Wish to thank Valentin Zhdanko for harsh comment letters

Man: "I would never have moved the brains that so called favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus, owed is in opposition to the current government. Specifically about this, he said now, when almost an hour near the microphone raspinavsya Belarusian Radio. Enough for all of it: and Milinkevich, and students who are studying abroad for programmke Kalinouski, and many others for what they are and spend some money there. In this regard, I wish to ask Sergei Haidukevich as himself "roll the" pocket opposition for the role? Since the real opposition to the Belarusian radio on a gun

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Martyrology of Liberty: Mieczyslaw Sabachynski

Once a day, from September 1 to December 10 — a day or Global Human Rights — the air of "Freedom" we will remember one name to remember about single life, to talk about one lot with hundreds of thousands, dangling by the communist regime.Lists of victims — the website martyraloh.org — will be available through the website svaboda.org.***SABACHYNSKI Mieczyslaw Isaacovich, cum. 1884 s. Gypsy povet Czestochowa, Poland, Polish, farmer, h. education., a priest in the Church of Slutsky. Lived: Słuck str. Parish. 33.03.10 arrested. 34.02.24 condemned the "troika" for a / c agitation, as a member of a /

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Supreme Tribunal refused pioneer cancel the contract system

Referee Ms. Zhukovsky own decision recognized that the Central Election Commission erred when considered that at the founding meeting active group there was no quorum. But the second premise of refusal to register — inconsistencies proposals to abolish the contract system of the Belarusian legislation — on the views of the court, is enough to throw the decision of the CEC. • The referendum on the abolition of the contract system will not, 26.06.2007

Yarmoshyna: OSCE observers have thrown off the ballot box and thrashed her legs

Namely Yarmoshina said that one of the sections in Bobruisk OSCE observers pushed "knocked the ballot box on the floor and thrashed her legs" and one observer from the OSCE gave annotation, so voters gave him the papers, and threw urns spotless sheets of paper. Claims to the observers from CIS Yarmoshyna not.

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The United States supported the Young Belarusians and asked the United Nations

Appeal adopted September 8 in New York during a rally in support of the activists’Junior Front"Ivan Shyla, Anastasia Azarko and Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Near UN building on a rally in support gathered about 20 people from various cities in America: New York, Washington, Boston and others.During the picket proclamation was read favorite CCP BPF Poznyak youth of days on the occasion of the Belarusian Military Glory.Share held Belarusian Youth Movement. The collection of signatures lasts through the web on the website of the Movement www.belmov.org. Two weeks later, an appeal to all the collected signatures will be sent to the UN.

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Bangalore rally began on business

At the rally, discusses the strict requirements of Presidential Decree number 302."According to the decree number 302, — says Anatoly Shumchanka — private entrepreneurs should go to the unitary enterprises. Feature of this decree is that the address legal must be register at the place of residence. And the most important thing — the owner of such premises can not prevent audits, audits and financial activities, etc. In practice, this allows the control of the police, tax inspection, the State Control Committee to come to the apartment and seek documents, to find a product, etc. If you have previously was

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An eyewitness in court not vyznat Yaroslav Grischenya

Activist "Junior Front"Yaroslav Grischenya trial for activities on behalf of an unregistered organization.Now before the court in Baranovichi commandos detained several 10-s people who protested outside the courthouse against the prosecution of activists "Junior Front. " • In Baranavichy the court detained about 20 people, 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: correspondent detained Radio Liberty, 10.09.2007 • Baranovichi: Now Tribunal on Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya, 10.09.2007 • Trials of Malady Nyasvizh and Saligorsk: Report, 4.09.2007 • Online conference with Paul Sevyarynets, 05/09/2007

Orsha: Dennis Sadowski was sentenced to five days in jail

Dennis Sadowski police detainee was taken to the clinic, some of them claimed that Denis Tipo resisted and scratched his hand. Policemen ensure that Denis was tested for alcohol.Now Orsha Tribunal agreed with the police in the small charges of hooliganism and sentenced Denis arrest for five days.

Orsha judge detained Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski

Ales Pushkin said that in conjunction with the bard Andrei Melnikov police detained near the village Gatkovschina when they already vorachivalis with the festival. Alexei Yanushevski detained together with a group of young people near the village Syaglava.Tam night from 8 to 9 September held an impromptu concert, because the police is not allowed to hold bard festival Krapivenskaya field due to the fact that on an ordinary place of celebration razminuyuts shells, allegedly to find the other day.In the course of the proceedings in the police department told the detainees that against Lena Makarevich, Alexei Yanushevski and Ales Pushkin

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Baranovichi: Radio Liberty correspondent detained

Detainees previously youth activists in the current time at the police station up for the role of protocols in an unsanctioned rally.Process did not allow relatives Yaroslav Hryshchenya — Svetlana mom and grandfather Misha Hryshchenya. Motivation — lack of seats in the courtroom.Misha said Hryshchenya Radio Liberty, September 5 Yaroslav father Sergei Grischenya offered to resign from the factory on their own. On trial Yaroslav Hryshchenya whom blame activity on behalf of unregistered organization is representative of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus.

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