Grodno: exemption or occupation?

Discussion on "September 17, 1939 in the history of Grodno and Belarus: liberation or occupation?" Will be held in the town on the Neman on 20 September. It will carry out independent public discussion club "Grodno collegium."

Liberty Poll: Western Belarus traitors live alone

Reporter: "What is different from the western eastern Belarus? In your opinion, are there any differences? "Lady: "In western Belarus people are more educated in their faith in God. Because they differ in their properties: they are more industrious, and properties such as honor, conscience, dignity in their more developed than those on the east side — there are people without faith, most pros. "Man: "On my eyes, people from Eastern and Western Belarus are no different. And if someone finds the differences, it is all insinuations … Since one country, one people, and what a difference from the east

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Russian authorities later here came here because more civilized

Old man: "Between the eastern and western? Overall, though there is a difference. If Mogilev and visit here, you can feel it. I do not even know how to say: here later Russian authorities came because here all more civilized" .Lady: "I I wish to say, that the difference is large enough there, we differ from the eastern Belarusians. The fact that "most of the gains of October" came to us virtually exclusively in 1946, played a positive role. Everything. And I’ll stand on this, even under torture. "Young Man: "There are just normal people like us, our country is

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The middle shot in Katyn was a lot of Belarusians

The sole purpose of the unofficial visit of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Smolensk region was to visit Katyn.Lech Kaczynski laid flowers at the memorial cemetery in his speech, highlighted: "In the midst of those killed in Katyn were coupled with the Poles Jews, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Muslims and even the Germans — in other words all those who lived in the second Rzeczpospolita".Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexey Litvin, military history researcher states:"Naturally, there is a certain percentage and Belarusians. Got there and from Western Belarus and Western Ukraine so called "Poles". These are guys who are in Katyn, said our

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Day of birth A.Klimau met in remand

In Minsk Detention Centre Klimov sent April 3. Or, as before it stays there?I called the duty of the detention facility on Volodarskogo street to find out where the politician. But on the phone refused to talk to me.Had come to an insulator and a passport to apply to the certificate. I called a relative of the prisoner. Female police confirmed: "Yes, Andrey Klimov still here."I recall more than a month back the Klimov was sentenced to two years in prison, but has not yet sent a colony.Which criteria contain a political prisoner? Duty on this question did not answer.About

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Kalyakin: On Saturday night replaced newsletters»

By Kalyakin, The protocols will "advance assigned number." "This provides the highest percentage of early voters in the whole country, and in my constituency. As we understand, in the night from Friday to Saturday was held substitution ballots because premature vote — it’s odd for the authorities ", — said S. Kalyakin BelaPAN. As of Saturday in his constituency ahead of 30% of people voted. According views Kalyakina, principal point of elections is the role of international and government observers: "Fundamentally, that they controlled the counting of the ballots, as this legislation asks: premature to vote, to vote at home

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Will there be a war with Iran?

"We must prepare for the worst, and the worst — it’s a war," — said the Minister Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner, speaking yesterday at the public radio and television. In his view, an Iran with nuclear weapon would represent "a real danger Worldwide. "Created the organization "Doctors without Borders", The UN head of Kosovo in 1999-2001 in this case more harshly echoed President Sarkozy, who reversed month said that Iran with a nuclear weapon — is not an option. French President then also did not rule out the possibility of military conflict, though stressed that such an option would be

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Will the loan Our homeland official Minsk?

In the Russian Ministry of Finance said that soon planned to bring an amendment to the current budget as a whole. This may affect the question of the loan. Techno parties continue work and agree on the text of a special agreement.According to Russian Deputy Managing department of international financial relations Vyshkovskaga Constantine, the question of credit Belarus and is not removed.But does it need, if the official Minsk paid all debts for gas?"Credit questioned in general to overcome the difficult period associated with the new billing procedures for energoelementy. Fact that money back, does not mean that the situation

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A day or figure: 25 million

Now, during a meeting with the Minister Interior Georgia, Ivane Merabishvili Alexander Lukashenko referred to this figure "laughter" and said that may be Lately increment mutual trade to 100 millions of dollars. The sudden visit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia may be beginning to improve relations between Minsk and Tbilisi.

Will September 17 reddish funny day calendar?

Almost 70 years of joining the Western Belarus to the Belarusian SSR causes a number of conflicting views. At the official level throughout Russian history states that the September 17, 1939 marked an historic event for Belarus: Russian troops regained terrain that 20 years was under Polish rule. If all this does not happen often, so the official bureaucrats memory quoted witness events Maxim Tank, which in the hot trail wrote: "No communiques, no reports, no later evidence historians can not convey the interest and the joy with which the workers of Western Belarus welcomed reddish the army. "Or will

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