Atroschankau detained by police

During a search of his home police seized a computer system. While it is unclear will be Alexander protocol and whereby article. Policemen shall be removed to take warm clothes for Atroschankau from his wife. She did not rule out that her husband would be taken to jail Akrestsin Street and transported to the court tomorrow.• Pripiranie opposition activists marched to the European intensified, 09.10.2007

Criminal case Dmitry Dashkevich was brought to the prosecutor

The criminal case against Dmitry Dashkevich for refusing to testify against their colleagues filed Shklou police. Earlier on offer investigator Soligorsk prosecutors prosecute the Young Shklou colleagues gave a negative answer. As a result, agreed to conduct business Shklou police. Zmitser Dashkevich did not cooperate with the investigation, considering the illegal acts of policemen. Despite this, the police handed over criminal case in the prosecutor’s office to get approval for the transfer to the court. Favourite devoid Registered Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada" Statkevich Zmiter support and also finds a new criminal case in violation of procedural rules:"This article may

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Pripiranie opposition activists marched to the European intensified

In the apartment Alexander Atroschankau Minsk police broke through the window. The apartment is on the second floor of the house number 8 on the street City shaft. Policemen refused to name names and show their identification cards. They recommended to voluntarily give them all the information materials for the "European march".Later came to the apartment KGB. They became interested in computers and papers. In the apartment of Alexander did not let his wife. He was also forbidden to use the telephone. Alexander Atroschankau was press secretary "Bison". After, as the last head of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko initiated additional

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Citations a day or October 9

"We are pleased that the permission is granted, but not happy with what routes we offer." Managing the organizing committee Euro Marsha Viktor Ivashkevich Mingorispolkom the decision that has permitted demonstration on October 14 supporters of European integration of Belarus.

"I have actual experience: in 1950-1960-ies I knew people who crosses destroyed by the Bolsheviks, fought with religion. All these people finished very badly and very rapidly. Most of the dead. Some have gone brain, become disabled, lost sons, daughters. And the one who raised his hand at the sign on the cross; even if it will not

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Winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics

Nobel Prize in Physics is one of the 5 so called traditional awards that the inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel in their own tastamentse ordered handing over professional scientists, writers and public figures, those who, by him, "Brought the greatest benefits to the people of the earth." First Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 became Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. He opened the radiation, which now bears his name.Albert Fert and Peter Grunberg steel 101-E winners-physicists. Noteworthy that any of them independently, irrespective of other colleagues have come to the open configuration, the electronic resistance of the solid outer conductor under the

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Wednesday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast Tuesday from 18.00. 6:30 * replay of the webcast Tuesday from 19.00. 07.00 Morning F* Against the Young brought another criminal case. * October 10 — European day against the death penalty. * According to the Labour Code changes Belarusians decrease holiday. * Guest morning broadcast Andrew Tolchin from Gomel. Evening18:00 * Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world. 18:33 * Mailbox-111 — Letters from listeners on the freedom to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 18:45 * Liberty Travel — Kryčaŭ Mogilev region. 19:00* Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world.

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Newspaper Comrade police keeps under lock and key

"I ask that the Office of the police department responded to me why I am deprived of the right to use disk imaging freedom"Newspaper circulation is 30 thousand copies. Because books police complaints can be rapidly filled. In accordance with the presidential decree number 2 every citizen to own request must receive a response. The most active readers of the newspaper "Comrade" Zhlobin made notes before calling edition. In the book of complaints has four entries. Opposite records are stamps that they are taken into consideration. Nevertheless wrote that police member of the Communist Party of Belarus Valery Rybchenko?"I own

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Maybe you prohibit smoking in public places?

In Belarus, 33% of the population smoke Every second man and every fifth woman. The highest fraction of those who smoke, in the midst of the unemployed (60%), workers, construction workers, transport workers (55%), business and agricultural workers. Less smoking housewives and the elderly.In Belarus in all institutions of education, culture, clinics, hospitals, administrative buildings, almost all restaurants, bars, cafes smoking is strictly prohibited. You can not smoke on the ground and schools and parks. September 12 Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov signed a decree which establishes liability for the use of tobacco in public places and said prohibiting smoking in

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Regional favorite comment election results

"We used a little more freedom"Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), managing Brest regional branch of the party Igor Maslowski ran for the Brest-East constituency number 3. From boycott refused. And now believes that it was the right decision."We used more freedom. We used appearances on radio and television," round table ", which released the municipal newspaper. We were able to hold street pickets. People have seen that the opposition is fighting for the questionthe man. All our actions have added 10-20% of the vote. Well, at the finish, of course, everything went as usual. ""The opposition

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Night Siege October 9

Explorer Web site blogs "Gaze" Ales Chajchyts talks with ant1killeram blogger who publishes in his diary reasoning entitled "Why Belarusians will come to the European March." ant1killer emphasis on social dilemmas: students abolished privileges, young spetsam lacks dwelling older people — wages, pensioners — pension. "But in Europe it’s different," — says the creator of the message.Ales Chajchyts commented: "The reader is invited to come to the conclusion that, as" Europe will come, "we all live happily and carefree. But nothing is free, and fabulous FEI too does not happen, like it wanted to. (…) Democratization and freeing the economy

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