Night Siege — 13 September

At the forum contains information agency "Interfax", in referred to, that information portal recognized more visited web site for news and operational reference disk imaging on Belarus. This was stated by Managing analytical center Sergei ECOOM Musienko. According to the research center, answering the question: "What more you visit web sites," 41.6% of respondents gave preference on call center portal The second leading portal, 2% of respondents. Sergei Musienko also stated that soon Belarusian hosts many websites, especially corporate websites of opposition parties and movements that claim to "astronomical" visiting their own resources. Studies have shown

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Citations a day or — 13 September

Russian political scientist Olga Kryshtanovskaya — about the purpose of Vladimir Putin heads monetary Intelligence Minister Viktor Zubkov as prime minister» er."We do not wish for people who love Poland and who wish to have full political contacts with our state, tormented by the fact that official business is not such great. We asked the Poles and the Belarusian opposition, that sent an ambassador. And, too, appealed to our Prime Minister, foreign minister Affairs, President. People are simply asked to make it’s just for the Belarusian of society. "Mariusz Machkevich, Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Poland in international

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Candidates burned their identity

Now in Minsk on Independence Square in front of the Central Election candidates from the list of Euro staged a protest. In the first half of a day or in the structure of the Central Election Commission, met representatives of the European coalition. Favourite coalition Statkevich presented candidates from the list of the Euro Vasily Vavrenyuk Brest and Victor KantsavenkaRechitsy of that in the presence of a huge number of journalists burned their identity. Statkevich act explained to the candidates:"They are very outraged by how the this company: administrative resources, forcing a premature voting and so that observers hitherto not

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Friday on Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 18.00.6:30 * Liberty Travel — Slavgorod Mogilev region. * 6:45 Belarusian Atlyantyda: No bar» erav — program Vyacheslav Rakytskyy. Subject: Sanctuary Minsk. Participates historian Shibeko Zahar.7:00 * F* Ends with another subscription campaign. Low subscription to many municipal regional editions, even representatives of vertical, explain the lack of attention to the official media pressing dilemmas regions criticism adresok imperative structures.* Live with Nikolai Alexandrov, the main editor of the weekly self-contained "Brest Courier". Middle of the first independent newspapers in Belarus in 2000 he received the prestigious German prize "Young Press of

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2 Belarusians in Russia received 14 years for a legitimate bullpen in Belarus Lek

Farmakalegii legislation in Russia is more stringent than in some European countries. This is evidenced by articles recognizable doctors and scientists in specialized publications. For example, in the bulletin "Drug Gazette" № 8 (March 2006) posted an article "In Russia, the level of control is higher than in Europe."But this does not contradict international pravilam.U Article 39 of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs has a slip that "governments can use more stringent measures and threatening legal control over drug trafficking. So, International Convention on Psychotropic substances allows the introduction of a series of amphetamine, but according to Russian permit

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Mogilev municipal publications decreased circulation

Mogilev 5 out of municipal publications with a total circulation of about 150 thousand copies. With more than half of it — in the regional "Mogilevsky statements."Fact for comparison: non-state "Evening Mogilev" has about 40 thousand copies.According to the views of the editors, the drop in popularity municipal media will continue if they do not receive help from the government.Ask what background impacted decrease circulation? That outlook cerebral editor executive committee "Bulletin of Mogilev" Basil Navichonka:"Entrepreneurs are now almost every month, or every six months, open advertising and commercial newspapers that print and applets. All these newspapers, instead of distributing

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M.Mashkevich: G.Litvin — my friend, whom I have known for almost 20 years

Sovereign Machkevich said:"I am very pleased that my friend Henryk Litwin, whom I have known for almost 20 years, became an ambassador. He was appointed at the end of 2005. Always expected in our ministry to check out. It is very Prof. people of Belarus and loves and knows everything about Belarus, very competent.He has worked in Ukraine and came to me in Belarus, when I was Consul General. In our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he also oversaw all matters connected with Belarus.We do not wish for people who love Poland and who wish to have full political contacts with

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Guest night air — Vladimir Skrabatun

In "Night of research papers" we talk about the case with the Belarusians, who received 14 years in prison in Russia for transportation allowed in Belarus pills, also told about the release of the Grodno students, who were sentenced to four years’ bullpen for a quarter of a gram of marijuana.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of a group of "Indigo" and "Night Primer" sound story Israeli writer Uzi Weil, "Julie Andruz and missiles" translated Paul Kostyukevich.After hours 23rd — "Journey of Freedom" in Slavgorod in "Belorussian Atlyantyde" says historian Zahar Shibeko version Minsk origin in "Belorussian abroad"

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Tsaran Margarita: It was hard and it is on a physical level, and moral stand

Presidium of the Regional Court found that the punishment Margarita Tsaran can be changed to a softer, not related to imprisonment. Noted that it contributed to the disclosure of the atrocities that proved the petition, which was brought to the court of Leninsky district police department of Grodno. Presidium of the Regional Court also took into account the severity of the crime, certain accident and health status of the case girls.Four years imprisonment changed to four years of detention. Every day spent behind bars, she enrolled in a day or two of detention."We cry whole Days"Margarita Mama explained to Valentina

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The meeting of the EU-Belarus on energy deposited

By him, agreement on holding such meetings was reached some time reversed, and the reason for the transfer — that "there is no progress on the issue of opening of the consulate of the European Commission in Minsk." Judging by the current statement, MFA Press Secretary Andrei Popov, Minsk zamaruzhvanne clarifies the issue with the opening of consulates purely technical reasons.The European Commission wants to open an office in Minsk — Belarus is not against, 13.09.2007

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