P. Sevyarynets: Police in Krapiuna field — an attempt to disrupt the celebration

Policemen cordoned off the area. They explained that the field is mined and must expect sappersSeviarynets Paul said, "Freedom", which is another attempt to disrupt the event, in which uchavstvujut representatives of different youth structures in including knight club and intimidate potential viewers.Celebration organizers said that the event, in spite of all obstacles, all the same happen.Meanwhile Grodno Grodno democratic activists organizations laid flowers at the monument near Kalozha church dedicated to the Battle of Grunwald. Flowers with a white-red-white ribbons placed around "Abduction."Despite the huge number of policemen in civilian clothes, the opposition managed to such makarom to honor

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Week in Belarus in photo 1 — September 8

September 1. Ruler of the State Humanities LyceumSeptember 1. Flash mobs "BPF Youth" until a day or educationSeptember 4. Detention before Saligorsk Tribunal over Ivan ShylaSeptember 4. Tribunal over Ivan Shyla SoligorskSeptember 4. Tribunal over Anastasia Azarko, ShultsEverywhere around the court were policemen. In the courtyard of the police station was still ready Nesvizha bus with commandosIn court Anastasia parted with flowers donated by associatesTogether with his mother Zoe Azarko who refused to testify against her daughterIn a break Anastasia Azarko met Paul Seviarynets and activistsSeptember 5. Youth activists Soligorski in courtKasia GalicianDmitry YasevichSeptember 5. Tribunal in restoring Yuri Oleynik

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Early elections in Poland will be held October 21

"So makarom approved a law in parliament dissolution Rechipospolitoy ", — said the speaker of the Sejm Ludwik Dorn, after for the reduction of the term of the parliament voted overwhelming majority of deputies, including and now the ruling party "Law and Justice".Dissolve parliament — a consequence of the political crisis, which began in July, when the coalition government left the party and Self Defense League of Polish Families. Cabinet Jaroslaw Kaczynski lost most in the Diet, the right to effective work."It will be a good lesson for voters who are I think, started a very critical look at the

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Your choice: more readable materials Friday

Malady first held a solemn party Second, "What is your attitude toward God?" — He was interested in KGB the worker 3rd Mazynsky recognizes that a conference call looks like a masochist Andrei Klimov fourth sentence: two years bullpen for the article on the Web 5th Belarus spoiled Europe style most humane mainland

Vladimir Skrabatun: I believe in the greatness of our history and culture

I remember as a child (the year 1970 in some places th, eighth grade) I took great and went very far. So far as courage allowed 14-year-old child. Road. Dahl. The feeling of freedom! .. Earlier ancestors were not allowed to absent themselves from the house somewhere.And here I am in surrey. Alley. Very huge trees. Such large I never beheld. Now I know — it’s silver poplar, tree authoritative Rzeczpospolita. Bridge over the River Arzhanitsa. Unblemished, clear as a tear, water. Bevy fish scurry. Ancient mill in front of the sandwiched grayish stones. The snow-white lime dough. Pebbles, raisins

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Protest at the heartstrings

The action took place in the center of the deepest, and the audience there were manynumerical passersby. — I was on the neck of a poster reading "No — the administrative resource! No — besprintsipialnoy Election Commission! The law is equal for everyone! "I stood on the porch of the Executive Committee, where the district is located Election Commission. Secretary came out and asked if I have a permit for the rally. I replied that this was my way of campaigning and I am now I have the right campaign — said Jaroslav Bernikovich.Passers-by, who approached and asked, what’s happening,

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Now pass bard festival Battle of Orsha 2007

Decided to hold the festival in spite of the fact that yesterday, police officers blocked the entrances to the village Gatkovschina, which usually occurs celebration. Local activists explained to that field Krapivenskaya conduct clearance near the found shells.In this case, if the evening saves Krapivny river will still be under police guard, concert bards all the same held — in another place, but far away from the usual.Tradition of celebrating the day of the Belarusian Military Glory singing in Krapiuna field founded 17 years ago recognizable bard Andrei Melnikov, Orsha local historian Yuri Koptik and local activist Gennady Shepelyov.With addition

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Why the government was silent about the verdict Andrei Klimov?

The evening of the 7th September, it became clear that Andrei Klimov was sentenced in the Central district court of Minsk to two years in prison for distribution via the Web appeals against the government. The verdict was passed on August 1. Let me remind you, the policy first arrested in April and, according to This time held in Minsk remand.The court said that the sentence has not yet entered into force. This also means that Andrei Klimov appealed and is awaiting review their own complaints in the city court.Why only a month, it became clear to trial Andrei Klimov?

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Day of the Belarusian Military Glory noted in Warsaw

Says one of the organizers Anton Telezhnikov:"This is a national prazdnichek which is banned in Belarus, by As the last, not observed at the municipal level and is one of the important prazdnichkom. This is one of the greatest victories in the history of Belarusians, even more so of Russian troops. Such eminent date should be celebrated as it implements and the glory of the Belarusian Belarusian military affairs. "

Paul Seviarynets sentenced to 17 days and 620 thousand fine

Paul Sevyarinets accused of organizing a rally in support of Yaroslav Hryshchenya on the porch of the court. In-2, in court, he said that the court in Belarus can not be legitimate because he does not trust him. Additional 2 days awarded for what he, according to police, "whistle whistle" that was regarded as disorderly conduct.P. Sevyarynets will serve his sentence in Baranovichi in temporary detention.The verdict will be announced tomorrow Gischenyu, the meeting will begin at 9:30 am. He faces up to 6 months of arrest, but some lawyers believe that it is not concluded. Most of the action

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