk tuned "to different things with Georgian brothers", he wants to make the Belarusian side of the case "even the highest compared with the Russian period." According to Interfax, the Minister Merabishvili gave Lukashenko "great greetings from President Saakashvili." "The official and unofficial level, our president emphasizes convergence, which is

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