Belarusian Atlyantyda: Minsk Enigma

In 1937, in the 2nd edition of the "Little Russian Encyclopedia" in the article about the city is written as follows: "Minsk is famous since the 11th century. Initially, he was on the river Menke, in 1067 was looted, burned Kiev prince Izyaslavom and transferred to Svisloch River. " This conclusion was endorsed by the official Russian science for a long time there were undisputed. But in the late 1950s, some scientists have begun to substantiate that Minsk has always stood on its own site. Since then subsides dispute about the location of the initial capital of Belarus. Vyacheslav Rakytskyy:

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Moscow protesting against the elections

In a statement the protesters demand that the authorities of Belarus: End pressure on independent media, activists political parties and movements to hold an open and fair investigation into the disappearance of recognizable politicians and public figures, to hold another, truly democratic parliamentary and presidential election.

Russia — The street action agains parliament election in Belarus. Moscow 27sep2008Participants of the rally chanted "Long live Belarus!" And "Your choices — is a farce!" They also held banners reading: "And his, and our splyashem for a penny," "multi-vector policy." In picket stood more than 10 ka activists of youth organizations, "Defence",

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Citations past: Pinsk glad … approved the proposal to apply argoticheskoy Hebrew

"Nasha Niva"In 1907, informs:" In these days of ministry to the whole atpustsila Belarus and Lithuania 300 thousand rubles the opening of public schools. Mogilev open 165 schools in 105 Vitebskay in Minsk 100 A ninth in Vilna, Kovno, Grodno and only 30 schools. These provinces have zemstvo to mute anyone try that, that give the apartment, central heating and a security guard for the school because it is not on the treasury atpushchae means; hard men give themselves well and not just sgavarytstsa them. "* "Nowe Zycie" in the 1927 report of the land: "In Pinsk city glad voices

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Your choice: more readable materials Thursday

First "Must stay or Shejman or Viktor Lukashenko" 2nd Domain not for sale! Third "Ambasovische": photo Fourth Blitz-analysis: new Russian President Do not call Putin 5th Prize "Ambasovische" were not favorites

Do devaluation of Belarusian ruble?

Tsigankov: "Michael, who is more inclined to trust you — IMF professionals or representatives of the Belarusian government that link trade patterns and the highest proportion in the calculations Russian ruble? Who is right? " Zaleski: "If Comrade Stalin asked what bias worse — left or right — he replied:" Both worse. "So there. Only they" are both better. "Maybe not better, but they are just looking from different perspectives. In IMF experts at a high level, they behold the macroeconomic dynamics, operate hundred square meters of characteristics and therefore make such a theoretical conclusion that this course must be

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What to do with the Vitebsk amphitheater?

As written municipal media, after years of reconstruction amfiteatar turned into "the most modern concert venue in Europe." But — in an open and neatsyaplyalnuyu site. And if yesterday was held in Vitebsk qualifying round junior "Eurovision", the temperature gauge showed just only 9 degrees. Spectators came to the concert in warm jackets, and small artists performed in the lung stage suits.Event tickets cost from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. Because even at the ticket booths were queues: someone wanted to look at Verka Serduchka, was invited to decorate the children’s concert, while others sought to support the 13-year-old contestant

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Florance Hartmann insists that Karadzic was secretly in Belarus

A review of the book, which is still exists solely in frantsuskamovnym embodiment, not counting the French media have positioned the South American, German, British, Swiss and Russian editions. According to Florence Hartmann, soon to be published book and the Balkans, as there there is great enthusiasm for topic. French journalist also heard about the reaction to the book in Minsk. So in the administration of the Belarusian president pronounced that "information on Karadzic lurking stay in Belarus for their news the same as for other Belarusians". The Belarusian Foreign Ministry also noted the subsequent: "Not a lot of people

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Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. September 13

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• A Conversation with Vladimir Skrabatun, the main editor of "Free Deep."• Poll: What for you is not enough in the newspapers?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Indigo".2nd part:• 2 Belarusians in Russia received 14 years for a legitimate bullpen in Belarus "Tussal"• Margarita Tsaran: "It was hard and it is on a physical level, and moral stand"• Maxim Zhbankov examines trends Belarusian videarynku• Belarusian Web at "Night Siege" takes Dmitry Podberezskaya• «Night rap." Narration Israeli writer Uzi Weil, "Julie Endruz and missiles" translated Paul Kostyukevich.

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Migrant worker who fled on foot in Belarus, he reached home

Molodechno "Regional Newspaper" reports that on the highway Minsk-Grodno several motorists have been victims of swindlers. Those car stopped and offered to buy them from a gold ring cost more than 100 bucks. Fraudsters were that out of funds for gasoline. Drivers only later learned that the ring is not gold and the dollar is worth less. Militiamen people detained in Romania, but has not yet found the evidence of their guilt.Krichevskaya newspaper "Free City" in the article "Unsubscribe" reports on correspondence working farm "Light" with the State control. People sent a letter of cash irregularities and malpractice svinakompleksu administration.

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KGB colonel retired V.Kostka: Terrorism in Belarus invented

Information that anyone of people have found an explosive device in Belarus from time to time arise.But law enforcement agencies never claimed the arrest of a potential terrorist. Usually question of former soldiers who hid several TNT blocks to implement lovers stun fish or a "dark diggers" would look into space in search of former battles military rarities.As for explosions, here is a new history of Belarus gives more examples. Quite whether this is to talk about the terrorist activities in Belarus?Evening April 30, 1997 under the rein of the pipeline explosion, which ferry gas from Russia to Europe. Then

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