Andrei Klimov was sentenced more than a month

It is understood that week reversed relatives Klimov handed him a transfer to remand Valadarski Street. Andrei Klimov was arrested April 3 when he came to the Minsk city prosecutor’s office to find out accident criminal case, instigated against him for an article on the Web. Initially politician had the status of a suspect insulting Alexander Lukashenko and slandering him. After questioning Klimova accused of calling for the overthrow of the existing order.In June, friends and acquaintances Klimov completed receive a letter from him. Mother of Andrew and wife Tatiana Leonovich did not respond to calls.Assistant Andrew of "Movement Andrei

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Out of print CD Belarusian software

Book Fair fairgrounds "Belexpo" — there appeared the first instances of "Belarusian software" on September 7. On the disk "Windows XP" i "Linux", "Counter Strike", subtitles for a number of feature films and animated movies and hundreds of other computer programs on whiteRussian language. Behind the counter trader books and discs created ideas and publications manager disk Ales Mazanik.Mazanik: "The main thing in this disc is that all these transfers have on the Web. But nobody ever collected on one disc. So makarom, I think, that this disk should become popular in the midst of Belarusian youth. Now, just getting

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Reporters Without Borders: UN Council does not own work

According to "Reporters", "after, as the UN Council annulled the mandates of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus and Cuba — the worst violators of media freedom, the same tried to reach Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Burundi. "But the statement says, in all six countries, media rights are violated every day and without observing the situation-independent professionals work of the UN looks stupid. "Reporters" turning their attention, that a year earlier Rada issues Human Rights befitting replaced the UN Commission — the body that are very compromising himself. International journalism organization is also concerned with the

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Deputy Chairman of the Grodno organization BPF was sentenced to three days

Maxim Gubarevich detained, according to the protocol, at 12.40 in the park named Zhiliber. As shown in court patrol Nicholas Shymanitsa and Ivan Fist Hubarevich standing in park Zhiliber, neprelichno vyrazhavsya, talking on the phone and did not respond to the comments of the police. Maxim Hubarevich znyapravdiv this evidence and argued to the court that he is being persecuted for political reasons. In court Hubarevich presented agenda of the KGB, said that half an hour with him debated representatives of special services. A whereupon, when he went into the yard to him in 15 minutes policemen came and began

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Retchitsa: spontaneous protest businessmen

As said member of the organization "For Free Development of Enterprise" Oleg Shabetnik, more than 50 people gathered in the square at the structure Rechytsa executive committee. To people had exit vice-chairman local executive committee Leonid Maleyke. After a rather short conversation bureaucrat said that the pre-conflict will be examined on Saturday, September 8, in the presence of an asset businessmen and representatives of Gomel Regional Executive Committee and Regional Prosecutor’s Office.According to Oleg Shabetnik, people are offended by the administration of the market. The interviewer noted that the leaders of personal unitary market "Danaprys" ordered 150 metal roller shutters,

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Guest Night of Freedom — the poet Violetta Paczkowski

People on the streets of Mogilev utter than close Belarusians and Poles.In "Night of research papers" — to check the veracity of the message on one of the blogs that went on sale Brest match with portraits and official opposition Belarusian politicians. Minsk inhabitants express their worldview about which politicians portraits worth printing on marketing products.In addition, in "Night Freedom" an initiative of the administration of the 1st of Grodno schools, which began to send text messages to parents rated their kids, review literary almanac "Shklovschina literary", a story about the beginning of filming music videos for the channel "Belsat"

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Lukashenko wants to start a dialogue with the U.S.

"Everything is dependent on America. If America is interested in developing relations with us without building any additional barriers and training criteria, we are serious in this regard will advance. And Americans are satisfied with the cooperation with Belarus." The head of Belarus said interview with an American newspaper "The Wall Street Journal". "We must return to the step quality that were before the crisis, and we need to start a dialogue," — said Lukashenko. Speaking about the U.S. President B.Abamu, Lukashenko said that it is "a new, young, educated people nezashorany more spirited and energetic person who will be

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Premature vote — is a vote for the official candidate

In the elections to the Chamber of previous convocation, held in the autumn of 2004, three a day or early voting votes 9.6% of voters. Comparable with meanwhile picking up pace: 12.3% vs. 9.6%. Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik explains to us why, in his view, this phenomenon is impartial:"People began to appreciate more their own time. In my opinion, premature vote, as is the norm of the Electoral Code allows

Premature voting is necessary to improve and expand ….

every citizen is guaranteed to bring more than their right to vote. Because premature vote is

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Policemen seek out mines on the field Krapivenskaya

Police cars blocking driveways and walkways to the river bank Nettle, which usually hosts concerts. But for mine machinery or military professionals, local activists not beheld."We came to put the scene to prepare the site for the festival — said our radio Managing Orsha Council of Youth Organizations Igor Kazmyarchek. — At the turn on Gatkovschina police car stopped us DPS. And we uttered: "This can not turn back to Orsha. Here found the shell will razminovvats. Razminuyuts If, then come. Well, here we are different ways to scold district … But I do not know, that here, in Gatkovschina,

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Match heroes Shejman & Maltsev, Liabedzka & Kaljakin

Valery hoe blogger notes: "After the change of ownership at the local match factory" managers set off the brain. " "Enrage profits" initially prompted them to print on labels portraits favorites opposition parties. But after criticism from "above" started producing portraits "siloviki". Repeated samples contact Tsapkov came to nothing. Then we went to another method.Lebedko: "Groups of UCP" Pinskdrev "no"The coming of Brest match factory located in Pinsk. I tried to find out if a company that enters into the structure of "Pinskdrev" attitude toward reklyamavannya official and opposition politicians. Hearing my question, a company representative at a loss: "And

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