How insecure ladies alcoholism?

If the number of male alcoholics increases by an average of 5 to 6% per year, the ladies — 11%. Exclusively in the capital registered is about 5 thousand ladies, the vast majority — up to 30 years. We give faster is the destruction of personality According to the views of Dr. Brain Minsk City Drug Dependency Clinic Sergei Milk, the ladies frisky personality is destroyed: "Female body adapted to the least impact due to the specific hormonal levels, due to the fact that women’s structure is rather fragile in comparison with men. And because such a devastating impact. Treated

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Figure a day or 161 people

The right to pardon convicts on death given only head of state. During the presidency of Alexander Lukashenko only one known case, when he pardoned convict on death. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus "is not ready to abolish the death penalty." On the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko 1996 this yeart matter was put to a nationwide referendum in which most of the favor of keeping the death penalty.

Alexander Milinkevich

On Wednesday, October 10 at 13 o’clock in Minsk time on the site of Liberty accomplished on-line conference with Alexander Milinkevich.

Alexander Milinkevich, last presidential candidate Belarus, born in 1947 in Grodno. He graduated from the Grodno Pedagogical Institute and graduate of the Institute of Physics of the State Academy Belarus. Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences. Trained at the Institute of Montpellier (France, 1980) and the California Institute (USA, 1998), took a course at the center of European security research problems in Garmisch-Patenkirhene (Germany, 2000). In 1980-1984, the Department ruled Setifskogo Institute (Algeria), was an assistant professor of Grodno Institute (1978-1980,

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European March should go to the square of the Academy Bangalore

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the "Euro march" Viktor Ivashkevich city authorities announced the decision during a press conference. Procession from the Academy allowed to Bangalore Square.Organizers of the action plan on October 14 at 14 hours to gather on October Square and from there go to the prospectus Skarina structure of the State Library. The authorities did not agree to the stated option and offered another route.Organizers of the "Euro march" said at a press conference, that althought maintain a peaceful disposition campaign that — to inform the public about the 12 criteria of the European Parliament to

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Amnesty International: Belarus — the sole executioner

Amnesty International report on the situation in this area in the CIS bears the title "Commonwealth of independent states: Belarus — the sole executioner."Organization calls the death penalty "more fierce, merciless and degrading form of punishment that is irreversible and from which can affect innocent." Nobody has substantiated that the death penalty lowers crime.In recent two years abolished the death penalty in four countries: Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda and the Philippines. On present day the death penalty de jure or de facto abolished in 133 countries. In 64 countries this penalty is still preserved."Belarus is the last country in the CIS,

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Adam Globe now 50

One of the founders of the informal youth literary association "Tuteyshyya" creator books "Park", "Solitude in the stadium", "Bane — a man", "Damavikameron", "Do not voice of my mother", "Dzerzhinsk" "New damavikameron" «Post scriptum", "Lyrics", "Braslavskaya stigmata", "notebooks", "House," "Contemporaries" and other celebrated half a century now. Own anniversary Adam Globus met in Barcelona, Spain. To him phoned Valentine Aksak.About Creativity Adam Globus stroll variety of rumors and stories, often quite controversial content. Especially around his distinctive prose books "Damavikameron" and "contemporary." But his half-century soul as ever lived youthful romantic love with life and lyricist. Certainly, because of all

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Policemen cordoned off the house Smorgon activist

Dergachyov yet refuses to open the door — believes his wish to isolate just before "Evrapeykim march."Now Smorgon district department delivered Dmitry Belyaev. It yesterday warned the police that he will respond, if Sunday to join the action in Minsk.Dmitry Belyaev not belong to any political party and movement. Month reversed its detained for distributing leaflets.

In Minsk Delegation of the European Commission

The visit will last until October 11.Head of the Minsk office TACIS Aizsalnieks Janis said:"Mrs. Gardeman arrived in Minsk under the constant exchange of conceptions with Belarusian municipal organizations and non-governmental sector. Purpose of the visit — again reaffirm the EU’s willingness to cooperate more closely — of course, provided that the issues mentioned in the 12-pt that the EU could bring to Belarus, will be made.One of the specific points that will open a discussion and that we are very interested in is the time of opening a consulate of the European Commission in Minsk. Willingness to take such

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While on the street do not come 200 thousand people — nothing has changed

Both the opposition and the authorities in These days are preparing for the "Euro march" — a mass rally that the democratic parties and movements imply on 14 October in Minsk.On the same topic and the many letters that come to the address "Freedom." I’ll start the conversation from the current 2-such messages.We wrote Victor Kamenkov from Minsk:"At the opposition rally I was walking by 1996. Later realized all worthless. Whilst on the street do not come at least 200 thousand people and yet they are not willing to stand for days, seeking its own, nothing will change.In Belarus, 200

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S.Skrebets: Zubkov arrive to click on Lukashenko

Russian media say that the meeting 2-premiers will be held at the meeting of the Council of Ministers Union Countries, and in the middle of negotiations will be difficult trade-economic cooperation and implementation of the Union budget. Vice-chairman Commission budget, money and tax policy House of Representatives previous convocation Skrabets Sergey believes that Viktor Zubkov’s visit to Belarus there is a certain intrigue: "Forced whether Zubkov, who looks very determined compared to its predecessor Fradkov Alexander Lukashenko open the way to the Russian capital in Belarus?. I think, Roman Abramovich arrived in Minsk to ask the price, and Viktor Zubkov

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