Names of Liberty: Orlov made a small encyclopedia Belarusian Freedom

Reviewers book historian Vladimir Orlov Oleg Gordienko believes that the format of the book even more fascinating than the radio."As you know, live broadcast of one minute, until you hear them. A book, some stories can be reread many times.Working on a book, I review what as for period of German occupation and exile. Terribly was curious what as for modernity, figures, not so long ago departed. I have worked as an expert, and I myself was just very interesting to read stories related to these people. With many I encountered many knew how, for example, the brilliant historian Vladimir

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Gomel: activist judge for solidarity with excellent students

His blame neprelichnoy abuse and illegal distribution of leaflets in support of the A-student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. He was expelled from the institute named Scorina for social activities.September 14 sovereign Tsyanyuta detained pro-rector of the Institute Sergey Hanenya responsible for educational work and ideology. Vice Rector simply dragged the student in his own cabinet.First vice-rector Yuri Kulazhenko called the police.Youth activist detained, and he spent more than 2-days in prison.• Gomel Institute excludes A-student with an active civilian position, 12.09.2007

Svetlogorsk night searched the apartment of a minor student of YSU

Service and witnesses met minor activist early eleventh pm on the landing. Egorchenko parents were not home, but the police went to the apartment and searched.They confiscated the emperor Egorchenko notebook system unit, four white-red-white flags, Tabloid "Woodland true", "Regional News" and labels "European march".Arseny Egorchenko he graduated from high school and enrolled to study in Vilnius European Humanities Institute.Police Acts youth activist will appeal to the prosecutor’s office.

The resignation of Fradkov in Russia and in Belarus Konopleva — Scenarios twin

Lady: "Twice on your radio sounded Aleksievich Svetlana on online. Maybe the smart thing. But now revered in the last interview of the Belarusian newspaper, that’s where, perhaps, the real her face, unfortunately. As said smallish without reverence about Bykov, Adamovich … And their teachers once called his. Well, about Shushkevich: that neither he nor the country, nor our people are not worth the Nobel Prize. Perhaps one Svetlana worth. It’s a pity it all clear. Apparently, the funds that were so, lost: it says one thing, and here is completely different. It’s a pity, a great pity."Really wish that

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The doyen of the diplomatic corps in Belarus leaves his post

Sovereign Vyalzhanav headed a diplomatic consulate in Minsk Turkmenistan for 12 years in a row. The last half of this period, he was formally and doyenne, in other words the head of the diplomatic corps in the host country, which represents all accredited diplomats in Belarus. This office machine crosses the Ambassador, which previously akredytavavsya other in the host country. But the leaders of diplomatic missions of a number of states is not considered sovereign Vyalzhanava real doyen, as he has, except Turkmenistan, besides Belarusian citizenship. In addition, He often spoke in support of policy Belarusian authorities, without checking their

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Malady urged judges to send portraits Sevyarinets

"We begin this action and appeal to all our colleagues with a request also print portrait of Paul Sevyarinets and send to the address in Baranovichi A.D.Kushavay judge that issued the policy last sentence," — reported the press service "Junior Front. "Last time Paul was detained on September 11 in the trial of the youth activist Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Paul Seviarynets received the same day the penalty — a fine of 620 000 rubles and 17 days in jail. Currently Paul Seviarynets serving his sentence in Baranovichi.• On-line conference with Paul Sevyarynets, 05/09/2007

Voting ended

Belarus — Central election commission sitting Minsk, 04Sep2008

Belarus — Alyaksandar Klaskouski, the editor analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week", Minsk 11Jan2008 "Revolution now not take place" Own eyes on the election campaign chief editor offers analytical bulletins company BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.Shklovschina: found evidence of election fraud Shklou member Electoral Commission Peter Migursky a symbol of protest came from its structure. He states that witnessed how going to falsify the election results. Mogilev watching expelled from the polling station Observer-independent Boris Buhelya removed from the premises where the members of the precinct commission number 95 Mogilev-Kastrychnitski neighborhood counted

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Referendum in Grodno will not

Participants group wanted Grodno spoke about the reconstruction carried out in the historical building of Grodno.Answer now got control active group Doctor of Historical Sciences Ales Smolenchuk. Bureaucrats refer to "violations of the Electoral Code and other legislative acts of Belarus", which allowed the founders Tipo referendum.Sovereign Smolenchuk believes authorities trying to prevent civilian activity in the town. Zhkumenty registration active group consistent with legal and consistent with the law, he said. One of the things on the street reconstruction Russian

Shults Soligorsk, Baranovichi three portraits defendants Malady

26-year-old worker LNOZAVOD schoolboy and the young musician. Three towns, three fates — one desire for freedom, and a court case with the phrase "nezaregistravnay role in the organization."Damavlyayusya Anastasia Azarko encounter on her street — on the edge Nesvizha. There’s nothing you could not recall the existence Radzivilovsky Palace, ancient park, city hall and other historic prykmetnastsyav, which is famous for Shults.Private sector, few blechnyya home, industrial fencing. No numbers on the houses.Sovereign, which I asked the address appropriate, looks with suspicion, even with fear. It turns out that the father of Anastasia — Misha, an electrician by profession.

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Martyrology of Liberty: Philip Byageza

BYAGEZA Philip S., b. 1906 s. Otchyn Malaryta district, Brest region., Belarus, from farmers nyaskonch. beg. education., a farmer in a cross-in with. Otchyn. 50.07.31 arrested. 50.09.23 condemned the judiciary for nedanyasenne authorities under Art. 73 of the Criminal BSSR 10 years and 5 years ITL n / n; Deputy. 5 years and 2 years ITL n / n in the Sverdlovsk region Ivlel. 92.07.29 revised deal Bureau Brest Regional Court. KGB Brest region. 11005-C.***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who

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