Pushkin: I could be another political prisoner

Tatiana Rybakov referee decided to punish Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski arrest for seven days. Three days out of the 7 accused had already served in Orsha temporary detention.The judge’s decision was amazed and angered those present at the trial, as no one witness has not confirmed the guilt Alexei Yanushevski. The local police did not even have shown that the young man involved in the kidnapping of the flag area.Local human rights activist Vasily Levchenko meant Yanushevski at the end of the court immediately unleash from custody."No sooner lawyer said, that wine Yanushevski not confirmed. Because it is unclear

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A.Milinkevich: Belarus has no harsh anti-Russian forces

"Totally predictable" referred to one of the favorites of the Social Democrats Statkevich retired Russian Prime Minister Fradkov Misha.Statkevich does not exclude the occurrence of sudden candidacy as the successor, as, in him, "Putin likes extraordinary steps."Recognizable Belarusian opposition is not waiting for the configuration policy towards Belarus with brand-new chairman of the Russian government:"No positive configurations concerning relations with Belarus will not. No need to think that in the end will leave a bad Russian elections Putin and someone comes a new, decent. Politics absorption slices, quiet economic oppression will last.Had a different plan: to concede that Lukashenko and

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One of Polish spies changed testimony

On this day appointed sentencing. But as said senior inspector of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court Andrew Karpuk, one of the defendants in the last word suddenly changed his testimony. Who specifically, the press service of the Supreme Court do not report.Press Secretary Anastasia Tsimanovich said:"All the details will learn after the verdict. Tomorrow continue judicial investigation. And tomorrow will be the known date of the verdict."Tomorrow the court scheduled the debate. Of the defendants who did not, pronounces the last word. It is expected that the verdict "a Polish spy" will make Friday — barring any surprises.Recall

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Sidorsky energoelementy finds in Kazakhstan

Speaking after talks with his Belarusian officer Sergei Sidorsky Massimov noted that Kazakhstan is also interested in the Belarusian experience energy savings. According to Sergei Sidorsky, the parties discussed the joint projects in the energy sector in Kazakhstan.

M. Statkevich of resignation Fradkov: absorption of Belarus continue

According to Nikolai Statkevich, "the spokesman Russian siloviki Vladimir Putin, who holds the power in Russia, decided to name a successor in advance so as not to bring the case to fight the clans."Statkevich did not call the name of the successor, because he believes it is "irrelevant", "Whom shall presently be called, will become president." With all this Statkevich did not rule out that there will be a sudden candidacy because he believes that "Putin likes extraordinary steps."Policy against Belarus with a brand new chairman of the Russian government will not change, says Belarusian opposition."No positive configurations that the

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Orsha voters disappear whole streets

How to find observers Orsha street named Tselibeva, alleys whole Shakmina and Market also travel bulletins meteorologists were not included in the composition or the 1st of the polling stations. Some observers as an attempt to behold the manipulation of the electoral lists. Others imply that takes place everyday bungling bureaucrats. In Anyway — violation is clear, reports spring96.org. Tags: elections, vote rigging

Belarusian candidacy bureaucrat business, lattice oblivion?

First presidential administration manager Leonid Sinitsyn, who later served as Deputy Prime Minister, is currently working chairman of the Russian-Belarusian Fund "Socio-economic partnership." Sovereign Sinicyn reads decision on forthcoming fate bureaucrat, who is sent into retirement, perceives Alexander Lukashenko personally:"As a chess player, a bureaucrat must look ahead and realize that this is a common problem for the country, especially for our. Maybe even just treat some bureaucrats in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. And this is not what the hell authoritarian government. This indication of the power of authority, with all the ensuing consequences. Indeed authority spetsefichesky way to control the

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Stanislav Shushkevich

On Wednesday, September 12 at 13 o’clock Moscow time on the site of Liberty accomplished online conference with Stanislav Shushkevich.

Stanislav Shushkevich (born in 1934), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, corresponding member Academy Belarus.

In 1989-1991 Deputy of the USSR, member of the Interregional Group. In 1990-1996 — deputy Supreme Council Of the 12th convocation, first Deputy Chairman, from September 1991 to January 1994 and Chairman Supreme Council Belarus. In December 1991, together with Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kravchuk signed an agreement on the abolition of Viskuly USSR and the development of the CIS. He was a deputy Supreme

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Yushchenko: Our homeland does not study the case of poisoning

Viktor Yushchenko’s face, disfigured by dioxin in the last 3 years is much better. Only a few months back the president of Ukraine finished taking medication and painkillers. This he told reporters yesterday:"Estimating these three last year, I’ve read for you, how much I should just get up in the afternoon, in general, what I paid to stay in this world. "According to Viktor Yushchenko, the attempt on his life the other day 2004 presidential election was not of a personal nature, for it was the government. A dioxin that poisoned him, performed in Russian laboratories, this conclusion Yushchenko he

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Us, repressed kids, of course, insulted

As evident from the speech the chairman of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich, there is a discrepancy between the current pension legislation and decree of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, 1994.According to her victims of political repression as well recognized and children, left without parental care, which unjustifiably repressed on political grounds. Disclosed the decision of the Constitutional Court"The Constitutional Tribunal draws attention, that the preparation and adoption of draft resolutions referred to the Supreme Council, which had a regulatory nature, conducted in gross violation of applicable laws. First time limits for the Supreme Council. From the transcript of the

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