Without democratic configurations deal with the EU is unlikely to swap

English diplomat saw that "the choice is to Belarus" and stressed that "without democratic configurations in the case of Belarus is unlikely to swap radically." By Nigel Gould-Davies, "the development of a housekeeper and Energy, of course, important. But even more fundamentally recognize that the European Union — is not only an economic union, but also a political and legal society. There are common ethical and moral values." Previously Thomas Gombart employee of the French Institute Foreign Affairs, said in an interview with the Polish newspaper «Dziennik»: «France, Germany and England realized Belarus — it is not a Russian province,

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Othello Shakespeare week opens in Minsk

The festival uchavstvujut as the State Theatre of Yanka Kupala, the Russian State Theatre named after Maxim bitter and Academic Theater Faith Komissarzhevsky from St. Petersburg. Kupala show on its own scene tragedy "Macbeth" directed by Algirdas Latenas. This will happen tomorrow, September 27. "Macbeth" is on stage for almost Kupala two years, but each performance — a true event in the theatrical life of the town.On Sunday, the 28th, at the Russian Theatre will be given performance of "The Taming of the opposite," which set Valentine Erenkova. Production also distinctive — the first time in Belarus Shakespeare show in

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Want to declare in Belarusian — a tribunal

September 9, Gomel customs Man accused of violating Article 23.4 — disobeying legitimate requirements of the official.Sergey Semenov crossed the Belarusian-Ukrainian border by bus, on Fri skip "Guta newcomer." Belarusian customs officers offered Semenov fill the declaration. Youth not renounce, but asked to form whiteRussian language, explaining that zastseragaetstsa errors when completing an official document in Russian. Customs amounted Sergei Semenov protocol on administrative violation.Tribunal over Sergei Semyonov held on September 24.August 30 referee Central district of Homel Marina Domnenkov fined Sergei Semenov 930 thousand rubles "For disobeying the customs inspector at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border." August 21, traveling by train

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Baranovichi: Young activists face new courts

Paul is arrested only Seviarynets.Activists drawn up for his role in an illegal gathering for hooliganism. Trials of tested them in different days are from 14 to 22 September. • Began Tribunal over Paul Sevyarynets, 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: paddy detainees in court yard, 10.09.2007 • Baranavichy the court detained about 20 people, 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: correspondent detained Radio Liberty, 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: Now Tribunal on Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya, 10.09.2007 • Trials of Malady Nyasvizh and Saligorsk: Report, 4.09.2007 • Online conference with Paul Sevyarynets, 05/09/2007

Figure a day or 6

The corresponding figure is 8.8 percent. It is reported by the press service of the CIS Statistical Committee. In the first place — Azerbaijan (34.5%). After going Armenia (12.1%), Uzbekistan (9.7%), Kyrgyzstan (9.5%) Our homeland (9.3%).Worst performance in Ukraine — 7.7%, Tajikistan — 7.5%. Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Moldova, information on GDP growth is not presented. The average growth of 9.5% in the CIS

A.Klimov first of prisoners sentenced to a severe regime

Prior to the current a day or was not exactly clear how the process took place over Andrei Klimov — it was closed or open, and to which the regime for sentenced policy.September 10 Lawyer Valentines Flyer told me that the trial of Andrei Klimov was closed. On the question of the mode of detention she said that it "does not remember", and then refused to talk, citing an agreement with his wife Tatyana Klimova Leonovich."We agreed that journalists will contact it," — said the lawyer. But Tatiana Leonovich second week does not answer calls.Later on Playback content Klimov has

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Orsha trial detainees in the bard festival

First in Orsha city Tribunal brought youth activist Dennis Sadowski. Referee Orsha Court Tatiana Rybakov found him guilty in a small hooliganism under Article 17.1 of administrative law.Police witnesses said that the boy neprelichno expressed, for which he was detained and September 8 near the village Gatkovschina.This accusation was made for the first time in court to immediately arrest the police blamed Sadowski insubordination to policing — one of the officers said that the detention Sadowski scratched his hand.Dennis Sadowski was sentenced to 5 days of arrest.Artist Ales Pushkin and Minsk youth activist Alexei Yanushevski brought to the tribunal only

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Examination of Freedom: What are the results of the struggle for the youth?

10 years old "to Young Front" and 5 years BRYU. Why the political screen of the country is only one youth organization — "Young Front"? Did he capture the support of the youth? Who is the greatest influence on the minds of young people — "Young Front" or BRYU? Seviarynets: "Defeat of people who believe in God, it is impossible"Valery Karbalevich: "Over the past 10-15 years, Belarus has operated many youth organizations oppositional:" Bison "," Young Socialists "," Young Democrats ", the Young Communist League and others. Some of them have now.But on the political screen of the country can

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Tribunal began on Paul Sevyarynets

Tribunal over Paul began with Sevyarynets standard on confidence trial. Seviarynets Paul said he did not trust the court in principle because, in his opinion, the courts in Belarus — is punitive structure. At this hearing was interrupted.Total detainees now made two protocols — participation in an unsanctioned rally and small hooliganism.Pope 2-juvenile detainees — Ivan Shyla and Luba Filyutsich — were not allowed to meet with the children. Protocols were drawn up without their parental role. Both before This time — and 10 hours — remain in the sector. • Baranovichi: paddy detainees in court yard, 10.09.2007 • Baranavichy

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G.Paganyayla: Was residence — will check

Citizens will regitsya locally constant residence or temporary residence. It should be called, for example, to the head ZhESa. Initially submit the necessary documents, and later get a passport with a stamp on the residence registration certificate or residence registration.But citizens should not engage in discharge. Registration Authority is the institution of the Interior.Get registration will be from 3 to 13 daysDeputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Alex Runner explained the difference between registration of residence."Registration changed with 2 institutes — Institute of residence registration and registration of temporary residence. Various things. If registration at the place

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