Will izymatelstvo for ladies over criminality?

The highest percentage of statistical abuse ladies in Europe raises the question of the recognition of domestic violence» and criminal crime. The purpose of the Council of Europe campaign — to provide support to victims and create new methods to combat domestic violence and».Once a year in the world of "personal reasons" clog 5 thousand ladiesAccording to experts of the Council of Europe, the organization leaders in solving problems Human Rights should the cessation of violence against the ladies through pamatsnenne liable for acts violently. The purpose — domestic violence described as criminal sin, to provide assistance to victims, including

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Night Siege — September 6

About the fifth anniversary of the creation of the pro-government organization Belarusian Republican Youth Alliance (Former BPYU) buslovskas writes: "In our glorious town Svetlahorsk during my school BPYU not adored. Those who somehow dragged there embarrassed and hid it own membership card to hell. That one day all herded into the auditorium. Went there a "executive secretary" and saying a few words "again in about lafu BPYU" took the paper and read, "Here in your school for example … mmm … 2 people in our organization … ". Naturally, everyone started to laugh, and someone called out," Who are these

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Konstantin Shydlouski: The will of fate had become a favorite

Constantine I know a half decades. At different times and under different circumstances, met with him as famous in Braslav opposition politician. Historian and researcher. Regionalists-travelers. And fascinating conversationalist.But long ago saw that a lot or not very much aware of their own character are equally prevents story.Because first draw the portrait shtrishki trust 27-year-old Avgenya ticket. He constantly lives in a little more than six months Braslaw. And runs alongside Shidlovskii — ethnographic museum. Well, purely figurative hemakes it better than me. Specialist — painter and art critic of education.A beginning, says Avgen all so …Ticket, "the first time

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In Night of Freedom — songs i expression Luciano Pavarotstsi

Guest night broadcast of "Freedom" is the organizer of the yearly festival of bard Belarusian Song and Poetry "Orsha Battle" Gennady Shepelyov, which among other features will say about this festival, which starts on September 8.And people on the streets of Vitebsk utter what they know about the Battle of Orsha?"Night research" now dealing with the dilemma of domestic violence against women — in Belarus and the world. Utter Ladies in Minsk, they faced or are familiar with the options of violence» seven holes?In addition report from the event for the 10th anniversary "Junior Front"Remembrance of actor Leonid Rakhlenko, whose

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Friday on Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 18.00.6:30 * Liberty Travel — Village Benicia Molodechno district* 6:45 Belarusian Atlyantyda — Vyacheslav Rakytskyy transfer.7:00 * F* Just for vodka and other products food group prices rose yesterday on the use of telephone, immediately announced the sale of the watch factory* Blitz Analysis: Beginning of autumn crisis in the Belarusian economy* Public activists released a book which taught his vision of the future development Shklovschiny* Klimovichi business cornered ever new exactions* Dispute with director Valery Mazynskim on "Belarusian theater — theater of the absurd" Grodno community Movement "For Freedom" founded

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For two weeks in Belarus sentenced more than 20 opposition activists

Now the Young family Baranavichy Yaroslav Hryshchenya all excited. Through tears mother Svetlana B. reports that threaten to dismiss a work spouse Misha. Militiamen took home computer, and the court warned that its confiscation.Svetlana Hryshchenya narrates:"On the nerves have not listening to me feet. Pressure and distraught. Younger sibling problems. At the school, where he studied Jaroslav stick:" You’re such as Jaroslav you? "That’s where politics! System is the system. It has, as land, — layers vtrambavalasya! " Detentions occur before major political actionsNot even a week, as was released Alex Szydlowski — public activist, one of the first political

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The European Union will allow Lukashenko not to touch the areas of cooperation

European Union condemns the recent sentences to administrative arrests for 7 days, made at this week Belarusian activists of the youth organization "Young Front". This spokeswoman Christiane Hohmann Commission. It is, namely, said:"We are concerned about reports of arrests long-term public activists for what they used their civilian rights of expression. Repetition politically targeted arrests, which we have followed in recent months, calling into oscillation Belarus’ readiness to cooperate with the European Union "Mrs. Homan also said that the EU rejects proposals for economic cooperation more closely, namely the transit of energy resources, made this week Deputy foreign minister Minister

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Anastasia Azarko: It was not a tribunal, and exam on the strength

Kalinowski: "Nastya, say, at the moment you feel some relief that this process eventually completed and not the worst way you and your other colleagues?"Azarko: "Naturally, I feel so relieved, I have such a soul stone fell, chip on my shoulder …""On examination, I decided to come in formal attire"Kalinowski: "Relief feeling, apparently, and your ancestors?"Azarko "Ancestors too. Process came on the mother, the father did not work with the work, the mother broke down this whole process normally — morally supported me."Kalinowski: "One gets the impression that you were going to process charges in a criminal case, as in

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Poll: which member of the youth organization are you?

Guy: "Belarusian Republican Youth Alliance."Woman: "Honestly, I do not know about youth organizations."Woman: "Just the most we know about the Youth Union, and therefore entered there."Man: "I am not a member of any BRYU nor BPYU."Reporter: "And maybe somewhere want to start?"Woman: "I know various organizations, but so far I have no desire to join."Lady: "No I am a member of youth organizations."Man: "Yes, I am a member of the military-patriotic club".Man: "No BRYU candidacy and I am his friend, because it is a certain way of life, which carries a positive, good, fosters citizen, patriot, form a healthy lifestyle."Guy:

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Young front — 10 years

Malady first favorite was Paul Seviarynets. He recalled that the organization experienced a crisis, she twice threatened to split.Some members of the organization during the crisis formed the latest company "Bison". After the introduction of the Criminal Code Article 193rd friends "Bison" said disband the organization."Young Front" continued to act and showed himself during a street protest rallies.Nine activists of "Young Front" KGB and prosecutors lured to criminal responsibility for his role in an unregistered organization. Dashkevich this time, serving 18 months in prison in Shklou bullpen.Paul says Seviarynets:"The core of" Young Front "was formed from those people, which, after

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