Should stay or Shejman or Viktor Lukashenko

Tsigankov: "Today, for the next day after Vladimir Kanaplyou filed with the request for resignation, we try to analyze all the versions that have been made for this time. One of the vserasprostranennyh — what Kanaplyou failed to keep their own interests in biznese.Eta version, like no matter what the other has a right to exist, but does not leave the answer to the question why exactly at the moment went cannabis. After all, their business interests he has at least a 96-year, and it did not stop him from being one of the closest people to Lukashenko. What happened,

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Martyrology of Liberty: Yefim Govorushko

Once a day, from September 1 to December 10 — a day or Global Human Rights — the air of "Freedom" we will remember one name to remember about single life, to talk about one lot with hundreds of thousands, dangling by the communist regime.Lists of victims — the website — will be available through the website***Govorushko Euthymios (15/10/1911, d. Rahachou Peninsula County. Mogilev province. — 03.06.1992, Smolevichy Minsk reg.), Novelist, essayist, teacher. Raised in an orphanage in Bobruisk. In 1935 graduated MWPI. Taught white. language and literature at Smalyavichy. 12/09/1936 arrested. Sentenced to 6 years 10/02/1937 imprisonment

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Power made a real hunt for the Young

Valery: "celebrating 940 years and Minsk only boasted that in the capital there are 7 wonders. This Trinity suburb, Government House, the government and the Opera and Ballet Theatre. These miracles could be more, but some durachiny from power undermined the monument to Stalin. Suppose he stood as the Sphinx in Egypt, as it is our history. "Emperor, Minsk district: "In your gear absolutely no harsh analytical information on the political and economic situation of our neighbors. If there are reported from Poland Dzikavitski, from the Baltic countries and Ukraine — no. For something with a surplus of endless wandering

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Your choice: more readable materials mon

The first "Battle of Orsha-2007" took place in spite of mass arrests 2nd Students "collapse" market rent of apartments TretiyNa Bangalore rally began business ChetvertoePrinyat plan to release Alyaksandr Kozulin 5th Membership Kolas and Yanka Kupala — a myth?

Prosecutors refused Sergei Skrabets

In a letter to senior assistant prosecutor Eugene Babenkova stated: "to initiate criminal case answer for the lack of public unsafe act which provides for the criminal law. "Sergey said Skrabets Radio "Liberty": "I have more than 30 postal notice, which says that my registered letter A. Kazulin they received. But at 1-x, ex-signaturepresidential candidate, I know perfectly well, roughly a fake. And, in-2, the prisoner said at the meeting daughters and wrote in a letter to his wife that my letters he receives. " Previous deputy prepares to answer a complaint from the district prosecutor’s office. • O.Kozulina S.Skrebets

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Orsha: Pushkin and Januszewski seek out new charges

The court adjourned. Policemen, who say that Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanusheuski stole municipal flag with Orsha district police, was taken to the police detainees of rewriting protocols.According to which article will continue to judge and A.Yanushevsky Pushkin is not yet clear.Recall after detention September 9 police states that are ready to initiate criminal case for insulting state symbols.As said by the court Orsha human rights activist Aleh Grablevsky, Ales Pushkin does not refute that took office in the municipal flag and threw it out the window. As for Alexei Yanushevski, his involvement in this incident so far none of

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In Bobruisk going to protest against the abolition of privileges

It is planned that in the picket perceive the role up to fifty people. Share the founders meant to spend at the stadium on the street Urickogo 76 — in that place, which led to the power of such events.Past conduct trials protests local authority Amoy.• Bobruisk: pickets for liberation A.Kozulin not allowed, 30.06.2007 • In Bobruisk try to hold the pickets for the liberation A.Kozulin, 13.08.2007

Photo report from the trials and Ya.Grischeney P.Severintsa

Jaroslav Hryshchenya Jaroslav Hryshchenya mom Svetlana Paul judged Sevyarinets Paul Seviarynets in court • Paul Seviarynets sentenced to 17 days and 620 thousand fine, 10.09.2007 • Jaroslav Hryshchenya about his process: "It’s fun and primitive", 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: paddy detainees in court yard, 10.09.2007 • Baranavichy detained near court About 20 people, 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: correspondent detained Radio Liberty, 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: Now Tribunal on Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya, 10.09.2007

Achieve autonomy we are not alone, Belarusians, and all the peoples of the Russian Federation

"Free Belarus" in 1917 signed to YA.L-writes: "Whoever will scare us autonomy and bring us that she nipatrebna and harmful, it is our enemy, the enemy of all Belarusian people. Achieve autonomy we are not alone, Belarusians, and all the peoples of the Russian Federation: Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Finns, etc. This alone shows that it is something bad or if its people crave. And if we, Belarusians, abandon it, only pasvedchym everyone on the laughter that we black people, shy and do not know what we need. ""Belarusian village" in 1927 under the heading "These mess to kill" reported: "In

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PR move during the crisis, to prevent the outflow of deposits likely

The theme of this issue of the weekly "Bel" — U.S. presidential election. In the article "The United States of Obama" journalists and analysts seek out answers to the question whether it means coming to a whitewashed house Barack Obama configuration between the U.S. and Belarus, reports deputy editor of Victor Martinovic:

"Victory Barca Obama is also winning Belarus because Obama — the new man in a white house. Due to the fact that most likely at the moment will start to change management paradigm in the United States. And authorities Belarus will easier to agree on improving relations without

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