Orsha: detainees threatened with criminal cases

When police released some detainees with of so-called "Lenin corners" someone threw out the window the municipal flag. Commandos litsezrev it returned people from the street to the police station and locked everyone in the duty room. Several people held in the city police department, the others are in the district department. On the 1st of the detainees have already drawn up for disorderly conduct. It is possible that tomorrow will be tried on similar charges a few more people. Some detainees have already brought to the police department twice — yesterday evening and today morning.

Lithuania will host a festival of poetry and the arts with the role of Belarusian painters

As said Head of the Belarusian delegation, chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich, creative organizer of the action the Lithuanian Writers Alliance with the support of the Lithuanian government. By him, the role of the festival for the first time invited both Union of Belarusian Writers, registered in Minsk and Vilnius.Not counting the Belarusian, Lithuanian poets and painters in the charting shares perceive the role Polish writers and masters of fine art. Any country sends a delegation to the festival of 5 poets and painters 5. Belarus to go to Nida writers Tatiana Sapach, Boris, Oleg and

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Sunday at Liberty

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday.6:33 * "PO Box 111" — Letters from listeners on the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 6:45 * "Sign of Faith" — Tradition Belarusian pronunciation Church Slavonic texts. 7:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday.7:33 * "House of Writers" — Talking with a medical philology, literary critic Ivan Saverchenko — anthologist "Old Belarusian literature. XII — XVII century"; critic Michas Tychina criticizes zabugornoy collection of translations of prose "The Library of Babel"; guest column "creator and the product" will Natalich writer Marina.Evening 18:05 * "Prague accent" — How does the general

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P. Sevyarynets: Battle of Orsha Continues

Immediately whereupon the place of the celebration approached several police vans. Policemen rushed to a few people. Almost half of the detained activists constitute an unregistered organization "Young Front. "Explained to the policemen that decide to draw up protocols or not, will be in the district offices of Vitebsk police.Orsha detained nine of the Young and Ales Pushkin, 8.09.2007 Activists forced off the train "Mogilev-Orsha", 8.09.2007 P. Sevyarynets: Police in Krapiuna field — an attempt to disrupt the celebration, 8.09.2007

Mon to Freedom

Morning6:10 * "Prague accent" — How does the well-being of the Belarusians in general and separate groups namely the Belarusian population? What is the obligation of the country to the Belarusian population — nature of so-called "social contract"? These issues discussions are doctoral based in Florence "European University Institute" Alexei Pikulik, last Labor Minister Alexander Pines and Deputy Director of the «CASE Belarus’ Alexander Chubrik.6:35 *"Calls to" Freedom " — Weekly review of our listeners calls.6:45 * "Free Studio" — Misha Scoble discusses the architect Alexander Prokhorov — one of the creators of the monument to Prince Vseslav Sorcerer which

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Orsha detained nine of the Young and Ales Pushkin

Malady brought to the police station, explaining to them it must to know their personality.Artist Ales Pushkin traffic police officers detained at the approaches to the field of the Belarusian Military Glory. Painter started playing guitar and singing on the road, at the point where it stopped the police and gathered such makarom mass of people.On-site celebrations have already gathered several 10-s people. Paul Seviarynets told that near field Krapivenskaga seen leaders Vitebsk municipal and regional police.Meanwhile detained in Mogilev at the railway station public activists, police forced off the train "Mogilev — Orsha", released from the site, where they

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Evrakaalitsyya called the square

This was announced at a press conference held today in the office of the BPF. Favourite European Coalition Statkevich said that today’s elections in House of Representatives — and conscientious, and not democratic

Statkevich"We regard this election as a farce. We appeal to the Belarusian society to Sunday September 28, 20 hours to enter the October Square, to show their own protest. Indeed, already at this point it is clear where this is going. We have participated many times in these pseudo, and the situation is repeated. We urge the international community not to recognize these elections conscientious. We allow

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Austrian Telekom will become the owner of the Belarusian Velcomu?

As the APA news agency, citing sources in monetary circles, some details will be announced in the October 2nd meeting of the Supervisory Board of "Telekom Austria".For all press inquiries management company meets the "No Comment". But reporters APA has learned that talks to acquire the company "Mobilkom Austria" (daughter company "Telekomu") of the Belarusian mobile operator conducted long and are a secret character.Chapter Austrian Mobilkom Boris Nemsich (Pictured), which is also called "the prince heir" "Telekomu", is considered one of the most successful European businessmen and also the European Commission is a professional in the field of telecommunications. Dyplyamavanamu

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Activists forced off the train Mogilev-Orsha

Middle of the detainees — Managing urban white cell CompanyRussian language Oleg Diachkov, youth activists Eugene Boyko and Evgeny Suvorov. Clearly the number of detainees is unknown yet.The department conducted an inspection of the police personal belongings activists. Circumstances of the detention is not called the police.

Survey in Minsk: Will the government some cleaners …

Student: "Weirdly even think that you have to live on a pension. Maybe while I live to retirement, something will change."Passerby: "The smallness unfair. Sadly, naturally — work, work … I’ve been working for 50 years. Professor I-ginekolyag. Retirement 300 thousand. Policeman or a commando gets there damn knows how tos funds … Once put a question to the President in Academy — leveled with Colonel retired doctor. Not even with the general and the colonel … Promised, but not leveled. "Old woman: "The doctor is that?! And I thought, there feces million … No? … Then I do not

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