Viktor Zubkov — another Russian riddle

The unexpected resignation of the government and Fradkov nomination for prime minister» career 65-year-old Viktor Zubkov forces formula recall Churchill: "Russia — it’s a secret, twisted into a riddle and veiled in mystery." Why to head the government has not been appointed nor Sergei Ivanov or Dmitry Medvedev — so to speak, officially declared contenders for the title of successor? Why the post of head of the government allocated a very mature person? Zubkov — the successor or its functions on the latest posts will be others?Clear answers to these questions knows except that Putin himself. He explained to the

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Stanislav Shushkevich: Prophets in the Fatherland see the hard

Znatkevich ‘Sire Shushkevich song "And in the willow" very fond of your father … Sometimes, when you are singing with the pope during any dinner? "Shushkevich: "To be honest, my father loved the song with almost the same title," And in the willow, willow under water, there was walking, there was walking my woman, "another little song we sang together … See, as many Belarusian songs … We often read as a dad on the Belarusian language Belarusian songs, and his father in general have never been anywhere in another language does not read … ""My father even after Siberia

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Belarusian elderly: daily bread, milk. Meat exclusively prazdnichkom

Most ordinary deli in East district. Neighborhood was built in the 1970s, because at the moment there lives very many the elderly.Just finished raining, and they flocked to the chain store.I appeal to the lady Incline age: "Here’s what you every day buy at the store? "Lady: "Bread, milk. Curd not every day. Meat exclusively prazdnichkom, telling the truth. Every day pashykuesh not. "Reporter: "And saw how much more expensive milk, bread?"Lady: "In general it seems that not much. Milk, for example, 60 rubles. At some places threw bread 50-80 rubles (different varieties). Amassed But when the basket of goods

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On election accredited 925 international observers

402 observer arrived in Belarus on strip CIS 465 — to strip OSCE others — represent the electoral commissions own states are either diplomats accredited in Minsk.Said about this, the CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina at a meeting with the head of the Federation Council Committee on CIS Affairs Vadim Gustov, BelaPAN.

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Figure a day or 147

It should be noted that a third of the dead were p» yanymi. Most — 104 people — victims of a violation of labor protection requirements, another 24 were killed as a result of road accidents.

Belarusian MFA convinced of the futility of all sanctions

Official dealer of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry emphasized that that the Belarusian party does not remove their own proposals for cooperation with the United States:"We as before are open and ready for mutually beneficial, productive and mutually respectful cooperation with the U.S.. Our proposals for developing such cooperation known to the American side. They as before remain valid.That after all for the comments, so to speak, menacing character, which were heard from our American partners, we wish again allocate: we as before are convinced absolute kontrapraduktyvnastsi and hopelessness of all sanctions.Our South American colleagues could not once make sure they

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What utter Gorbachev on NPP construction in Belarus?

The main argument in the construction of nuclear power plants intrigued municipal bureaucrats called lowering the cost of electricity to Belarus on 25-30%.Opponents of the idea of building in Belarus such energy facility refer to the experience of the Chernobyl tragedy, when instead of the expected savings accounts to pay the bills for decades. Or care Belarusian NPP first president of the USSR?One of the founders of the international environmental organization "Greenish cross" first 1990 became the first and last Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.Members of the organization registered in Switzerland — three 10-ka government departments "greenish cross" on Worldwide, that

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The European Commission wants to open an office in Minsk — Belarus is not against

Official dealer Foreign Ministry also said: "In this matter there is no completely no nadvychaynastsi, it is entirely conventional and similar at the opening of at least some other diplomatic, consular".Almost 5 years ago Brussels European Commission opened an official consulate in Kiev. Its activities bows Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Two year reversed Chisinau appeared independent office of the European Commission.Brussels two years Requests the Belarusian authorities to agree to study in Minsk. In May of this Belarusian side began negotiations. • European Union in Belarus beginning represent Slovakia, 4.07.2007

The Ministry does not wish to accept money with BHC

The decision to consider the complaint now adopted referee Supreme Economic Court of Catherine Karatkevich.Defenders of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee are very pleased with this. They say they are, and that they could reject a complaint, citing the fact that earlier the same Tribunal found the Belarusian Helsinki Committee guilty of tax evasion with technical assistance programs from the band TACIS.BHC chairman commented Tatiana Protko decision:"Maybe we are already on the path of law and rule of the Constitution of the country will become a reality — at least for one public organizations?"Let me remind you, human rights activists demand

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Slavgorod: PRUE, Praposhak or Propoisk?

It turned out that their travel Chernobyl three years after the disaster began in the Mogilev region of Slavgorod.City and nearby places were part in the evacuation zone — radiation levels there ranged from 15 curies and above.Hitherto, in the eyes of three charred huts with roofs, overgrown with moss — the main drive of radiation. They just took off on the highway to the city. Showed all the gloomy sign of Chernobyl.Felix Shkirmankov, past first democratically elected provincial chairman of Mogilev city council, also remembered those huts, briefly saying that when it …Shkirmankov: ‘I remember, they were removed to

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