Bush: more than 5 thousand troops return from Iraq before Christmas

So makarom Bush accepted the recommendation Vojko commander in Iraq David Petreesa on reducing troops in Iraq until July 20 to 15 teams. "The principle, which I drove in deciding on the number of troops in Iraq was" returning after of success ": the more successful we act, the more American troops will be able to return home. Whatever we do, I can assure you that our commanders on the spot have pretty powers and abilities in order to defeat the enemy. "Bush assured that the South American troops will remain in Iraq after the end of its capabilities in

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Navapolack four warnings and fines

Regular public activist, polochanin Albert Markov, fined 30 thousand rubles. The formal reason for the fine was that the emperor did not mark their seatbelts when driving a car.After, as participants in the bike ride was taken to the police station with them spent prophylactic conversation Novopolotsk city department chief Colonel Zheglanav. He said that for a group bike ride suitable respective resolution of regional and city authorities. Since there was no resolution, the action was unlawful disposition and police stopped her.As said our radio one of the participants in the planned path of Valery Shevchenko during detention violated laws

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Mogilev pensioner found mine

Vladimir Gvazdev buzovnik collected and almost entered the mine. Here’s what he said, "Freedom":"I do not know this mine. I once beheld a picture in the magazine, and so in the memory I have left, it’s mine" butterfly. "When I spoke to the police, as it looks, they immediately responded that this" butterfly " . I’m not special, I do not know when mine was released — it is modern or the time of war. "Not counting the bridge, about three hundred meters from the place where Vladimir Gvazdev found mine, located urban amusement park. Shrub preferred stroller which is

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Grodno penalty for white-red-white flag

Vladimir Larin arrested on September 8 white-red-white flag, but later released. It drew up a report on charges of hooliganism small. Witnesses in court were two soldiers of internal troops, took him to the office, and a member of the city committee BRYU Maxim Savasyuk. They had read, after detention Vladimir Larin shouted anti-presidential, anti-government slogans, such as "Long live Belarus!" And was that soon the power changes and a new president.

S.Gaydukevich left without the diplomatic post

On a question, whether it means that the position of the Special Representative liquidated or her take another person, owed answers:"Position lost relevance. I sang on it all, done everything. Process goes. And it will continue Foreign Ministry staffers, Department of the Ministry. They will increasingly move towards the EU, according to ability.I, if you look objectively, quite a lot did get a decent score. And I’m going to stay in the process. Three a day or reverse I wrote a letter to Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, which outlined some guidance, own an indispensable role in This process . "On some websites

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In Gomel arrested youth activist Andrei Tsyanyuta

Andrew initially kept in the office of vice-rector Sergei Haneni, and later called the police and taken to the police department of the Central district of Homel."At the moment cost me correctly, and during the arrest acted very aggressively. Draw up a protocol for the article on hooliganism" — said, "Freedom" Andrew Tsyanyuta.

People on Freedom

On the future of the Belarusian economyAles Martinovic, Baranovichi:"In any case, Lukashenko or sell businesses to foreign investors or their pryhvatyzue" advanced "range. Seems that no matter what happens, the new owners will be interested in the successful operation of these companies in the stability and guaranteed income.A repeat of 1990’s 91 th (mass strikes) will not. How not to be disorderly and grabbing on the model of the one that occurred in Yeltsin of Russia and Ukraine in kuchmavskogo 1990s.With regard to the likely energy crisis due to soaring prices for resources, our homeland will not do. Moscow moderate

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Tribunal began on another Polish spy

According to the investigation, Russian military together with 4 officers of the Belarusian army passed the Polish intelligence data on strategic objects united air defense system of Belarus and Russia. Four "Polish spies" from Belarus have already been convicted by the Military Collegium Supreme Court Belarus. Vladimir Russkina officers, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk tribunal punished imprisonment. PETKEVICH Kornilyuk and given 7 years each, Bogdan — 9, and Ruskin — 10 years strict regime penal colony. Russkina and Bogdan arrested Jan. 5 and Petkevicha and Kornilyuk — January 31. Recall that the KGB said of the detention "Polish

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M. Bucko: This sentence reminds processes Stalinist era

"If someone really spying in whatever country it is necessary to reckon with the consequences. But whether it was espionage — because it is understood in globally? The Belarusian side had earlier stated that the spies did pass Tipo poskamu sides could not. So in what sense if they were spies? No details of the case do not provide power. I recall that one process Stalinist era, which outlined Solzhenitsyn. Man convicted of what he did nothing wrong, but wanted to dig a tunnel from Moscow to China. Although he has not yet begun to dig, but already bought a

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Liberty Poll: How are citizens of Minsk to change residence for registration?

Man: "I think it’s just more red tape for this recording."Guy: "I do nothing about it heard."Man: "In my opinion, bureaucracy our country invincible. Extensive network of bureaucracy, not hide from it, it is everywhere. "Lady: "first time I’ve heard and I’m in shock. Registration — which means that after a while to go to the appropriate authorities, and notes that I live here? And registration — I spelled here with birth and real citizen this country. A registration still for a while. "Man: "It’s just change of name. I am a lawyer, and I was interested in this issue.

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