More than a million voters have already voted

Now the last day of early voting in the election of deputies of the House of Representatives 4th convocation. And although it is completed only in 19 hours, we can already talk about the new record — four a day or more voters voted than in the last parliamentary elections for all 5 days of early voting. This was evidenced by the following tongued number: 18.8% in This year and 17.39% four year reversed.Beginning with the first a day or early voting, the greatest activity is logged in the Vitebsk region. There have already voted 22.6% of all voters. The

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Stanislav Shushkevich: We do not have free media. There is only a propaganda agency.

One of the questions Lena Ravbetskaya of Grodno in connection with the nomination of Shushkevich for Nobel Peace Prize: "In states that are working properly, municipal awards, for sure, at least. A prize fund shall be established, public organizations, private person … There are a range of views and prizes. Why do we have so happens that there’s Belarusian Association of Journalists, she devotes to international diplomas awarded any people? They generally do not know the country. Nobody knows them. In the world know — in the country do not know … Why do we have such principle? And whether

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Polish spy given from 7 to 10 years

Vladimir Russkina, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk tribunal punished imprisonment. PETKEVICH Karnyuliku and were given 7 years imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony. Bogdan gave nine years and ten Russkina Vladimir Russkina, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk deprived military rank — lieutenant supplies, major, major supplies, captain supplies.The hearing was held behind closed doors. At sentencing journalists were invited. But they had throw at the entrance to the hall cameras and cell phones. Video during the announcement of the sentence were banned. Military Collegium Supreme Court the beginning of the trial behind closed doors on

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Alexander Milinkevich met with Lech Kaczynski

During the 2-day MEPs and experts will discuss the future of Europe, the EU model of development and prospects of the forthcoming enlargement. In this time A.Milinkevich plans to meet with Polish President Lech Kaczynski and President of the European Parliament Hans-Gert Poettering. Before leaving for Krakow A.Milinkevich said: "I would urge the European politicians that Europe should not be confined within the current boundaries. Future prospects for joining the EU» is a good factor that will contribute to the democratization of the country and the emergency possible more frisky its transition to a market economy. " • The European

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I wish to live in that Belarus, which is on TV show

Man: "Russian governor Ants, went down in history as the" hangman-general, "said:" What did not complete the Russian bayonet, Russian will finish school. "How could imagine for yourself this general that it there is a sequence represented by the Belarusian president, who destroys Everything Belarusian faster than the Russian bayonet, and school? If there is another term prezydenstva, the Belarusian language in Belarus will be as Mongolian in Kyrgyzstan. And in order to form matched content, Belarus lost. 15 years ago whiteRussian language in the province could hear and find out, and now the village kids do not understand the

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Belarusian ambassadors put records

The last head of the KGB in Baranovichi entered into a huge policy when he was elected deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation. In the conflict with Parliament, Alexander Lukashenko, he vigorously supported the head of the country. And soon after the November (1996) referendum Leonid Rachkova appointed ambassador to Iran. Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov answering our Radio, neither confirmed nor denied this disk imaging. He referred to the fact that "this is a purely internal affair Ministry Foreign Affairs whatever country to decide how many years will operate one or the other salting. " Successor Leonid Rachkova behalf of

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Martyrology of Liberty: Levon Farnalski

FARNALSKI Lavon Antonovich cum. 1896 in Lodz (Poland), Polish, farmer, h. education., storekeeper lechkomissii CC CP (b) B. Lived: Str. Republican 3 m. 3rd Volunteer of the Red Army in the period c. War. 37.12.03 arrested. Convicted 38.01.03 Resolution NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR for spying for intelligence Bourget. Poland under Art. 68 of the Criminal Code of the BSSR to capital punishment. Shot in Minsk 38.01.11 bullpen. 55.12.24 Military Collegium of the summit. Court of the USSR. KGB BSSR 5907-c.***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression —

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Minsk Enigma

In 1937, in the 2nd edition of the "Little Russian Encyclopedia" in the article about the city is written as follows: "Minsk is famous since the 11th century. Initially, he was on the river Menke, in 1067 was looted, burned Kiev prince Izyaslavom and transferred to Svisloch River. " This conclusion was endorsed by the official Russian science for a long time there were undisputed. But in the late 1950s, some scientists have begun to substantiate that Minsk has always stood on its own site. Since then subsides dispute about the location of the initial capital of Belarus. Vyacheslav Rakytskyy:

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Kleck: inhabitants require permission to picket near their homes

As said public activist Sergey Ponomarev, brand new form of organizing pickets compulsory. All previous tests of public protest local authority boycotts. "In the only town in the area Mayakovsky any shares not allow. Bosses clarifies that the stock will hinder the work of officials in so called the the white house across from the Executive Committee, "- says Sergey Ponomarev.According to the source, he personally, as Peter Poklonsky Vyacheslav Zhdanenya Szewczyk and Vladimir plan to hold a rally from 10 hours to 14. Their own homes are located in the central streets dumpling. Participants of the rally plan to

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Pinsk city glad … approved the proposal to apply argoticheskoy Hebrew

"Nasha Niva"In 1907, informs:" In these days of ministry to the whole atpustsila Belarus and Lithuania 300 thousand rubles the opening of public schools. Mogilev open 165 schools in 105 Vitebskay in Minsk 100 A ninth in Vilna, Kovno, Grodno and only 30 schools. These provinces have zemstvo to mute anyone try that, that give the apartment, central heating and a security guard for the school because it is not on the treasury atpushchae means; hard men give themselves well and not just sgavarytstsa them. " * "Nowe Zycie" in the 1927 report of the land: "In Pinsk city glad

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