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Freshman. Lyabedzka: "In Vilnius not spun nuts in cars" Second "Famous people of Belarus" in the office of BPF TretiySegodnya anniversary at "Junior Front"Belarusian Republican Youth Union and The fourth "Between": presentation in the yard Fifth in Vitebsk in the underpass bred carp

Konstantin Shydlouski: The will of fate had become a favorite

Constantine I know a half decades. At different times and under different circumstances, met with him as famous in Braslav opposition politician. Historian and researcher. Regionalists-travelers. And fascinating conversationalist.But long ago saw that much or too little to know about his character are equally prevents story.Because first draw the portrait shtrishki trust 27-year-old Avgenya ticket. He constantly lives in a little more than six months Braslaw. And runs alongside Shidlovskii — ethnographic museum. Well, purely figurative hemakes it better than me. Specialist — painter and art critic of education.A beginning, says Avgen all so …Ticket, "the first time led me

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How to relate to God? — KGB was interested in working

There were also questions about the relationship with his brother — Alexander Masuk known Slonimsky public activist. Whereupon Guest proposed Yuri write a statement saying that he would not engage in unregistered religious organizations, but Yuri refused do. This is what we said Ales Masuk, who noted that his brother does not apply to religious groups, but helps him during election campaigns.

Citations passed: philatelists know that the dark color is not very uncommon to post signs.

Greetings to you! Here’s how ceases day September 7 different years passed through publication in newspapers Belarusian past.* "Krasnoarmejsky truth", year 1927. Denisov soldier writes: "In our regiment accordion hitherto participated in the campaign. Even horse spies adapted to play, sitting astride a horse. Yes, that’s on the company officer exercises command forbade the use of the accordion on the campaign, explaining that followed: the accordion on the campaign can lead to indiscipline fighters; when he plays the accordion, the Red Army feel not in order, as free citizens in rural areas. I do not agree with such views …

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Belarus spoiled Europe style most humane mainland

Romano Prodi said that members of international organizations concerned about the growing cases of the death penalty in the world. So Last year was condemned to death more people than in the past 25 years. Not counting on Belarus so called the "Podiyu shame" were authoritarian countries such as China, Iran and Pakistan. As for Belarus, the Last year to be shot here were convicted 9 people, while in 2005 — 2 people. From 30 June 2005 until 30 June 2006 in the country was made 5 death sentences. The document "Hands off Cain!" It is also noted in Belarus

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Mazynsky recognizes that a conference looks like a masochist

Reporter: "Mr. Mazynsky, I was waiting to be declared the debate. But it turned out that you were, was very curious, but I understand that the public was not fully prepared, and generally slightly narrow topic — Theatre. Although expected, and our present life. Do you think that it is — as a valuable material for the writer, the artist, for the playwright for the theater? "Mazynsky: "I think life — now, tomorrow, yesterday — it is self-valuable, it is always valuable. Only if the painter ready to days of this, or crowded it to the emotions, what’s happening? A

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Projected to continue creeping privatization

Tsigankov: "Many reserves for Belarusian economy bears the privatization process? It appears that many, because Belarus is a "privatized" state. " Manyanok: "Privatization can assist here attract effective owners, managers, and enable companies to become competitive, to enter the markets not only Russia. This requires specific investments, and they can only come if the country really will go transparent effective privatization. But while we do not litsezreem. Concepts, system policy in Belarus is not, as there is no awareness that privatization — is an effective tool verbovaniya investment opportunity and assist budget and population. All the neighbors of Belarus this

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Developed by other development plan Shklovschiny

Public activists offer their vision of the district. It is based on a market economy and the ability of the local population initiatives. Other ways by developers beliefs lead to a deadlock. Although now officially considered Shklovschina not ideal unless economic policy management in Belarus."If we analyze the economic situation of the area Shklovsky, we come to disastrous conclusion — on Actually nothing to be proud. This also applies to the economy and the social sphere, especially in real incomes and unemployment, as well as prospects, too, "- said Peter Migursky.Scholar argues that the unemployment rate here of 25%. While

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Klimovichi entrepreneurs complain about the extortion

My interlocutors until asked to call them names. So makarom, chat with meeting participants Vladimir, Yuri and Gennady. They are from 25 to 35 years."We gathered, uttered that in Bobruisk a million forked Lyceum — says Gennady. — Popkov cited the example pronounced him Kulakowski, head of the regional department of vocational education, that there are so many entrepreneurs have developed. We were offered 50 thousand to buy paint …""People have purchased the paint, but they had to give, give uttered means, because the paint, they say, can be stolen — adds Vladimir. — We refused to give money, and

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On land voters deliver buses

Observing in Grodno from the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Roman Yurhel first notes facts destinations voters in areas under duress. That voters do not expand, bought buses"On the Production Association" Khimvolokno ", which employs about five thousand people, and the plant" Belcard "where three and a half thousand, buses booked for organized advozki workers to polling stations in the community. People to vote. That turnout was about which Mrs. Yarmoshina bring in their own speeches — about 80-85%. "In Kleck district in Minsk region is in control of the voting member of the movement "For Freedom" Sergey Ponomarev. He reports that

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