Will you go to the European March?

Lady: "Be sure to go. Something needs to be change in our lives. The time has come. I hope that will many people and be able to change something. "Youth"Hardly him going. Well, just need to finish my studies in another institute. You understand that they can send it somewhere further from the educational institution."Guy: "Surely, I will go, as I am against the current state of our country. "Student: "The meaning of this march? While studying in the institute and do not think that my business to engage in politics. Need to finish my studies, and later will promote

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Tribunal over the party will continue on Thursday Hope

A 17-hour referee Igor Mil’to controversy broke and said that the meeting will continue on October 11.Court over the party began on October 9. Ministry of Justice insists on eliminating women’s party — Tipo because of numerous violations of the law.Leaders "Hope" in trying to justify Supreme Court, that the charges are groundless.• In court, "Hope" claimed municipal guarantees, 09.10.2007

In Brest sentenced to another 1st party meeting with Sevyarynets

The arbitrator found him guilty Smirnova participating in an unsanctioned meeting on August 19. So it qualified BPF open meeting at which presented book policy Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest."Sovereign Ermak said:"I believe that the review was not impartial. If I am a member of the BPF and come into the office BPF, and judge me for it …"Verdict commented defender settle Vyalichkin:"What a power, and such a sentence."All fourteen sentences this case were guilty.Now he NIGHT MODE owed exit from prison activist Andrei Sharenda. He, like Seviarynets received from Judge Smirnova 15 days of arrest.And tomorrow Brest Regional

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Gomel UCP chairman arrested for 7 days

Decree was signed by the arbitrator Jaroslav Paremskaya. Not score? About 15 hours, which Vasily Polyakov spent in police custody and temporary detention.Assorted business behind closed doors. The tribunal could not get any friends or even politician’s wife Svetlana. They expected Polyakov at the main entrance to the court for more than 4 hours, and it wound up in a building with a dark entrance.Sovereign Polyakova accused neprelichnoy battle on Kirov Street.One of the applicants, — Natalia Prudnikova, an employee of the ideological department of the railway administration Homel.Wife of the politician, Mrs. Svetlana considers absurd sentence:"Never, 1st disgusting words

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Z.Paznyaka: Blind artists stupid instructions Europe

First and main result campaign, is that the vote was roughly cynically and brazenly rigged. The results of these elections, the process of their implementation can not be recognized neither democratic nor real or normal. MPs who took treatment not have national trust and is not lawful deputies.Second important result — is that on Sunday, September 28 hosted boycott voting electorate. In Belarus came to vote in areas less than 30 percent of the electorate, and in Minsk and even less 20 percent of fifth Polling stations in Minsk empty. This is evidenced by all of our observers from the

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Four arrested activists on hunger strike in Grodno

Most of all — seven days — given the head of the regional branch of the United civilian party Yury Istomin, who came out of the October 5 bullpen after five days of arrest. Both times the standard charge: "neprelichnaya abuse."Managing regional organization BSDG Viktor Sazonov, chairman of the city organization Joint civilian Dmitry Slutsky party activist unionism journalist Ivan Roman condemned every 5 days.They uttered that symbol will protest hunger strike in jail. Arrested believe their insulated to prevent participation in the "European march".

Horror authorities does not motivated

Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko draws attention to the fact authorities recently intensified repression "Euro march" — that arrests of activists, and searches and detentions circulation-independent newspapers "Comrade" and "Narodnaya Volya"."We should not turn a blind eye to the fact what they do imperative structure in the last days. For me, it is a demonstration of nationwide terror before the preparation and conduct and "Euro" and "Public" marches.We mention provocations that were against the Governing committee "Euro" and "Public" marches Ivashkevich and Valery Ukhnalev. And this is not the last provocation.Yesterday, the arrest and detention in Gomel and Grodno.

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If Belarus to abolish death penalty?

Chairman of the House Committee Alexander Arkhipov expressed such a world: "If society has matured, and most of the referendum would have acted for the abolition of the death penalty, no questions would not be. Society came up with a different position. Maybe time will be a moratorium. Discussions are and this opportunity." In Belarus, the last 10 years on death convicted 161 people, only the 1st of their president pardoned. Oleg Alkaev from 1996 until 2001 he was chief of the detention center at Volodarka. Specifically, his subordinates were doing the death penalty, and he became acquainted with all

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Sarkozy and Putin on you

Attention of international observers These days are focused on the possible configuration of the French-Russian relations. Former French President Jacques Chirac called analysts friend Vladimir Putin. Now the newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the first visit to Russia, and the other day he made several critical applications in harsh adresok Vladimir Putin. Last week, Sarkozy said Our homeland that complicates the situation in the world that has brought cool in French-Russian affairs. But during his own visit to Russia Sarkozy, according to analysts, is committed to making your business more peaceful with Putin. Uttering now during the opening

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Guest on Freedom — Alexander Milinkevich

Last presidential candidate presentable at the Prague meeting FORUM-2000 called in his speech before the world leaders "not to transfer to us your freedom, and to build our assist." Today’s Managing unregistered movement "For Freedom", one of the organizers of Euro March in a small interview our radio Pronunciation: "We were historical and Europeans have. Event that awaits us on Sunday, is not a manifestation of another — it is even more. Impossible to sit in today Housing. You can not! In Europe, a lot of enthusiasm to Belarus. And we do not have the right to be passive. "

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